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Russian Grand Prix
Race Ended
Sochi International Street Circuit - 28th Apr. - 30th Apr. 2017
Fastest Lap - K.Raikkonen 1:36.844
Driver Team Time FLs
3 1
Mercedes1:28:08.743 8 1 25
1 2
Ferrari+0.617 4 1 18
2 3
Ferrari+11.000 2 1 15
4 4
Mercedes+36.320 1 1 12
7 5
Red Bull+60.416 0 1 10
9 6
Force India+86.788 0 1 8
10 7
Force India+95.004 0 1 6
8 8
Renault+96.188 0 1 4
6 9
Williams+1 Lap 0 2 2
14 10
  C.Sainz Jr
Toro Rosso+1 Lap 0 1 1
11 11
Williams+1 Lap 0 1 0
12 12
Toro Rosso+1 Lap 0 1 0
13 13
Haas+1 Lap 0 1 0
19 14
McLaren+1 Lap 0 2 0
17 15
Sauber+1 Lap 0 2 0
16 16
Sauber+2 Laps 0 2 0
5 -
Red BullBrakes 0 0 0
15 -
RenaultCollision 0 0 0
18 -
HaasCollision 0 0 0
15 -
McLarenDid Not Start 0 0 0
Live Commentary
Summary: Bottas will always remember Russia with love as he scored his maiden victory at the Russian Grand Prix, keeping his cool under immense pressure from Vettel in the dying laps. Raikkonen finished third while Hamilton was off his usual form and finished fourth, a long ways off the podium.

Verstappen was the best of the finishers not driving for Ferrari or Mercedes, netting fifth. Force India did well to finish in the points in sixth and seventh with Perez and Ocon respectively. Hulkenberg was eighth, Massa ninth after a late stop for a slow puncture while Sainz rounded the top-10.

With his second place result and Hamilton's poor showing, Vettel's lead in the driver standings extended to 13 points.

Clearly, after Hakkinen and Raikkonen, Bottas is the next Flying Finn in the making.

That concludes our coverage for the weekend. Join us here again in a couple of weeks for the Spanish Grand Prix.
Lap 52: Bottas starts out on the final lap, with Vettel looming large as ever in his mirrors. Massa lets Bottas by but is very tough on Vettel, forcing the Ferrari driver to run on the dirty part of the track. That puts paid to Vettel's hopes. Vettel: "What was that?" BOTTAS WINS Bottas: "Took quite a while, eh? It was worth the wait." Raikkonen finishes in P3 while Hamilton crosses the line eons later in P4. Bottas was most definitely the Silver Star today.
Lap 51: Vettel uses DRS and finds himself close enough to Bottas to study the Finn's rear tyre tread. They come up to lap Massa.
Lap 50: New fastest lap from Raikkonen. As Verstappen pointed out, we do see a bit of debris in Turn 5.. somebody's wing endplate is off but it is out of the racing line.
Lap 49: Vettel is now within DRS range of Bottas with 4 laps to go! But will that be enough? We have seen DRS be rather ineffective this season.
Lap 48: The leaders are coming up on the battle for P7 where Hulkenberg is trying his best to close in on Ocon. "There is some debris in Turn 5", says Verstappen.
Lap 47: Bottas has had the edge in Sector 1 while Vettel brings it back in Sector 2. Fired up about his unplanned stop, Massa is tearing around the track a second faster than Hulkenberg, bringing the gap down to under 3 seconds.
Lap 46: Hamilton is having a race to forget, as he languishes over 17 seconds behind Raikkonen. His 8-race podium finishing streak will likely end today.
Lap 45: Bottas got through the lapped traffic a bit more dexterously than Vettel and that sees him extend the lead to 2 seconds. We see Raikkonen ran very wide in Turn 3 in trying to lap Stroll and drove over the tyre marbles.
Lap 44: Bottas: The remaining laps, I want less talking." He is starting to come up on traffic now.
Lap 43: The race for the lead has, for the moment, settled down to 1.3 seconds. Perez/Force India Team Radio: "Massa has boxed." "Why?" "We don't know, he's on Ultrasoft."
Lap 42: Massa gives up P6 to make an unplanned stop for a slow puncture. He rejoins in P9, ahead of Sainz.
Lap 41: Hulkenberg makes his first stop of the day quite late and rejoins in P9. He will be hoping to catch and pass the Force India duo just up the road from him.
Lap 40: Bottas' lock-up has cost him, no doubt, as the gap to Vettel is down to under 2 seconds now. Vettel runs a bit too hard through Turn 15.
Lap 39: Sainz is cautioned about running over kerbs, as the team have spotted "something strange" in the telemetry. Sadly for home hero Kvyat, who finished fifth here in 2015, is not even on course for a points finish here today.
Lap 38: Vettel is starting to close in on Bottas. Feeling the pressure, Bottas locks up in a big way in Turn 13. Vettel/Ferrari Team Radio: "He (Bottas) went wide in Turn 13. He has a big flat spot in the left-front."
Lap 37: On replay, we see Hulkenberg with a big lock up. He is the only driver yet to have made a stop. Red Bull Principal Christian Horner says the blistering the teams have been experiencing today are superficial.
Lap 36: We see Russian President Vladimir Putin arrive at the circuit and press palms of the hosts, including Bernie Ecclestone. Commenting on his retirement, Ricciardo says, "We didn’t really expect it, that early in the race as well. I don’t know how much running behind the safety car and having two starts hurt that. It’s a disappointment, just not being able to get many laps in the race. We know this circuit is hard on brakes, we didn’t do massive long runs in practice, from what we did we didn’t expect to have these issues this early in the race… we need to address it, it’s two races in a row, so hopefully we’ll get on top of that."
Lap 35: Vettel finally comes in for his first stop of the day. He takes on the Supersoft tyres and he rejoins behind Bottas, with around the same gap as before the stops.
Lap 34: Raikkonen gets out of shape but he keeps the tail in check. Bottas/Mercedes radio: "It's critical that you get past Kimi as quickly as possible, please."
Lap 33: "How is that so big?", asks Hamilton, referring to the 8 second gap to Raikkonen, which was 3 seconds before the pitstops. After getting the call to box, Ferrari change their mind and tell Vettel to stay out.
Lap 32: Raikkonen goes a second quicker than Vettel on fresh rubber, so perhaps Ferrari would be wise to pit now.
Lap 31: Bottas with the fastest lap, as Hamilton pits. He fails to beat Raikkonen out of the pits and rejoins in P4. Vettel/Ferrari Team Radio: "We are staying out.. this is very good." He matched Bottas on the previous lap.
Lap 30: Verstappen with a nippy stop for Supersoft tyres. He rejoins barely in front of Hulkenberg. Hamilton gets the call to box.
Lap 29: Vettel complains of blue flags, or lack thereof, as he comes up on lapped traffic. Raikkonen pits out of P2 from the swap from Ultrasoft to Supersoft tyres. Not the greatest pit stop ever but he rejoins in P4.
Lap 28: Perez pits a lap after his teammate Ocon and regains position on the Frenchman. Raikkonen: "Rear is going! Rear is going"
Lap 27: Ocon pits and swaps his Ultrasofts for Supersofts. Bottas pits out of the race lead and takes on Supersofts. It all comes down to what Vettel can do now, in clean air.
Lap 26: Sainz pits for a swap from Ultrasoft to Supersoft tyres. He comes out in P11, in front of teammate Kvyat. Don't look now but Vettel has halved his deficit to Bottas. Have Mercedes stuffed it already?
Lap 25: "It is coming to us, temps starting to drop", Hamilton is told. Alonso comments about his retirement today, "Definitely worse than last year, we cannot even participate. It’s something that is not going right. Nothing I can do, probably. I come here, I drive as fast as I can, I try to help the team as much as I can. It’s frustrating at times and hopefully we can improve soon."
Lap 24: "And now we're seeing the pit stop window beginning to open up, with drivers swapping Ultrasoft for Supersoft." observes Pirelli. Vettel with the fastest lap. Hamilton with a huge moment of oversteer.
Lap 23: Massa with a neat 2.8 second pit stop sees him rejoin in P10, ahead of teammate Stroll. Kvyat and Magnussen pit. Kvyat overtakes Magnussen during the stops due to the latter's 5 second time penalty for cutting Turn 2.
Lap 22: Wehrlein decides to pit for the second time this race after ditching the Supersoft tyres earlier on. He takes on a fresh set of Ultrasofts and rejoins in last, behind his teammate Ericsson.
Lap 21: In spite of his temperature issues, Hamilton is closing in on Raikkonen. Kvyat is told the team is trying to take advantage of the Saubers behind him having issues. Like Vettel, Verstappen also complains of left-front blistering.
Lap 20: On replay, we see Hamilton with a slight lock-up into Turn 13. That will not have done much damage in the way of flat-spotting. "Good job.. half a second quicker than Vettel last lap," Bottas is told.
Lap 19: "The temperature's coming back up," says Hamilton. Vettel complains of blistering on the front-left tyre. Bottas responds to Vettel's fastest lap with another of his own, which then gets trumped by Hamilton.
Lap 18: Vettel with the fastest lap now. Was he holding back so far? "Low degradation on the tyres, which means that drivers and teams can more or less choose when they want to stop", says Pirelli.
Lap 17: Grosjean offers his side of the story about his incident with Palmer, "I haven’t seen the footage, to be fair. On the first point of view it’s Palmers fault… maybe there was a car on the inside… I was on the orange kerb, had a really good start. We just got ruined at the first corner."
Lap 16: We learn it was possibly an ERS failure that put out Alonso. Hamilton is told other teams are also struggling with the temperatures, with a hope to reassure their driver.
Lap 15: Sainz asks his team to look into rear brake caliper issues in the final sector. His team is looking into it. Hamilton: "Why is my car overheating, guys?"
Lap 14: Magnussen is so far doing a good job of holding off Sainz for P10. Also doing a good job are the Force India drivers, both having moved up two positions from the grid and in the points.
Lap 13: Talking about his incident with Grosjean, Palmer says, “I don’t really know what Grosjean thought was going to happen… I couldn’t give him any more space." The gap to the first non-Ferrari/Mercedes driver is Verstappen in P5, almost 20 second arrears of Hamilton.
Lap 12: Mercedes Team Radio: "Lewis, we are borderline on the temps. Just do what you can do." "Trying to race," comes the reply.
Lap 11: Magnussen Team Radio: "Did you talk to Charlie (Whiting)? It cannot be right." Hamilton is starting to close in on Raikkonen but is deficient to the Finn in the final sector.
Lap 10: Meanwhile, out front, Bottas sets another fastest lap and gaps Vettel by over 3 seconds. Vettel Team Radio: "Where are we losing the most compared to Bottas?" "Sector one, mainly."
Lap 9: In light of Ricciardo's brake issues, Verstappen is advised to crank his brake bias as far forward as possible. "Get some air in the rads (radiators)," Hamilton is told. Hamilton complains again about his power issues.
Lap 8: The Palmer/Grosjean incident will be investigated after the race. Magnussen and Vandoorne have been assessed a 5 second penalty for exceeding track limits in Turn 2.
Lap 7: "I'm getting cutouts in power," reports Hamilton. Ricciardo's brakes got a brief spray by the extinguishers and that is it for his race.
Lap 6: DRS ENABLED. Ricciardo gets the call to pit for a look into his problems. No further action warranted by the stewards into the Stroll/Hulkenberg incident.
Lap 5: Bottas with the fastest lap. "See if my right rear brake is on fire," says Ricciardo, as we see a wisp of black smoke whoosh out of the back of the car. He slows down soon after that and is now crawling around the track.
Lap 4: Stroll and Hulkenberg are under investigation. Stroll's spin was possibly caused by Hulkenberg nudging into him. "Caution, front right temperature," Perez is warned.
Lap 3: Both Mercedes got off the line better than the Ferraris. Bottas took the lead while Hamilton nearly got by Raikkonen. Safety Car in this lap.
Lap 2: Replays of the incidents on the previous lap show Palmer made contact with a Sauber which sent him around and into the side of an innocent Grosjean. We also see learn Stroll lost it under acceleration off the corner but with a slight chance he was nudged by Hulkenberg. Vandoorne and Ericsson pit to get the Supersofts out of the way and take on Ultrasofts.
Lap 1: Alonso's frustrations will have reached a new height as he is forced to park and climb out of his McLaren while the field has to be set off on another formation lap. The red lights go out and the Russian Grand Prix is GO!! Despite huge pressure from Vettel, Bottas hits his marks under braking for Turn 1 and takes the lead. Verstappen with a great start as he gets by Ricciardo. Huge contact between Grosjean and Palmer! That will bring out the Safety Car surely. SAFETY CAR DEPLOYED
Preview: Hello and welcome to the Sochi Autodrom for the Russian Grand Prix! The circuit is a nascent presence on the F1 calendar, hosting the inaugural Russian Grand Prix in 2015. Located between the warm waters of the Black Sea and the high mountains of the Caucasus, it is a rather atypical modern FIA venue with ample runoff and technical corners, with the exception of the fearsome Turn 3, a daunting sweeper that is especially treacherous in damp conditions. It is also the fourth longest circuit in F1, behind Spa, Baku and Silverstone. Russia has only produced two F1 drivers; Petrov and Kvyat and both have grandstands named after them at the venue. Vettel stormed to his first pole in two years while Raikkonen qualified second to make it an all-Ferrari front row for today's race. It was Vettel's 47th career pole and it ended Mercedes' run of 18 straight poles, forcing them to settle for second row of the grid with Bottas and Hamilton. Ricciardo qualified fifth, his Red Bull far off the pace of the red and silver cars. Massa was sixth, sandwiched by the other Red Bull, of Verstappen. Hulkenberg was eighth fastest, Perez ninth and Force India teammate Ocon tenth. The tyre compounds on offer to the teams this weekend are Soft and Supersoft and Ultrasoft.
Temp: 25°C
Forecast: Sunny
Track: Dry

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