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Chinese Grand Prix
Race Ended
Shanghai International Circuit - 7th Apr. - 9th Apr. 2017
Fastest Lap - L.Hamilton 1:35.378
Driver Team Time FLs
1 1
Mercedes1:37:36.158 11 4 25
2 2
Ferrari+6.250 4 5 18
16 3
Red Bull+45.192 5 4 15
5 4
Red Bull+46.035 0 4 12
4 5
Ferrari+48.076 1 4 10
3 6
Mercedes+48.808 4 4 8
11 7
  C.Sainz Jr
Toro Rosso+72.893 3 4 6
12 8
Haas+1 Lap 0 5 4
8 9
Force India+1 Lap 0 6 2
17 10
Force India+1 Lap 0 5 1
19 11
Haas+1 Lap 0 5 0
7 12
Renault+1 Lap 0 5 0
20 13
Renault+1 Lap 0 4 0
6 14
Williams+1 Lap 0 6 0
14 15
Sauber+1 Lap 0 4 0
13 -
McLarenRetired 0 4 0
9 -
Toro RossoHydraulics 0 4 0
15 -
McLarenRetired 0 4 0
18 -
SauberSpun Off 0 1 0
10 -
WilliamsCollision 0 0 0
Live Commentary
Summary: After Ferrari opened the books with victory in Melbourne, Hamilton put Mercedes back in winner's circle with his first win of 2017. After starting from pole, the British driver never looked back. Melbourne winner Vettel was his closest competition and finished second while young Verstappen held off Red Bull teammate Ricciardo for the final podium spot.

Raikkonen was fifth, with an alternate strategy from most of the front runners. Fellow Finn Bottas salvaged sixth place after a costly error under a Safety Car period sent him back to twelfth place.

Behind them, Sainz, Magnussen, Perez and Ocon rounded out the top-10 finishers.

It was Hamilton's fifth win in China.

That concludes our coverage for the weekend. Join us again next week as we bring you live coverage of the Bahrain Grand Prix!
Lap 56: Hamiton starts out on the final lap with a comfortable 7 second lead on Vettel but P3 is still up in the air as Verstappen and Ricciardo run nose-to-tail. Verstappen locks up and Ricciardo tries to sneak under but Verstappen has the better drive off the corner. HAMILTON WINS Ricciardo with a last ditch attempt on Verstappen but the latter defends wisely to hold on to P3.
Lap 55: Half a second separates the Red Bull boys in the battle for the final podium spot. Will Ricciardo avoid a risky pass or go for it?
Lap 54: Verstappen continues to implore his team to talk to Race Director Charlie Whiting about getting Grosjean to let him by.
Lap 53: "It's ridiculous, I am losing grip..", Max continues to harangue about the lapped Grosjean in front. No doubt, he is clearly worried about his teammate Ricciardo right on his tail mounting a move amid this chaos.
Lap 52: Verstappen is agitated about Grosjean not moving over. To be fair, Grosjean is quite a way up ahead and not really impeding but young Max is complaining of understeer from Grosjean's turbulent air. That really says a lot about how disruptive modern aerodynamics are to handling in traffic.
Lap 51: As we expected, Massa pits out of P12 to replace his weary tyres and rejoins in P14 on a fresher set of used Supersofts.
Lap 50: Grosjean goes around the outside of a hugely struggling Massa in Turn 1. We hear he might pit at the end of this lap.
Lap 49: Magnussen darts out of Perez's slipstream coming down the back straight and takes P8. He waited until the very last moment so Perez would not have time to counter with a block.
Lap 48: A bit of a faux pas from Mercedes as they address Bottas as 'Nico'. Ricciardo has closed within 1.4 seconds of his teammate and will be licking his chops at the possibility of a podium finish.
Lap 47: 8 of the 13 Chinese Grands Prix have been won from pole and Hamilton is on course to add to that stat here with ten laps to go. The lead has stabilized to 8 seconds and Vettel seems resigned to finish in P2.
Lap 46: Ocon on his fresh Supersoft tyres, is swarming all over the back of Massa's Williams for the final point. Ocon is able to brake far later than Massa at the end of the back straight and that nets him P10.
Lap 45: Sainz is powerless as Bottas sails past in the DRS zone to take over P6. Ocon pits out of P10 for fresh Supersoft tyres and rejoins in P11 behind Massa.
Lap 44: Sainz now gets ready to defend another position as Bottas has closed in. Hamilton responds to the Vettel threat with a new fastest lap.
Lap 43: "How's the gap come down from 12 to 8 seconds??," asks Hamilton, sounding a bit concerned there. Vettel is told he needs to run 0.7 seconds per lap faster to catch Hamilton.
Lap 42: Raikkonen, with his new tyres and DRS, makes an easy pass for P5 on Sainz. Meanwhile, out front, Vettel has closed to within eight seconds of leader Hamilton. Not surprisingly, comes the call from Mercedes to Hamilton to push.
Lap 41: Raikkonen Team Radio: "Where am I going to finish?" "Our current predictions is P3, think Seb's going to come through." Ricciardo Team Radio: "Raikkonen will lose a few positions if he stops, he's likely going to go to the end."
Lap 40: Bottas with another fastest lap. Raikkonen pits and opts for Supersofts, unlike most of the front runners who opted for Softs to finish out the race. Magnussen makes the move for P9 on Ocon at the end of the back straight.
Lap 39: Grosjean dives inside Hulkenberg to take over P12. A fairly straightforward move between two veterans.
Lap 38: Hulkenberg and Grosjean battle over P12. Both are on similar strategies. Bottas with the new fastest lap.
Lap 37: Watching a reply of Bottas' stop, we see the delay was caused due to the light not changing soon enough, even though the crew were done with their service. Vettel with the fastest lap.
Lap 36: Bottas pits for a fresh set of Soft tyres and rejoins in P7. Following that, teammate Hamilton pits, also taking on fresh Soft tyres and rejoining back in the lead, comfortably out in front of Raikkonen.
Lap 35: "Driveshaft problems," says Alonso as he creeps around the track. Vettel pits out of P2 for Soft tyres. Alonso pulls over and climbs out. That will be the fourth year in a row that McLaren will have left China with zero points scored.
Lap 34: Sainz outbrakes Alonso at the end of the back straight, to which Alonso tries to respond with a crossover but runs wide as his young compatriot laughs his way past his boyhood hero. Verstappen is told, "Nice job. Tyre wear was not the limitation last stint, it was cold front tyres."
Lap 33: Verstappen with a very standard pass on Bottas, who does not really fight him much.
Lap 32: Hamilton says, "I need to slow down, the tyres don't feel great," as we hear him gingerly feather the throttle around the esses. Verstappen with the fastest lap. Bottas locks up as he sees Verstappen loom larger in his mirrors.
Lap 31: Sainz with the fastest lap on his new Soft tyres. Hamilton and Vettel are pretty similar on pace now.
Lap 30: Verstappen decides to pit after all. He takes on a fresh set of Supersofts. Remember, he had plenty of Supersoft tyres left over after that issue in qualifying that put him out at the end of Q1. He rejoins between Bottas and Alonso in P6. Sainz has made a pit stop to change from Supersoft to Soft tyres.
Lap 29: Verstappen with a big lock-up at the end of the back straight and that lets Vettel sail past into P2. Hamilton with the fastest lap. Red Bull ask Verstappen if he needs to pit for tyres but he says he can go on.
Lap 28: Vettel has been consistently chopping chunks off Verstappen's gap. Look for another Ferrari-Red Bull battle soon.
Lap 27: Just as Palmer shrieks about the condition of his tyres, Grosjean takes advantage and snatches P13 from the Brit.
Lap 26: "Are you sure we don't have any damage?," says Alonso, no doubt tongue firmly in cheek.
Lap 25: "Do you really think that the tyres will last till the end of the race.. beause it really doesn't feel like it..", says Raikkonen. Massa pits for a new set of Supersofts. Bottas sails past the McLaren of Alonso for P7, the Honda engine really showing its deficiency there.
Lap 24: Vettel now with clean air after passing Ricciardo, sets the fastest lap. Perez through on teammate Ocon to crack the top-10.
Lap 23: Bottas now has his sights set on Alonso for P7, as the Finn recovers from the spin under the Safety Car.
Lap 22: Vettel initiates a move on Ricciardo and the two go at it hammer and tongs through the following corners until they finally rub wheels and Ricciardo has had enough, conceding P3 to the German charger.
Lap 21: Hamilton asks his team if he can go to the finish on his current set of Soft tyres. No further action will be taken against Magnussen for going too slowly under the Safety Car. Perez has made a stop for a set of newer but used nonetheless, Supersoft tyres.
Lap 20: Vettel finally makes his move on Raikkonen with some late braking on the inside and takes over P4. Kvyat has pulled off behind the track barriers. It looks like a retirement is on the cards for the Russian.
Lap 19: Bottas has roped in Magnussen to within 0.5 seconds. Look for a move any second now. Vandoorne's McLaren is pushed to the back of the garage. Bottas makes short work of Magnussen down the back straight and takes P9.
Lap 18: Vandoorne Team Radio: "Stoffel, we have a fuel problem. Box.." Magnussen is under investigation for driving unnecessarily slowly behind the Safety Car.
Lap 17: After being assessed a five second penalty for overtaking under the Virtual Safety Car, Hulkenberg is now assessed a ten second penalty for overtaking under the Safety Car as well. Someone's been a naughty boy today..
Lap 16: Hamilton's response to Verstappen's rapid pace comes in the form of a new fastest lap. Vettel with a slight lock-up under braking in Turn 3. Hulkenberg has been assessed a five second time penalty for passing under the Virtual Safety Car. Raikkonen Team Radio: "What the hell is happening at the exit of Turn 12? I have no power unless I push the K1!"
Lap 15: Shanghai was actually the venue for Red Bull's first F1 win in 2009. If Verstappen keeps it up like this and conditions stay variable like they are, they could do it again. Bottas has meanwhile, re-entered the top-10, passing Kvyat and now bites three tenths out of Magnussen in P9.
Lap 14: Hulkenberg and Grosjean are under investigation for overtaking under the Virtual Safety Car.
Lap 13: Vettel continues to swarm all over the back of Raikkonen, urging him to find a way past Ricciardo so they can get a move on to catch the leaders.
Lap 12: Verstappen with the fastest lap while Ricciardo is starting to come under pressure for P3 from Raikkonen. Vettel takes a look inside Raikkonen into the penultimate corner.
Lap 11: Raikkonen sets the fastest lap but then drives too hot into Turn 1. He still holds on to P4 though, ahead of teammate Vettel. Verstappen dives inside Ricciardo and wrests P2 from his teammate. Hulkenberg and Ericsson have been noted for passing under the Safety Car.
Lap 10: Bottas, who spun out under the Safety Car, has only made up one position and is now looking for a way past Kvyat into P11. Sainz with another fastest lap.
Lap 9: "I don't know what's happened to my engine.. I have zero torque," yells Raikkonen. There will be no further action taken regarding the Perez-Stroll incident. Sainz with the fastest lap. DRS ENABLED
Lap 8: The Safety Car pulls off and racing resumes! Perez dives inside Massa into Turn 1 and runs wide but then crosses over and holds on to the position. Verstappen sweeps around the outside of Raikkonen, sparks flying from under that Red Bull!
Lap 7: The first lap incident between Perez and Stroll has been noted by the stewards, pending any action. "Still very wet on the main straight," says Raikkonen.
Lap 6: Ricciardo pits for Supersoft tyres. "It's very hard to keep these temperatures up.. the Safety Car needs to pick up the pace," observes Hamilton.
Lap 5: The drivers have been instructed to drive through the pit lane in order to avoid the debris field on the pit straight from Giovinazzi's wrecked Sauber. Watching a replay of Giovinazzi's crash, we see he hit a damp patch and aquaplaned off the track just as he was applying maximum power to the rear wheels. "Tyres really tricky now," says Massa.
Lap 4: Track clear and racing resumes. Hamilton does not follow Vettel's tactics and decides to stay out in the clean air with his teammate Bottas in tow. Giovinazzi has crashed again! At the same spot where he destroyed his Sauber during qualifying yesterday, coming out of the final corner. SAFETY CAR DEPLOYED.
Lap 3: "Box, box! Potential front right puncture", Sainz is told. Probably from that contact with Stroll that put the latter out of the running. Hulkenberg has pitted for slicks. Vettel with some cheeky strategy too as he pits out of P2 for slicks. Palmer has spun off and rejoined.
Lap 2: Vettel is under investigation for being out of position on the grid. VIRTUAL SAFETY CAR Stroll clambers out of his stalled Williams. Watching a replay of the incident, he got punted by Perez, who, it has to be said, did have a run inside the rookie. Sainz's gamble to start on the slicks did not pay off unfortunately as he went off and rejoined down in P19.
Lap 1: Right before the start, Palmer dives into the pits. Everyone has started on the Intermediate tyres save for Sainz who has opted for Supersofts, the softest slick compound. The five red lights go out and the Chinese Grand Prix is GO!! Hamilton leads into Turn 1 while Vettel behind him holds off Bottas' advance around the outside. Ricciardo cuts past Raikkonen in Turn 2. Stroll into the kitty litter as he gets knocked off track in the midfield.
Preview: Hello and welcome to the Shanghai International Circuit for the Chinese Grand Prix! A lot of fast corners of decreasing radii characterize this modern facility, built just over a decade ago. The back straight here is one of the longest in F1 and usually provides for some good overtaking opportunities at the end of it. Being a front-limited circuit, graining has been an issue traditionally but not much of a factor so far this weekend. The end of qualifying saw Hamilton secure his 63rd career pole and Mercedes' 75th. It was also Hamilton's sixth pole on the trot. Vettel tried his best but came up short in second. Raikkonen qualified third, ahead of Bottas. Ricciardo was the sole Red Bull in the top-10 in fifth, ahead of Massa, Hulkenberg, Perez, Kvyat and Stroll. Wehrlein will continue to be out of the Sauber seat in order to regain his fitness and will once again be replaced by Giovinazzi, who had an impressive debut race at Melbourne and will start from P15 today. The tyre compounds on offer to the teams this weekend are Medium, Soft and Supersoft. "It has dried up quite a bit," as he circulates around the track with the rest of the field, behind the Safety Car.
Temp: 12°C
Forecast: Overcast
Track: Dry

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