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Bahrain Grand Prix
Race Ended
Bahrain International Circuit - 14th Apr. - 16th Apr. 2017
Fastest Lap - L.Hamilton 1:32.798
Driver Team Time FLs
3 1
Ferrari1:33:53.374 4 2 25
2 2
Mercedes+6.660 3 2 18
1 3
Mercedes+20.397 3 2 15
5 4
Ferrari+22.475 1 2 12
4 5
Red Bull+39.346 2 2 10
8 6
Williams+54.326 0 2 8
18 7
Force India+62.606 0 2 6
9 8
Haas+74.865 0 2 4
7 9
Renault+80.188 0 2 2
14 10
Force India+95.711 0 2 1
13 11
Sauber+1 Lap 0 1 0
11 12
Toro Rosso+1 Lap 0 2 0
10 13
Renault+1 Lap 0 2 0
15 14
McLaren+1 Lap 0 2 0
19 -
SauberGearbox 0 1 0
12 -
WilliamsCollision 1 1 0
16 -
  C.Sainz Jr
Toro RossoCollision 0 1 0
6 -
Red BullBrakes 1 1 0
20 -
HaasElectrical 0 0 0
17 -
McLarenDid Not Start 0 0 0
Live Commentary
Summary: Vettel scored his second win of the year, carrying on Ferrari's resurgence this season as Mercedes boys Hamilton and Bottas were left to fill out the other two steps of the podium. It was Vettel's third win in Bahrain, matching the record previously held by Alonso.

Raikkonen once again failed to push the Ferrari quite as well as Vettel and could only manage fourth place, ahead of Ricciardo, whose teammate Verstappen was put out with a spectacular brake failure.

Massa rewarded Sir Frank Williams with a sixth place on his birthday. Perez was seventh, Grosjean eighth and Hulkenberg ninth while Ocon rounded out the points scorers in tenth.

The result puts Vettel in the lead of the driver standings by seven points over Hamilton.

That concludes our coverage for the weekend. Join us here again in two weeks' time for the Russian Grand Prix!
Lap 57: Vettel commences his final lap. Kvyat tries again to go by Wehrlein, this time around the outside but the Sauber driver keeps his foot in it and drives Kvyat off track to hold on to P11. VETTEL WINS It is his third win in Bahrain, matching the record held by Alonso. Hamilton finishes in P2, ahead of teammate Bottas.
Lap 56: Alonso is the only three-time winner of the race. Sadly for him, tonight will not add to that tally, as he comes into the pits and retires his McLaren with engine issues. Kvyat tries to get by Wehrlein for P11 in Turn 1.
Lap 55: Hamilton has narrowed the lead down to 5.4 seconds now, with 2 laps remaining. "Engine problem. Boxing this lap," says Alonso.
Lap 54: Vettel gets past the lapped McLaren of Alonso, who won this race for Ferrari back in 2010, his first season with the team.
Lap 53: Safety Car averted as Ericsson's Sauber is safely wheeled off track by the marshals. Hamilton's pace has begun to slow down a bit now, no longer taking the big chunks of time out of Vettel's lead that he was earlier.
Lap 52: Ericsson has come to a stop. "Gearbox broken," he says. Double yellows fly at the spot. Will this bring out a Safety Car? That would throw a monkey wrench into the proceedings for sure at this point.
Lap 51: Hamilton is updated about Vettel's progress through the lapped traffic. We see former Ferrari driver Jean Alesi almost bite his fingernails as he looks on.
Lap 50: Navigating the lapped traffic combined with Hamilton's so far unabated torrid pace has shrunk Vettel's lead down to 10 seconds now with 7 laps to go. Hamilton Team Radio: "It's still all to play for, mate."
Lap 49: Vettel is starting to come up on lapped traffic now. Will that play into this tense lead battle? He gets by Palmer, who sees the flashing trackside blue lights and lets the leader by.
Lap 48: Hamilton now in clean air has to whittle away 12 seconds to catch Vettel with 10 laps remaining. If he can do it, it will certainly be one of the best drives of his career.
Lap 47: Another fastest lap from Vettel, as he now draws within two seconds of teammate Bottas. We hear Bottas has been told to avoid holding up Hamilton. As we say that, Hamilton darts past the Finn and hunkers down to catch Vettel.
Lap 46: "This pace is very good, very good lap," Grosjean is told as he sits in P8.
Lap 45: Hamilton is absolutely flying, running almost two seconds faster than Vettel on the most recent lap. The gap to Vettel is now just under 15 seconds and 4 seconds to Bottas.
Lap 44: Kvyat stomps on the brakes hard enough to send brake dust spitting out of the front wheels but he successfully makes it stick around the outside of Ericsson for P13.
Lap 43: Hamilton is half a second faster than Vettel but will that be enough at this stage of the race, given Vettel's lead? Hamilton Team Radio: "Why did we go for this tyre?" "It's all based on data."
Lap 42: Hamilton pits. The crew wait for his five second penalty to be over before bolting fresh Soft tyres and sending him back out again to rejoin in P3, quite a way back from teammate Bottas while Vettel has driven far ahead into the night. Kvyat pits for Supersoft tyres and rejoins in P14. There was a hold-up at the right-front tyre change as the wheels each tyre changer was holding bumped into each other.
Lap 41: Ocon takes advantage of his new rubber and gets by Wehrlein for P11. We see the Mercedes crew gearing up for a pit stop.
Lap 40: Ricciardo Team Radio: "Raikkonen's just pitted, he's on Soft tyres. We're going to go a little bit longer to get a bigger advantage." As we hear that transmission, Ricciardo pits for Supersoft tyres, rejoining in P5. Raikkonen with the fastest lap.
Lap 39: Alonso Team Radio: "We are considering Plan B. How are the tyres?" "Do whatever you want, man!!"
Lap 38: Raikkonen pits out of P3 and swaps his Supersoft tyres for Softs. He rejoins in P5. Massa also pits for Softs. Ocon pits, as does Palmer. Ocon takes Softs while Palmer goes for Supersofts.
Lap 37: Bottas nips past Ricciardo for P4. Perez pits for Soft tyres and rejoins in P8.
Lap 36: Vettel sweeps past Raikkonen, who it appears has been told to do so, being on such differing strategies. Ericsson stops for the only time in this race for Supersoft tyres after starting the race on Soft tyres.
Lap 35: Grosjean with another position gained as he outbrakes Palmer for P12. Vettel Team Radio: "You will have to look after these tyres till the end."
Lap 34: Vettel pits out of the lead to swap to the Soft tyres and rejoins in P3, in front of Ricciardo whilst behind them, Bottas outbrakes Massa for P5. Grosjean outbrakes Wehrlein for P13.
Lap 33: Bottas makes short work of Perez for P6. "Bottas into the pits, back out on the Soft. Expect Vettel to follow very soon, but will the Soft tyre be quick enough to win?," wonders Pirelli.
Lap 32: There is almost the entire gap of the pit straight between Vettel and Hamilton, who has a five second time penalty to serve as well. Bottas with the fastest lap on his fresh tyres. Grosjean pits for his second stop. He goes for the Soft tyres.
Lap 31: Kvyat turns under Palmer into Turn 1 and they touch wheels but Kvyat is through for P11. Alonso takes advantage of Palmer's lost momentum and also gets by! Bottas makes his second stop of the night and goes to the Soft tyres. He rejoins in P7, just ahead of Hulkenberg.
Lap 30: "Strategically, it would help Hamilton to go to the end on this set of soft tyres. We’re on lap 28 of 57. Quite a big ask." observes Pirelli.
Lap 29: Raikkonen absolutely throws it inside Massa into Turn 1 to take over P5. Massa tries a half-hearted comeback as they approach Turn 4. Vettel Team Radio: "Stay focused. This is an important part of the race."
Lap 28: Ricciardo's tyres appear to be coming in as he has closed up on Massa, looking for a way past into P5. Bottas Team Radio: "So it's important you stay close to Lewis, obviously." "These rears are overheating. The soft will be better."
Lap 27: Mercedes choreograph their drivers to move Hamilton past Bottas. Bottas Team Radio: "Please let Lewis through. Lewis has a five-second penalty." "Copy. I'll let him through."
Lap 26: We hear there is some debris in Turn 1, thus yellow flags fly in the area. Watching a replay, we notice the debris came off Palmer's front wing endplate as he made contact with the back of Kvyat.
Lap 25: Alonso Team Radio: "300 meters behind me and they overtake me on the straight! I have never raced with less power in my life!" He tries to go around the outside of Kvyat, who might have a cut tyre after a close call with Palmer.
Lap 24: Raikkonen retakes position from Massa as they brake for Turn 1. Bottas Team Radio: "So we want you to use the tyres to close the gap to Vettel. Target lap is minus one." Kvyat takes to the dirt as he battles with Palmer over P11. Alonso behind them no doubt hoping they take each other out.
Lap 23: Raikkonen with a significant lock-up under braking as he chases Massa for P4. Quite an impressive drive for Massa so far this evening.
Lap 22: Bottas Team Radio: "Stay where you are." "OK" Hamilton Team Radio: "If I can't catch Vettel, I'll let him (Bottas) back past."
Lap 21: The incident between Stroll and Sainz that brought out the Safety Car will be investigated after the race. Ferrari tell Vettel that the Mercedes drivers might swap positions.
Lap 20: Alonso is weaving all over the track in order to break the tow coming off his McLaren. Kvyat with a nifty move past Ericsson in Turn 10 to take over P13. Hamilton has been assessed a five second penalty for driving unnecessarily slowly on pit entry.
Lap 19: Kvyat takes a look inside Palmer but tucks back in line. We hear Grosjean might have possible MGU-K issues. The team is looking into it. Alonso showing us the bravery that will see him through at the Indianapolis 500 next month as he swoops around the outside of Ericsson for P11.
Lap 18: Perez outbrakes former teammate Hulkenberg for P7. Ricciardo is reassured about his tyres. He is told they will come in soon. Alonso wringing the neck of his McLaren as usual, as he dices with and holds off Palmer for P12.
Lap 17: Safety Car has pulled off and racing resumes! Vettel fends off Bottas while Hamilton makes easy work of Ricciardo for P3. Vettel defends again as Bottas tries to go around the outside of him in Turn 4! Sparks fly as they both push their cars to their cornering limit and Vettel holds the lead for now. Ricciardo continues to struggle as Massa and now Raikkonen, goes by.
Lap 16: Safety Car in this lap. "The top two - Vettel and Bottas - on Supersofts are going to absolutely have to get on it once Safety Car comes in," says Pirelli, as we get ready for this restart at the end of the lap.
Lap 15: Ricciardo capitalized from Mercedes' shabby stops, particularly Hamilton's, to slot in between the Mercedes boys in P3 for the upcoming restart. Hamilton has been noted for possibly blocking Ricciardo coming into the pits during the most recent round of stops.
Lap 14: Mercedes bring both cars and both with very slow stops! Ricciardo took on Soft tyres as well. Watching a replay of the cause of this Safety Car period, we see Stroll got speared into the side by Sainz, who was coming out of the pits, oblivious to Stroll, who turned into his usual arc for Turn 1. There was an issue with the pit gun for the left-front tyre change during Hamilton's stop.
Lap 13: Raikkonen pits for (used) Supersofts. Verstappen storms out of his Red Bull and he is furious! He cannot believe he is out of this race! Stroll has stopped. He says he got hit from the side. SAFETY CAR Sainz has also stopped. So it was likely he who collided with Stroll.
Lap 12: Bottas Team Radio: "Starting to lose the rears, these tyres really not feeling too good." Verstappen is the first of the Red Bulls to pit. He takes on fresh Supersofts as well and rejoins in P11. VERSTAPPEN CRASHES "Brakes failed," comes the resigned reply from Verstappen as he sits with his car nosed into the barriers.
Lap 11: Vettel is the first of the front runners to blink, in what we now like to call an undercut. He takes on another set of Supersoft tyres and rejoins down in P12 but with some heavy traffic up front.
Lap 10: Verstappen says he is quicker than Hamilton but currently "stuck" behind. Yellow flags continue to fly in the area where Magnussen's stricken Haas is being tended to by marshals.
Lap 9: Stroll in for a premature pit stop, the first of this race today, due to a flat-spotted tyre. He goes from Supersoft to Soft tyres and rejoins in P19. Magnussen has pulled over trackside to retire.
Lap 8: Raikkonen stomps on the binders and outbrakes Massa at the end of the pit straight to move up into P6. Bottas Team Radio: "Getting a little bit of overheating now, but not significant.."
Lap 7: From trying to find a way past Bottas in front, Vettel's focus has now likely moved to fending off a feisty Hamilton swarming all over the back of him.
Lap 6: "So Ericsson will hope to go a lot longer than everyone else. Probably hoping to one-stop. But what about everyone else?", ponders Pirelli about the Swede, who is the only one to have started the race on the Soft tyres. Ricciardo Team Radio: "Pace at the front stable. People doing 36.5 seconds. Not opening up much. Pulling away from Massa, he's holding up Raikkonen."
Lap 5: Hamilton Team Radio: "Try to improve lift-and-coast efficiency. Verstappen 0.5 behind." Bottas Team Radio: "Vettel now has DRS, use overtake."
Lap 4: Raikkonen's DRS-assisted run on Massa stops short of enough and he tucks back behind the Williams as he turns into the first corner. Bottas sets the fastest lap.
Lap 3: DRS ENABLED Kvyat is down to P18 after his opening lap foibles, nothing wrong with his car, so far it would appear. Vettel uses DRS to hang on to Bottas' coat tails.
Lap 2: Huge spark show for the pit grandstands as the cars streak down the main straight at the end of the opening lap, bottoms scraping the tarmac. Raikkonen has lost P6 to Massa.
Lap 1: The red lights go out and the Bahrain Grand Prix is GO!! Hamilton struggles off the line on the dirty side of the grid and bogs down a bit. That allows Vettel to jump him on the scramble into Turn 1 as Bottas leads from his debut pole position. Verstappen goes around the outside of Ricciardo to take P4. Bit of a lock-up from Raikkonen under braking for Turn 4! Three-wide in Turn 8 and Kvyat comes off worse in that, having to run off course. Kvyat almost runs into the back of his teammate and goes off track in avoidance. Something appears off with his car.
Preview: Hello and welcome to the Bahrain International Circuit for the Bahrain Grand Prix! It is a lovely night here as flood lights decorate the track like a ribbon in the desert. The track mostly comprises of slow and medium speed corners. The track conditions have been mostly slippery through practice and qualifying, so expect most teams to be leaning toward higher trims of downforce in their setups. Bottas stormed to his first career pole at the end of qualifying yesterday, edging out teammate Hamilton and netting Mercedes' first 1-2 starting position of 2017. Their closest contenders Ferrari managed third and fifth on the grid with Vettel and Raikkonen respectively, with Ricciardo slotting in-between in fourth. Verstappen was sixth fastest, ahead of Hulkenberg, Massa, Grosjean and Palmer. Will Mercedes win again or will Ferrari spring a surprise today? Honda have detected an issue with Vandoorne's power-unit, believed to be similar to previous MGU-H issues and he will not be starting the race. He had qualified seventeenth. The tyre compounds on offer to the teams this weekend are Medium, Soft and Supersoft. Raikkonen Team Radio: "What's the issue?" "Just a little bit of damage on the turning vane so we're adding some tape to cover it up." Hamilton Team Radio: "Tailwind into Turn 1."
Temp: 27°C
Forecast: Clear
Track: Dry

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