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National Championships (AUS)


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Apr. 15 12:45 AM PT1:45 AM MT2:45 AM CT3:45 AM ET8:45 GMT4:45 PM 北京时间1:45 AM MST3:45 AM ESTNaN:� UAE Mens Hammer Throw Mark Dickson
Apr. 15 12:50 AM PT1:50 AM MT2:50 AM CT3:50 AM ET8:50 GMT4:50 PM 北京时间1:50 AM MST3:50 AM ESTNaN:� UAE Womens Shot Putt Throw Margaret Satupai
Apr. 15 1:30 AM PT2:30 AM MT3:30 AM CT4:30 AM ET9:30 GMT5:30 PM 北京时间2:30 AM MST4:30 AM ESTNaN:� UAE Mens 3000m Steeplechase Youcef Abdi
Apr. 16 1:30 AM PT2:30 AM MT3:30 AM CT4:30 AM ET9:30 GMT5:30 PM 北京时间2:30 AM MST4:30 AM ESTNaN:� UAE Mens Triple Jump Adam Rabone
Apr. 16 1:40 AM PT2:40 AM MT3:40 AM CT4:40 AM ET9:40 GMT5:40 PM 北京时间2:40 AM MST4:40 AM ESTNaN:� UAE Womens 3000m Steeplechase Victoria Mitchell
Apr. 16 1:45 AM PT2:45 AM MT3:45 AM CT4:45 AM ET9:45 GMT5:45 PM 北京时间2:45 AM MST4:45 AM ESTNaN:� UAE Womens Javelin Throw Kimberley Mickle
Apr. 16 2:10 AM PT3:10 AM MT4:10 AM CT5:10 AM ET10:10 GMT6:10 PM 北京时间3:10 AM MST5:10 AM ESTNaN:� UAE Mens Pole Vault Sergey Kucheryanu
Apr. 16 2:45 AM PT3:45 AM MT4:45 AM CT5:45 AM ET10:45 GMT6:45 PM 北京时间3:45 AM MST5:45 AM ESTNaN:� UAE Mens High Jump Chris Armet
Apr. 16 3:00 AM PT4:00 AM MT5:00 AM CT6:00 AM ET11:00 GMT7:00 PM 北京时间4:00 AM MST6:00 AM ESTNaN:� UAE Womens Triple Jump Emma Knight
Apr. 16 3:00 AM PT4:00 AM MT5:00 AM CT6:00 AM ET11:00 GMT7:00 PM 北京时间4:00 AM MST6:00 AM ESTNaN:� UAE Mens Discus Throw Benn Harradine
Apr. 16 3:10 AM PT4:10 AM MT5:10 AM CT6:10 AM ET11:10 GMT7:10 PM 北京时间4:10 AM MST6:10 AM ESTNaN:� UAE Mens 400m Hurdles Brendan Cole
Apr. 16 3:20 AM PT4:20 AM MT5:20 AM CT6:20 AM ET11:20 GMT7:20 PM 北京时间4:20 AM MST6:20 AM ESTNaN:� UAE Womens 400m Hurdles Lauren Boden
Apr. 16 4:00 AM PT5:00 AM MT6:00 AM CT7:00 AM ET12:00 GMT8:00 PM 北京时间5:00 AM MST7:00 AM ESTNaN:� UAE Womens 100m Sally Pearson
Apr. 16 4:10 AM PT5:10 AM MT6:10 AM CT7:10 AM ET12:10 GMT8:10 PM 北京时间5:10 AM MST7:10 AM ESTNaN:� UAE Mens 100m Aaron Rouge-Serret
Apr. 16 4:20 AM PT5:20 AM MT6:20 AM CT7:20 AM ET12:20 GMT8:20 PM 北京时间5:20 AM MST7:20 AM ESTNaN:� UAE Womens 800m Tamsyn Lewis
Apr. 16 4:30 AM PT5:30 AM MT6:30 AM CT7:30 AM ET12:30 GMT8:30 PM 北京时间5:30 AM MST7:30 AM ESTNaN:� UAE Mens 800m James Kaan
Apr. 17 9:10 PM PT10:10 PM MT11:10 PM CT12:10 AM ET5:10 GMT1:10 PM 北京时间10:10 PM MST12:10 AM ESTNaN:� UAE Womens High Jump Ellen Pettitt
Apr. 17 9:20 PM PT10:20 PM MT11:20 PM CT12:20 AM ET5:20 GMT1:20 PM 北京时间10:20 PM MST12:20 AM ESTNaN:� UAE Mens Long Jump Mitchell Watt
Apr. 17 9:30 PM PT10:30 PM MT11:30 PM CT12:30 AM ET5:30 GMT1:30 PM 北京时间10:30 PM MST12:30 AM ESTNaN:� UAE Mens Javelin Throw Jarrod Bannister
Apr. 17 9:50 PM PT10:50 PM MT11:50 PM CT12:50 AM ET5:50 GMT1:50 PM 北京时间10:50 PM MST12:50 AM ESTNaN:� UAE Womens 1500m Zoe Buckman
Apr. 17 10:00 PM PT11:00 PM MT12:00 AM CT1:00 AM ET6:00 GMT2:00 PM 北京时间11:00 PM MST1:00 AM ESTNaN:� UAE Mens Shot Putt Throw Dale Stevenson
Apr. 17 10:10 PM PT11:10 PM MT12:10 AM CT1:10 AM ET6:10 GMT2:10 PM 北京时间11:10 PM MST1:10 AM ESTNaN:� UAE Mens 1500m Jeffrey Riseley
Apr. 17 10:20 PM PT11:20 PM MT12:20 AM CT1:20 AM ET6:20 GMT2:20 PM 北京时间11:20 PM MST1:20 AM ESTNaN:� UAE Womens 200m Sally Pearson
Apr. 17 10:30 PM PT11:30 PM MT12:30 AM CT1:30 AM ET6:30 GMT2:30 PM 北京时间11:30 PM MST1:30 AM ESTNaN:� UAE Mens 200m Aaron Rouge-Serret
Apr. 17 10:40 PM PT11:40 PM MT12:40 AM CT1:40 AM ET6:40 GMT2:40 PM 北京时间11:40 PM MST1:40 AM ESTNaN:� UAE Mens 110m Hurdles Thingalaya
Apr. 17 10:50 PM PT11:50 PM MT12:50 AM CT1:50 AM ET6:50 GMT2:50 PM 北京时间11:50 PM MST1:50 AM ESTNaN:� UAE Womens 100m Hurdles Sally Pearson
Apr. 17 11:00 PM PT12:00 AM MT1:00 AM CT2:00 AM ET7:00 GMT3:00 PM 北京时间12:00 AM MST2:00 AM ESTNaN:� UAE Mens 400m Steven Solomon
Apr. 17 11:10 PM PT12:10 AM MT1:10 AM CT2:10 AM ET7:10 GMT3:10 PM 北京时间12:10 AM MST2:10 AM ESTNaN:� UAE Womens 400m Tamsyn Lewis
Apr. 17 6:30 PM PT7:30 PM MT8:30 PM CT9:30 PM ET2:30 GMT10:30 AM 北京时间7:30 PM MST9:30 PM ESTNaN:� UAE Womens Hammer Throw Gabrielle Neighbour
Apr. 17 8:00 PM PT9:00 PM MT10:00 PM CT11:00 PM ET4:00 GMT12:00 AM 北京时间9:00 PM MST11:00 PM ESTNaN:� UAE Womens Long Jump Kerrie Perkins
Apr. 17 8:15 PM PT9:15 PM MT10:15 PM CT11:15 PM ET4:15 GMT12:15 AM 北京时间9:15 PM MST11:15 PM ESTNaN:� UAE Womens Discus Throw Dani Samuels
Apr. 17 8:30 PM PT9:30 PM MT10:30 PM CT11:30 PM ET4:30 GMT12:30 AM 北京时间9:30 PM MST11:30 PM ESTNaN:� UAE Womens Pole Vault Lucock
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