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Al Batin

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August 2017
Fri. 1110:55 AM PT11:55 AM MT12:55 PM CT1:55 PM ET17:55 GMT19:55 18:55 6:55 PM 20:55 KSA3:55 AM AET23:25 IST1:25 PM VEN21:55 UAE1:55 AM SST1:55 0:55 10:55 AM MST12:55 PM EST13:55 ET12:55 NaN:� BRT13:55 Al-IttihadKing Abdullah Sport City (Jeddah)3-1
Fri. 189:15 AM PT10:15 AM MT11:15 AM CT12:15 PM ET16:15 GMT18:15 17:15 5:15 PM 19:15 KSA2:15 AM AET21:45 IST11:45 AM VEN20:15 UAE12:15 AM SST0:15 23:15 9:15 AM MST11:15 AM EST12:15 ET11:15 NaN:� BRT12:15 OhodAl Batin Stadium2-0
September 2017
Fri. 158:40 AM PT9:40 AM MT10:40 AM CT11:40 AM ET15:40 GMT17:40 16:40 4:40 PM 18:40 KSA1:40 AM AET21:10 IST11:10 AM VEN19:40 UAE11:40 PM SST23:40 22:40 8:40 AM MST10:40 AM EST11:40 ET10:40 NaN:� BRT11:40 Al ShababKing Fahd International Stadium2-1
Fri. 228:35 AM PT9:35 AM MT10:35 AM CT11:35 AM ET15:35 GMT17:35 16:35 4:35 PM 18:35 KSA1:35 AM AET21:05 IST11:05 AM VEN19:35 UAE11:35 PM SST23:35 22:35 8:35 AM MST10:35 AM EST11:35 ET10:35 NaN:� BRT11:35 Al-AhliAl Batin Stadium1-2
Thu. 288:30 AM PT9:30 AM MT10:30 AM CT11:30 AM ET15:30 GMT17:30 16:30 4:30 PM 18:30 KSA1:30 AM AET21:00 IST11:00 AM VEN19:30 UAE11:30 PM SST23:30 22:30 8:30 AM MST10:30 AM EST11:30 ET10:30 NaN:� BRT11:30 Al FatehAl Batin Stadium0-0
October 2017
Sat. 147:55 AM PT8:55 AM MT9:55 AM CT10:55 AM ET14:55 GMT16:55 15:55 3:55 PM 17:55 KSA12:55 AM AET20:25 IST10:25 AM VEN18:55 UAE10:55 PM SST22:55 21:55 7:55 AM MST9:55 AM EST10:55 ET9:55 NaN:� BRT10:55 Ettifaq FCPrince Mohamed bin Fahd Stadium3-1
Sat. 219:55 AM PT10:55 AM MT11:55 AM CT12:55 PM ET16:55 GMT18:55 17:55 5:55 PM 19:55 KSA2:55 AM AET22:25 IST12:25 PM VEN20:55 UAE12:55 AM SST0:55 23:55 9:55 AM MST11:55 AM EST12:55 ET11:55 NaN:� BRT12:55 Al HilalKing Fahd International Stadium1-2
Thu. 268:00 AM PT9:00 AM MT10:00 AM CT11:00 AM ET15:00 GMT17:00 16:00 4:00 PM 18:00 KSA1:00 AM AET20:30 IST10:30 AM VEN19:00 UAE11:00 PM SST23:00 22:00 8:00 AM MST10:00 AM EST11:00 ET10:00 NaN:� BRT11:00 Al RaedAl Batin Stadium1-5
November 2017
Thu. 166:30 AM PT7:30 AM MT8:30 AM CT9:30 AM ET14:30 GMT15:30 14:30 2:30 PM 16:30 KSA1:30 AM AET20:00 IST10:00 AM VEN18:30 UAE10:30 PM SST22:30 21:30 7:30 AM MST9:30 AM EST9:30 ET9:30 NaN:� BRT10:30 Al QadisiyaPrince Saud bin Jalawi Stadium0-0
Sat. 254:05 AM PT5:05 AM MT6:05 AM CT7:05 AM ET12:05 GMT13:05 12:05 12:05 PM 14:05 KSA11:05 PM AET17:35 IST7:35 AM VEN16:05 UAE8:05 PM SST20:05 19:05 5:05 AM MST7:05 AM EST7:05 ET7:05 NaN:� BRT8:05 Al TaawonAl Batin Stadium1-1
Thu. 306:45 AM PT7:45 AM MT8:45 AM CT9:45 AM ET14:45 GMT15:45 14:45 2:45 PM 16:45 KSA1:45 AM AET20:15 IST10:15 AM VEN18:45 UAE10:45 PM SST22:45 21:45 7:45 AM MST9:45 AM EST9:45 ET9:45 NaN:� BRT10:45 Al-FaisalyKing Salman Bin Abdulaziz Sport City1-0
December 2017
Mon. 46:40 AM PT7:40 AM MT8:40 AM CT9:40 AM ET14:40 GMT15:40 14:40 2:40 PM 16:40 KSA1:40 AM AET20:10 IST10:10 AM VEN18:40 UAE10:40 PM SST22:40 21:40 7:40 AM MST9:40 AM EST9:40 ET9:40 NaN:� BRT10:40 Al-NassrAl Batin Stadium1-1
Sat. 94:10 AM PT5:10 AM MT6:10 AM CT7:10 AM ET12:10 GMT13:10 12:10 12:10 PM 14:10 KSA11:10 PM AET17:40 IST7:40 AM VEN16:10 UAE8:10 PM SST20:10 19:10 5:10 AM MST7:10 AM EST7:10 ET7:10 NaN:� BRT8:10 Al FeihaKing Salman Bin Abdulaziz Sport City0-2
Sat. 166:45 AM PT7:45 AM MT8:45 AM CT9:45 AM ET14:45 GMT15:45 14:45 2:45 PM 16:45 KSA1:45 AM AET20:15 IST10:15 AM VEN18:45 UAE10:45 PM SST22:45 21:45 7:45 AM MST9:45 AM EST9:45 ET9:45 NaN:� BRT10:45 Al-IttihadAl Batin Stadium1-2
Fri. 227:20 AM PT8:20 AM MT9:20 AM CT10:20 AM ET15:20 GMT16:20 15:20 3:20 PM 17:20 KSA2:20 AM AET20:50 IST10:50 AM VEN19:20 UAE11:20 PM SST23:20 22:20 8:20 AM MST10:20 AM EST10:20 ET10:20 NaN:� BRT11:20 OhodPrince Mohammed bin Abdul Aziz Stadium 
Wed. 276:50 AM PT7:50 AM MT8:50 AM CT9:50 AM ET14:50 GMT15:50 14:50 2:50 PM 16:50 KSA1:50 AM AET20:20 IST10:20 AM VEN18:50 UAE10:50 PM SST22:50 21:50 7:50 AM MST9:50 AM EST9:50 ET9:50 NaN:� BRT10:50 Al ShababAl Batin Stadium 
January 2018
Fri. 129:00 AM PT10:00 AM MT11:00 AM CT12:00 PM ET17:00 GMT18:00 17:00 5:00 PM 19:00 KSA4:00 AM AET22:30 IST12:30 PM VEN21:00 UAE1:00 AM SST1:00 0:00 10:00 AM MST12:00 PM EST12:00 ET12:00 NaN:� BRT13:00 Al-AhliKing Abdullah Sport City (Jeddah) 
Sat. 204:15 AM PT5:15 AM MT6:15 AM CT7:15 AM ET12:15 GMT13:15 12:15 12:15 PM 14:15 KSA11:15 PM AET17:45 IST7:45 AM VEN16:15 UAE8:15 PM SST20:15 19:15 5:15 AM MST7:15 AM EST7:15 ET7:15 NaN:� BRT8:15 Al FatehPrince Abdullah bin Jalawi Stadium 
Fri. 264:30 AM PT5:30 AM MT6:30 AM CT7:30 AM ET12:30 GMT13:30 12:30 12:30 PM 14:30 KSA11:30 PM AET18:00 IST8:00 AM VEN16:30 UAE8:30 PM SST20:30 19:30 5:30 AM MST7:30 AM EST7:30 ET7:30 NaN:� BRT8:30 Ettifaq FCAl Batin Stadium 
Wed. 317:15 AM PT8:15 AM MT9:15 AM CT10:15 AM ET15:15 GMT16:15 15:15 3:15 PM 17:15 KSA2:15 AM AET20:45 IST10:45 AM VEN19:15 UAE11:15 PM SST23:15 22:15 8:15 AM MST10:15 AM EST10:15 ET10:15 NaN:� BRT11:15 Al HilalAl Batin Stadium 
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