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Australian Grand Prix
Race Ended
Albert Park - 24th Mar. - 26th Mar. 2017
Fastest Lap - K.Raikkonen 1:26.538
Driver Team Time FLs
2 1
Ferrari1:24:11.672 4 1 25
1 2
Mercedes+9.975 6 1 18
3 3
Mercedes+11.250 2 1 15
4 4
Ferrari+22.393 1 1 12
5 5
Red Bull+28.827 2 1 10
7 6
Williams+83.386 0 1 8
10 7
Force India+1 Lap 0 1 6
8 8
  C.Sainz Jr
Toro Rosso+1 Lap 0 1 4
9 9
Toro Rosso+1 Lap 1 2 2
13 10
Force India+1 Lap 0 1 1
11 11
Renault+1 Lap 0 2 0
15 12
Sauber+2 Laps 0 1 0
17 13
McLaren+2 Laps 0 1 0
12 -
McLarenRetired 0 1 0
16 -
HaasPuncture 0 2 0
19 -
WilliamsBrakes 0 2 0
20 -
Red BullRetired 0 0 0
14 -
SauberCollision 0 0 0
18 -
RenaultBrakes 0 0 0
6 -
HaasRetired 0 0 0
Live Commentary
Summary: Vettel and Ferrari opened their 2017 books in style with a convincing, if not dominating win over the mighty Mercedes team, who everyone had pegged as being the strongest contenders after pre-season testing. It was Vettel's 43rd win and Ferrari's 225th. Mercedes drivers rounded out the podium however with Hamilton and new recruit Bottas.

Raikkonen was not able to make his Ferrari work quite as well and managed to finish fourth, ahead of Verstappen. Massa finished quietly in sixth, having come back from his retirement plan this year.

Perez was seventh, Sainz eighth, Kvyat ninth and Ocon score the final point, the first of his career, after an exciting three-abreast pass in the closing stages.

That concludes our coverage for the weekend. Join us here again in two weeks' time for the Chinese Grand Prix!
Lap 57: VETTEL WINS After zero wins in 2016, Ferrari starts out 2017 in style, with a convincing victory! Hamilton finishes second with teammate Bottas in tow in third in his debut race for Mercedes. Ocon scores his first point in F1 in P10.
Lap 56: Sainz seems to have adhered to his team's rallying and is now within 0.7 seconds of Perez, pitching it sideways through the esses.
Lap 55: Vettel with the fastest lap late in the going, as he gaps Hamilton by 8.9 seconds now. "Push like an animal," Sainz is told in a hope to catch Perez for P7. Verstappen, who we noted as having tortured brakes a few laps earlier, is now nearly within Raikkonen's DRS range but is it too late to mount a charge?
Lap 54: Huge amount of brake dust spitting out of Verstappen's wheels. Alonso retires, after complaining of an issue with the car's suspension pulling to the left.
Lap 53: Ocon pulls out of Alonso's slipstream at the very last second on the pit straight at the same time as Hulkenberg pulls out alongside Ocon and they go three abreast! They make it into Turn 1 safely however with Ocon in the all important P10, ahead of Hulkenberg with Alonso the loser in all this, down in P12.
Lap 52: The most interesting battle on track right now is clearly the one for the final points paying position as Alonso, Ocon and Hulkenberg go at it hammer and tongs.
Lap 51: Kvyat, who was battling Perez for P7, has stopped for Ultrasoft tyres. Likely an issue as there was no reason for that so late in this race. Following the stop, he rejoins behind teammate Sainz in P9.
Lap 50: Hulkenberg has closed within 0.6 seconds of the Alonso-Ocon battle for the final point. Magnussen pulls off in Sector 3 following his recent pit stop as teammate Grosjean, who had already retired earlier, hangs his head on the pit wall.
Lap 49: Bottas has not made any progress on Hamilton for quite a few laps. Perhaps team orders from Mercedes?
Lap 48: Verstappen is told "just be sensible" as he closes within 1.5 seconds of Raikkonen.
Lap 47: Magnussen into the pits. Just a routine stop, as he rejoins in P15 and last, with fresh Ultrasofts.
Lap 46: Perez and Kvyat have a nice race going on for P7, just 0.8 seconds separting the two. Perez with a floppy engine flap, we notice.
Lap 45: Stroll's issue is apparently terminal as the Williams team push his car back into the garage. Possible issues for Hamilton as he reports his power is dropping in and out.
Lap 44: Verstappen has closed with 2.5 seconds of Raikkonen. Sainz told: "Swap position now?" "He will give me the position back if he doesn't pass Perez, right." "Yes, Carlos."
Lap 43: Verstappen with the fastest lap. He has bit gobs of time off Raikkonen in front of him but is he using up his tyres too fast? Ferrari Team Radio: "Hamilton is still complaining about his tyres." Raikkonen: "Ok! OK!"
Lap 42: Stroll lost the rear under braking for Turn 13 and runs off track, coming within centimetres of the barrier. Perhaps a deeper issue behind that as he has since been off pace.
Lap 41: So far Vettel and Gina, the name he gave his new car, appear to have a rather harmonious relationship so far, holding the measure of Mercedes.
Lap 40: Raikkonen told: "It's not over yet, Kimi. Hamilton is complaining he might not be able to make these tyres last until the end." Ocon has still not found a way past Alonso for P10, something we first noted seven laps ago.
Lap 39: We see 1980 F1 champion Alan Jones in the paddock. The feisty Aussie was the last champion from down under.
Lap 38: The overtaking is considerably low so far in this race. The increased aerodynamics and lower tyre falloff along with the wider cars are no doubt coming into play.
Lap 37: Ricciardo taking the long walk back, with his helmet still on. We wonder if Bottas will be allowed to challenge teammate Hamilton. The gap between the two is less than two seconds now.
Lap 36: Kvyat stops for a very slow service, running to 6.6 seconds, rejoining in P9 some ways behind teammate Sainz.
Lap 35: "Sticking to plan A," say Mercedes to Hamilton after noting that the tyres are holding up.
Lap 34: Alonso gets lapped by his ex-teammate from his McLaren days. Hamilton is told: "We need high 27s, let us know what you can do." Hamilton: "Is fuel OK?" "Fuel is good."
Lap 33: Ocon starting to size up Alonso. Overtaking him would put him in the pits.
Lap 32: Hulkenberg makes his second stop, taking on Soft tyres.
Lap 31: Mercedes Team Radio: "We are thinking of Plan B now." Does that imply another pit stop?
Lap 30: Stroll pits for the second time today. Pirelli notes that Kvyat is still on his original set of Ultrasoft tyres, currently in P6.
Lap 29: Watching an onboard replay, we notice it was a sudden power loss for Ricciardo.
Lap 28: Ricciardo has come to a stop trackside in Sector 1. He gets a round of applause from his home fans trackside but definitely a weekend to forget for the smiling Aussie.
Lap 27: Raikkonen pits for Soft tyres and rejoins in P4. We see Vandoorne take a huge run off course. He is currently in P15. Magnussen managed to catch up to him after that.
Lap 26: Bottas pits for Soft tyres. Verstappen pits for Supersoft tyres, as opposed to the Softs like most of the front runners so far.
Lap 25: Meanwhile, Bottas now leads for the first time in his new ride.
Lap 24: Vettel pits out of the lead and he takes on Soft tyres and he rejoins in front of the all-important battle between Verstappen and Hamilton! Verstappen tries to take advantage of Vettel's cold tyres around the outside of Turn 3, dropping part of his left wheels on the grass but Vettel stands his ground. Yellows in Sector 3 as Ericsson pulls over trackside with his sick Sauber and climbs out to retire.
Lap 23: Ericsson's engine appears to be blowing up. Verstappen: "I'm starting to struggle with my rears." Magnussen is experiencing the brake issues Haas has been plagued with, as he runs off track and over the sod.
Lap 22: Hamilton, who lost four tenths on the last lap, is being urged to get past Verstappen for P4. Seeing this unfold, Ferrari are looking rather smart as of now to have kept Vettel out on track.
Lap 21: Perez muscles around the outside of Sainz into Turn 1 to take over P8. Hamilton: "Still a lot of understeer. Is the floor okay?"
Lap 20: "Tyres look very healthy, keep pushing," Vettel gets the word from Ferrari as he continues on another lap. Hamilton with another fastest lap but he now comes up on Verstappen in P4, who we all know is not an easy man to pass.
Lap 19: So Vettel now leads, making the most of the clean air before the impending pit stop. Meanwhile, Hamilton goes fastest in the first sector.
Lap 18: Mercedes try to undercut Ferrari and bring in Hamilton! He swaps to Soft tyres instead of the Supersoft we expected and rejoins in P5. Alonso and Hulkenberg pit for Softs, as does Perez. Game over for Palmer, as he brings in his Renault.
Lap 17: Palmer with further issues, as his brakes jam up in Turn 17. "Ah, same problem," he laments. Vettel is stepping it up, now within a second of Hamilton.
Lap 16: The rookie battle between Giovinazzi and Stroll continues, now for P13 following the first retirement of the race, that of Grosjean. Giovinazzi pits, as does Ocon.
Lap 15: Grosjean comes in with a smoking Ferrari power unit. The crew scamper to get the Frenchman out of his Haas. Big disappointment for the team that ran so well in qualifying and so far in this race.
Lap 14: Pirelli have said they expect a one stop race for most of the contenders, switching from Ultrasoft to Supersoft tyres around lap 22.
Lap 13: Stroll is now on Giovinazzi's tail, looking for a way past into P14 but the latter is not making it easy at all in his first drive for the Sauber team. There will be no further action taken about the Magnussen-Ericsson incident on the opening lap.
Lap 12: As Hamilton struggles, Vettel sets the fastest lap and closes within 1.5 seconds. Palmer with issues, "Problem, problem," as he crawls around the track before resuming the pace.
Lap 11: A nice battle shaping up for P8 between Sainz and Perez. "My tyres are overheating," says Hamilton.
Lap 10: Something we have noticed from watching Stroll's onboard footage all weekend is how nervous he is on the steering. Whether that is because he likes the car to be set up that pointy we shall find out as the season goes on. Vandoorne in the pits and not going anywhere. "You will do the power cycle," say the team, essentially a full reset of the engine.
Lap 9: Another fastest lap from Hamilton, as he now gaps the pursuing Vettel to 1.9 seconds.
Lap 8: "28.0's not possible," says Hamilton, referring to 1m28s pace that his team want him to target at this stage of the race.
Lap 7: Due to a lock-up in Turn 1, Stroll suffered a flat spot and he has had to pit for switching from Supersofts to Ultrasofts to fix that. Vandoorne is warned about not racing Ricciardo ahead of him too hard as the latter is a lap down. No issues however as Ricciardo lets him past without any hassle.
Lap 6: Watching a replay of the Magnussen-Ericsson incident, we notice it was caused by Magnussen having to correct turn-in oversteer and spearing into the side of an innocent Ericsson.
Lap 5: Hamilton: "Struggling for grip." Despite that, he is creeping away from Vettel, almost out of DRS range now. Kvyat's DRS is apparently malfunctioning. Not ideal with Alonso swarming all over him.
Lap 4: DRS ENABLED Rookie Stroll has so far surprised us, having made up six positions from the start, now finding himself in P14. The incident between Magnussen and Ericsson is under investigation.
Lap 3: Vandoorne complains his dashboard info is not working. Vettel has so far managed to stay on Hamilton's tail while Bottas has started to trail off a bit from the lead duo.
Lap 2: Alonso is through on Hulkenberg from P11 after starting P13. Magnussen has made a pitstop for Supersoft tyres after starting on Softs. Ricciardo finally joins the race, from the pit lane. The crowd cheer their home hero but being two laps down, any chance of a points paying result is virtually nil for the Aussie.
Lap 1: The start has been aborted, possibly due to someone being out of position on the starting grid so we will have another formation lap. All drivers are starting on the Ultrasoft tyres apart from Stroll and Ericsson on the Supersofts and Magnussen, Palmer and Giovinazzi on the Softs. Force India cheekily say, "We enjoyed the formation lap so much we're doing another one!" The five red lights go out and the Australian Grand Prix is underway! Hamilton leads into Turn 1 but Vettel has the drop on Bottas! Ericsson is tagged by Magnussen, sending the Swede for a loop outside Turn 3.
Preview: Hello and welcome to the streets of Melbourne as we get ready to drop the green flag on a brand new season of Formula 1! The cars are fastest they have been in a long time, this year so expect the drivers to run harder than ever. Mercedes still remains the team to beat but the rest have definitely upped their game over the winter. Hamilton picked up where he left off, in qualifying form anyway, storming to pole position. The Brit clearly had the measure of his new teammate Bottas for most of the weekend but Vettel sprang a surprise late in the going to split the Mercedes duo for the outside front row starting position. Raikkonen qualified fourth. Verstappen was the fastest Red Bull in fifth as home hero Ricciardo binned it in Q3. Grosjean belted out an impressive lap to secure the sixth starting position. The rest of the top-10 starters will be Massa, Sainz, Kvyat and Ricciardo. Being a street circuit, it offers considerably lower levels of grip than a permanent facility. The track layout consists mostly of short straights joined by medium to high speed corners and most teams will be leaning toward a high downforce setup. The tyre compounds on offer to the teams this weekend are Soft, Supersoft and Ultrasoft.
Temp: 24°C
Forecast: Sunny
Track: Dry

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