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Spanish Grand Prix
Race Ended
Catalunya - 12th May - 14th May 2017
Fastest Lap - L.Hamilton 1:23.593
Driver Team Time FLs
1 1
Mercedes1:35:56.497 4 2 25
2 2
Ferrari+3.490 6 2 18
6 3
Red Bull+75.820 1 2 15
8 4
Force India+1 Lap 0 2 12
10 5
Force India+1 Lap 0 2 10
13 6
Renault+1 Lap 0 2 8
12 7
  C.Sainz Jr
Toro Rosso+1 Lap 0 2 6
15 8
Sauber+1 Lap 0 1 4
19 9
Toro Rosso+1 Lap 0 2 2
14 10
Haas+1 Lap 0 2 1
16 11
Sauber+2 Laps 0 2 0
7 12
McLaren+2 Laps 0 3 0
9 13
Williams+2 Laps 0 3 0
11 14
Haas+2 Laps 0 3 0
17 15
Renault+2 Laps 0 3 0
18 16
Williams+2 Laps 0 2 0
3 -
MercedesRetired 1 1 0
20 -
McLarenCollision 0 1 0
5 -
Red BullCollision 0 0 0
4 -
FerrariCollision 0 0 0
Live Commentary
Summary: At the end of an exciting Spanish Grand Prix, Hamilton scored his second win of the year. It was looking unlikely for him at the start, losing the lead to Vettel in the scramble down to Turn 1 but he made the critical pass late in the going and never looked back. Vettel finished second while Ricciardo rounded out the podium at the same venue where he scored his first podium finish back in 2014.

Perez and Ocon brought home a solid points haul for Force India in fourth and fifth. Hulkenberg was sixth, ahead of Wehrlein, who scored Sauber's first points of the season. Sainz was eighth, Kvyat ninth and Grosjean scored the final point.

Hamilton's win clips Vettel's lead in the driver standings down to 6 points, heading into Monaco. It is shaping into a two horse race already, with Bottas 35 points adrift of Hamilton.

That concludes our coverage for the weekend. Join us here again in a couple of weeks for the legendary Monaco Grand Prix. Till then, adiós!
Lap 66: Hamilton starts out on the final circuit, looking well in control. Magnussen rejoins in P14 after the pitstop for the puncture. HAMILTON WINS Vettel has to settle for P2 while Ricciardo rounds out the podium at the same venue where he scored his first podium finish three years ago. Alonso finishes a race for the first time this year, in P12. Not the result he would have hoped for after qualifying in P7 but he will be focused on the Indy 500 now.
Lap 65: Magnussen runs wide into the side of Kvyat and picks up a puncture. That costs him P10 and forces him to pit. The two were battling over P9.
Lap 64: Hamiton with the fastest lap. Massa makes short work of Stroll, the latter not putting up much of a fight for P14.
Lap 63: Alonso is through on Massa for P13. Hamilton has lost around a second, the lead down to 3.3 seconds.
Lap 62: Commenting on the lap prior, Vettel cries, "Why is it always Massa?" Massa meanwhile quips, "I think he's afraid of me."
Lap 61: Vettel makes a hash of lapping Massa, who left him space for an overtake but Vettel overcooked the corner and had to have another go at it, losing crucial time to Hamilton.
Lap 60: With Perez and Ocon occupying P4 and P5 and Stroll and Massa down in P13 and P15, Williams is receiving a beating in their fight for P4 in the standings with Force India.
Lap 59: "Losing power", says Sainz. Surely, it is too late for Ferrari to switch to a 3-stop strategy.
Lap 58: Sainz with a huge opposite lock in Turn 1 as he loses grip behind Wehrlein's turbulent slipstream.
Lap 57: Ten laps to go and just three cars remain on the lead lap and with Ricciardo 66 seconds behind, we could end the race with two on the lead lap. Hamilton still pulling away from Vettel, the lead now 4.3 seconds.
Lap 56: Sainz having a look at Wehrlein for P7. Remember, Wehrlein has a 5-second penalty on the cards so he would be wise to not fight this too hard.
Lap 55: Stroll tries to put the block on Ericsson in the DRS zone but he is too late and Ericsson snatches P12 away from the rookie.
Lap 54: Mercedes think Ferrari might go for a 3-stop strategy so the call goes to Hamilton to step it up.
Lap 53: Alonso pits. He goes back to the Soft tyres and rejoins in P15. Palmer goes two laps down.
Lap 52: Commenting on all the suspension failures we have seen today, Nigel Mansell says, "I really feel the front suspension should be made stronger to withstand nudges, more cars would finish."
Lap 51: In a sweet gesture by Raikkonen, the young fan who broke into tears seeing Kimi crash out at the start, has been brought into the paddock for a one-on-one with the Finn.
Lap 50: The pace out front is furious, as all but the top-4 are a lap down now.
Lap 49: "It's hard to pull away from him," says Hamilton. "Just let me drive", says Magnussen, when asked by his team what they can do to help him go quicker.
Lap 48: Getting wind of Hamilton's rear tyre woes, Ferrari waste no time in tipping off Vettel about it. "That could have happened from a few laps ago when he was behind me", responds Vettel.
Lap 47: Wehrlein has been assessed a 5-second time penalty for failure to stay on the right of the pit entry bollard. Kvyat is through on Grosjean for the final points position. Quite a drive from the Russian who started in P19.
Lap 46: "No chance, he's like a train", came the response from Vettel as he lost the lead to Hamilton. All is not rosy for Hamilton however, as he reports rear tyre overheating and asks whether he needs to push or cool his tyres down.
Lap 45: Pirelli observe, "Hamilton really needs to make the advantage of these tyres count now rather than later. The longer he leaves it, the harder it gets."
Lap 44: The stewards wisely decide to take no further action about the Vettel-Hamilton incident. Sainz Team Radio: "Okay, leave me alone, now."
Lap 43: Hamilton pleads with his team to leave him to it, his voice giving a clear indication of how physically drained he is already. Hamilton gets a huge run on Vettel in the DRS zone and brakes considerably later than Vettel to take the lead!
Lap 42: Ricciardo sets the fastest lap with his fresh Medium tyres. He now has the Force India duo to deal with to protect P3. "Lewis has good advantage, just needs to pick the right moment", observes Nigel Mansell.
Lap 41: Vettel and Hamilton come up on a slew of lapped vehicles, which could certainly play a role as there is literally nothing between the two leaders.
Lap 40: Watching a replay of the scrap between Vettel and Hamilton from a few laps ago, we notice there was a tyre rub between them, which sent Hamilton off track.
Lap 39: Ricciardo pits for Medium tyres. Hamilton gets a bit of a run in the DRS zone but it is not enough. Bottas has come to a stop with smoke bellowing from his Mercedes engine that was on its fourth consecutive race.
Lap 38: Vettel pits out of the lead to take on the mandatory Medium tyres. He is neck and neck with Hamilton as he rejoins the track and the two duke it out, with Hamilton going off briefly before rejoining behind Vettel. "That was dangerous", quips Hamilton.
Lap 37: Hamilton pits just as the Virtual Safety Car ends. He switches back to the Soft tyres and rejoins in P2.
Lap 36: The incident between Vandoorne and Massa is under investigation by the stewards. "The next stint is the one that Mercedes will try to win the race in. They’ll go on Soft tyres whereas Vettel will need to run Medium", notes Pirelli.
Lap 35: VIRTUAL SAFETY CAR Wehrlein and Hulkenberg take advantage to pit, with Hulkenberg coming out with the advantage. Both Force Indias pit Ocon with the faster stop but Perez stays ahead.
Lap 34: Massa dives inside Vandoorne, who turns in and they touch! Vandoorne goes shooting off track and gets beached on the gravel with a bent right-front suspension.
Lap 33: More frustration for Hamilton as he comes up on a dawdling Ericsson. All he can do is gesticulate. Ericsson pits.
Lap 32: Hamilton is told again to up the pace, as Vettel's lead is up to 7.7 seconds. Alonso pits for the second time today, taking on the mandatory Medium tyres.
Lap 31: On being told he needs to match Vettel's times, Hamilton responds, "I don't think I can with these tyres, guys."
Lap 30: Vettel's lead is up to 6 seconds now. Remember, he still has to run a stint on the Medium tyres.
Lap 29: Fastest lap from Bottas. The jury is still out on whether the race leaders will opt for two or three stop strategies here but Vettel is on a unique strategy all of his own at the moment, being the only one of the top-4 to be currently on Soft tyres.
Lap 28: Ericsson gets a run on Alonso in the DRS zone and outbrakes him on the inside to take over P13.
Lap 27: Bottas pits for Medium tyres and rejoins in P3, well ahead of Ricciardo. Vettel's overtake was certainly validation of the decision to extend the pit straight DRS zone ahead of this race.
Lap 26: Vettel lost close to three seconds during his battle with Bottas. He will have to hunker down and click off some monster laps.
Lap 25: Vettel gets another run on Bottas down the pit straight and Bottas jinks right again to block but Vettel fakes a move to the left before turning right again and passes Bottas with his right side tyres on the grass! Now that was a pass worthy of a 4-time Champion.
Lap 24: Vettel gets a run on Bottas down the pit straight but Bottas holds him off. Bottas locks up in Turn 5 and Vettel tries to pounce again.
Lap 23: Vettel and Ferrari could have a spanner in the works now as he comes up on Bottas, who will surely do his best to hinder the red car behind him.
Lap 22: Leader Hamilton pits and swaps to the Medium tyres. He rejoins 8 seconds behind Vettel. Ricciardo pits as well. He also takes on Mediums and rejoins in P4.
Lap 21: No further action waranted on the Sainz-Magnussen incident. Vandoorne with a daring but successful late-braking maneuver around the outside of Palmer for P16. A very slow pit stop for Perez after a hang-up on the left-rear.
Lap 20: The pit exit incident involving Kevin Magnussen and Carlos Sainz is under investigation. Raikkonen comments about his incident, "It all started when I got hit on the right rear corner, my car jumped a little bit and you can’t control it after that. Then we got together with Max. What can you do? When you are out of the race in the first corner, there are not many positives."
Lap 19: On replay, we see a big lock-up from Hamilton moments ago. "What we might be seeing is a Vettel three-stopper against a Hamilton two-stopper?", comes an interesting observation by Pirelli.
Lap 18: Alonso muscles around the outside of Kvyat in Turn 3 but just loses the edge in Turn 4, having to tuck back in behind the Russian.
Lap 17: Sainz overtakes teammate Kvyat, rather Kvyat lets him by. Pit exit incident involving Kevin Magnussen and Carlos Sainz noted by the stewards. Ocon pits for fresh Soft tyres. Vettel sets the fastest lap.
Lap 16: Now unleashed in clean air, Hamilton belts out the fastest lap. Vettel makes easy work of Ricciardo for P3. Hulkenberg pits.
Lap 15: "Who ever looks after the tyres best will win today. Be interesting to see Lewis push hard now", observes Nigel Mansell.
Lap 14: Magnussen and Sainz pit and they battle it out of the pits in 'Days of Thunder' style, with Magnussen coming out ahead while Sainz mows the lawn. Leader Vettel pits for a fresh set of Soft tyres. Massa in as well.
Lap 13: Hamilton Team Radio: "What's going on guys?" "Okay Lewis, we're just keeping an eye on our pit window. Just keep doing what you're doing, keep that gap as small as possible, you're doing a great job." Hulkenberg runs in a solid P6. He was the biggest benefactor of the first lap chaos.
Lap 12: Alonso pits for a fresh set of Soft tyres. Stroll also pits. "We would expect to see the first pit stops around lap 20. Look forward to an epic battle between two multiple world champions," says Pirelli.
Lap 11: With track temperature at 44 degrees centigrade, it is a scorcher here today and that means high tyre degradation, so we could see a 3-stop strategy. The Turn 1 incident on the opening lap involving Räikkönen, Verstappen and Bottas is under investigation.
Lap 10: Sainz goes to the outside of Magnussen in Turn 1 but no dice. Offering some insight into Bottas' lack of pace compared to the front runners, Pirelli says, "One thing to remember is that Bottas has a flat spot on his starting set of tyres after a lock-up in Q2 yesterday."
Lap 9: When asked how much he is being held up by Grosjean, "A lot", comes the reply. "Pick the pace up," says Bottas' engineer Tony Ross.
Lap 8: "Already on lap two, Vettel is setting lap times more than two seconds faster than last year’s fastest race lap", notes Pirelli.
Lap 7: "Not easy to keep up", says Hamilton, as the gap to Vettel is now 2.5 seconds. Further behind them, over 8 seconds back is Bottas. Could he have suffered some pace-affecting damage in that first lap contact with Raikkonen?
Lap 6: We see a stranded Raikkonen watching the action from trackside. Also, what sent Alonso off track on Lap 1 was contact with Massa. That gave Massa the right-front puncture. The incident has been noted by the stewards.
Lap 5: No action warranted on the Turn 1 incident involving Verstappen and Räikkönen. Watching replays of the first lap incident, we notice Bottas tagged Raikkonen, sending the Ferrari driver into the side of Magnussen.
Lap 4: Sainz is swarming all over the back of Magnussen for P8. His compatriot Alonso however is down in P11 after the first lap fracas. Not what he hoped for after qualifying seventh amid much fanfare yesterday.
Lap 3: DRS ENABLED We learn Palmer and Kvyat also pitted during the opening laps.
Lap 2: Raikkonen pulls over to retire. He just has too much damage. We see a young Raikkonen fan in tears at the sight of his hero's retirement. Verstappen pulls into his garage to retire as well.
Lap 1: The red lights go out and the Spanish Grand Prix is GO!! Despite starting on the dirty side of the grid, Vettel gets the drop on Hamiton and leads into Turn 1. Chaos in Turn 1 behind him however, as Raikkonen gets together with Verstappen and that results in front suspension damage for both drivers! Alonso goes for a ride through the gravel before rejoining in Turn 3. Massa with a flat right front tyre.
Preview: Hello and welcome to the Catalunya Circuit for the Spanish Grand Prix! The circuit has been a mainstay on the calendar ever since it was built in 1991 and over the years, it has been a popular testing venue as well, so it is very well known by the teams and drivers. The track comprises a mix of slow, medium and high speed corners. Most teams will be running a high downforce setup. This is a well-used track and the surface tends to remain consistent throughout the weekend, unlike little-used venues the previous round at Sochi for example, where track evolution was high The tyre compounds on offer to the teams this weekend are Hard, Medium and Soft. Hamilton won his 64th career pole position at the end of qualifying for Sunday's Spanish Grand Prix. Vettel narrowly missed out and qualified second while Bottas and Raikkonen had to settle for the second row on the grid. The Red Bulls of Verstappen and Ricciardo qualified fifth and sixth, coming much closer to front-running pace this weekend than at Sochi. Alonso decided to give his adoring home fans a treat and carried his McLaren on his back to a seventh place qualifying result, ahead of Perez, Massa and Ocon, who rounded out the top-10. Will Hamilton convert his pole into victory? We will soon find out. It is certainly windy here today and that will definitely factor into the handling but only 20% chance of rain. The formation lap is underway. With the exception of Palmer, Kvyat and Vandoorne, everyone is on the Soft tyres.
Temp: 24°C
Forecast: Sunny
Track: Dry

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