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Monaco Grand Prix
Race Ended
Monte Carlo - 25th May - 28th May 2017
Fastest Lap - S.Perez 1:14.820
Driver Team Time FLs
2 1
Ferrari1:44:44.340 5 1 25
1 2
Ferrari+3.145 4 1 18
5 3
Red Bull+3.745 3 1 15
3 4
Mercedes+5.517 0 1 12
4 5
Red Bull+6.199 0 2 10
6 6
  C.Sainz Jr
Toro Rosso+12.038 0 1 8
13 7
Mercedes+15.801 0 1 6
8 8
Haas+18.150 0 1 4
14 9
Williams+19.445 0 2 2
11 10
Haas+21.443 0 2 1
16 11
Renault+22.737 0 1 0
15 12
Force India+23.725 0 3 0
7 13
Force India+49.089 2 3 0
9 14
Toro Rosso+7 Laps 0 1 0
17 15
Williams+7 Laps 0 2 0
19 -
SauberSpun Off 0 1 0
20 -
McLarenCollision 0 2 0
18 -
SauberCollision 0 1 0
10 -
RenaultGearbox 0 0 0
12 -
McLarenSpun Off 0 1 0
Live Commentary
Summary: Despite starting from the second best position on the grid, Vettel brought home his second win of the season and further padded his lead in the driver standings, up to 25 points over Hamilton. It was his second win at the principality and Ferrari's first since 2001 with Michael Schumacher. Ricciardo rounded out the podium with some clever strategy and nippy driving, holding off Bottas and Verstappen.

Sainz finished a solid sixth, fending off Hamilton for seventh, who climbed his way up from a poor thirteenth starting position.

Grosjean was eighth, Massa ninth and Magnussen rounded out the top-10.

It was Vettel's 45th career win and Ferrari's 90th 1-2 finish.

That concludes our coverage for the weekend. Join us again in two weeks' time for the Canadian Grand Prix!
Lap 78: Vettel commences on the final lap with ample security in hand over Raikkonen. VETTEL WINS! It is the first time for the Scuderia since 2001 with Michael Schumacher. Raikkonen finishes in P2. It is his best result of the year but he is likely not in the best of moods.. No changes in position behind as Ricciardo holds off Bottas and Verstappen for P3.
Lap 77: Perez with the fastest lap on his new tyres. They are actually an used set but with the way heat cycles work, that is not always a bad thing.
Lap 76: Hamilton is swarming all over Sainz for P6 but the Spaniard has got him covered.
Lap 75: Ocon is starting to pile the pressure on Palmer for P11. He has nothing to worry about behind him, as teammate Perez is over 20 seconds behind following his recent stop.
Lap 74: The incident between Perez and Kvyat will be investigated after the race.
Lap 73: The incident with Kvyat has forced Perez to pit. Their troubles have allowed Massa to climb up into P9. Perez rejoins in P13, outside the points. That will likely end his 15-race points scoring streak.
Lap 72: Perez lunges inside and thumps into the side of Kvyat at Rascasse. The damage on Kvyat's Toro Rosso is too great and he is forced to park it. That makes it 5 retirements so far.
Lap 71: Bottas Team radio: "And if you're comfortable, strat 6." "Does it LOOK comfortable?!?"
Lap 70: A fresh set of ultrasofts for Stroll and he rejoins, last of the runners. The incident between Button and Wehrlein will be investigated after post-race.
Lap 69: Watching a replay of the restart, we see Ricciardo almost ended his race on the Turn 1 barriers. Stroll pits.
Lap 68: Another Safety Car situation has been averted as marshals successfully crane Vandoorne's stricken McLaren away from Turn 1. As the Ferraris emerge out of the tunnel, their pursuers enter it, emphasizing the sheer pace advantage enjoyed by the red cars today.
Lap 67: The Safety Car has pulled off and racing resumes. The Ferraris get away, leaving Bottas and the Red Bulls to play with each other. Vandoorne has nosed into the wall outside Turn 1 in trying to avoid a late-braking Ocon on the inside. Yellows fly in Sector 1.
Lap 66: As Ericsson's Sauber gets craned away, we learn that the Safety Car will come in this lap. Vettel bunches up the field before the restart.
Lap 65: In what will go down as one of his life's most embarassing moments, Ericsson thumps the barriers outside Turn 1 while he was overtaking the Safety Car. That is a double-retirement for Sauber.
Lap 64: Lapped cars may overtake now, comes the word from Race Control. So we will likely go green in a lap.
Lap 63: Massa and Perez pit for ultrasofts. "I'm losing a lot of brake temp. If I don't brake I'm going to lose temperature and crash", complains Stroll.
Lap 62: Watching a replay of the incident, we see it was Button who tried to force a move inside Wehrlein, which sent the Sauber on its side and also damaged Button's suspension, forcing him to retire as well. Verstappen took advantage of this Safety Car period to pit for ultrasofts. He will certainly have a pace advantage and he certainly has the will to make things happen!
Lap 61: The Safety Car leads the field around. Button has come to a stop in an alley outside the track. That makes three retirements in the span of two laps!
Lap 60: SAFETY CAR DEPLOYED A car has flipped and stopped on its side, against the barrier at Portier. It is Wehrlein!
Lap 59: Mercedes have won the last four Monaco Grands Prix, with Nico Rosberg in 2013, 2014, 2015 and Hamilton in 2016 but 2017 is shaping up to be Ferrari's year.
Lap 58: It has to be said that the field has done an exemplary job so far to have 19 of 20 runners on track with not a single major incident of note at a track known for its unforgiving nature.
Lap 57: Pirelli offers its take on the track situation, "More warnings about the track condition at end of turn one: not clear though if that’s asphalt or manholes."
Lap 56: "Track breaking up at the exit of Turn 1," Button is informed. If it is a legitimate safety issue, we could see the Safety Car deployed and that would certainly spice things up, to say the least!
Lap 55: Hamilton is the quickest man on track now, as he closes in on Sainz. We still stand by our opinion that it will be a tough ask to overtake, however.
Lap 54: We are hearing a raised manhole cover after Turn 1 could possibly be the cause for the cut tyres so far in this race. The drivers are being cautioned about it by their teams.
Lap 53: Sensing blood in the water, or ice in this case, Red Bull urge their man Ricciardo to step it up on Raikkonen, "You are one-and-a-half seconds quicker than him".
Lap 52: "In theory, it should be a straightforward run to the end. In practice, Monaco has a nasty habit of providing a sting in the tail", surmises Pirelli.
Lap 51: Magnussen has had to make an unscheduled pitstop to fix a puncture. Perez is on a tear, ripping 0.5 seconds per lap out of Vandoorne's gap.
Lap 50: As the gap between the leaders grows to 10 seconds now, Red Bull's team principal Christian Horner comments, "It looks like Kimi's given up".
Lap 49: Kvyat is mounting a charge on Grosjean now for P8 as he finds himself well within DRS range of the Haas driver.
Lap 48: Ferrari have not won in Monaco since 2001, with Michael Schumacher and today, they are in prime position to break that duck, with two red arrows clearly in a class by themselves.
Lap 47: Vandoorne pits for the supersoft tyres and rejoins in P10. To remind you, Kimi's early stop was requested by the Finn himself. "Are we going to pit or not??" was the radio transmission.
Lap 46: Hamilton pits at last and takes on the supersofts. He rejoins in a not-so-terrible P7 but that is probably as high as he will go today, barring incident.
Lap 45: Raikkonen now drops to almost 7 seconds. Could the Iceman be melting already?
Lap 44: Vettel is taking very good advantage of the clean air he finds himself in, as he gaps polesitter Raikkonen by over 5 seconds now.
Lap 43: Palmer makes his stop at long last, rejoining in P14. Meanwhile, Hamilton is yet to stop and currently runs in P6, followed by Vandoorne, who is yet to pit as well.
Lap 42: A tense battle in the pits between Perez and Palmer is won by the former to come back out in P11. Ricciardo is hot under the collar as Ocon rejoins right in front of him.. "What the **** is he doing??"
Lap 41: "As is often the case at Monaco, traffic makes a big difference to strategy. In and out laps are crucial", says Pirelli.
Lap 40: Rear-left puncture for Ocon. He comes in immediately and takes on ultrasofts, again, instead of the supersofts. Grosjean pits.
Lap 39: Vettel pits and his stop was almost as slow as Raikkonen's but a tenth faster and that puts him in front of Raikkonen! Massa pits.
Lap 38: Sainz and Magnussen pit. Supersofts all around. As Vettel sets another fastest lap, Ricciardo pits for supersofts and rejoins in P3, successfully jumping Bottas and Verstappen!
Lap 37: Raikkonen's pace post-pitstop has not been too hot, it has to be said. At this rate, Vettel could come out with the lead once he makes his stop. Ericsson and Kvyat pit.
Lap 36: Ricciardo with the fastest lap. "Very good job mate, pace is excellent," he is immediately told. Perez team radio: "Checo, engine temperatures are now critical. We have to do something different. If you can't chase and overtake, we have to drop back." "You box me because of safety, who cares if the engine blows up?", comes the reply from the Mexican.
Lap 35: Raikkonen pits. Vettel is your new race leader. The supersofts go on and the Finn rejoins the fray in P3 after a suspiciously long pitstop.
Lap 34: A lap after being told to "push hard now", Bottas pits. Supersofts go on and he rejoins in P5, successfully pipping Verstappen to the post!
Lap 33: Verstappen pits and swaps to the supersoft tyres. He was told to pit only if Bottas in front of him stayed out. He rejoins in P6. Bottas is told to "push hard now".
Lap 32: Engine braking issues continue to plague Kvyat. Raikkonen is told to "get back in the groove" as the traffic lets up a bit.
Lap 31: The driver on pole has won 10 of the last 16 races in Monaco. In 1996, Olivier Panis won from P14 and that has been, till date, the lowest winning start position here.
Lap 30: The constant traffic the leaders are coming up on could lead to Mercedes bringing Bottas in early and try to undercut Ferrari.
Lap 29: "A big part of the strategy calculations will be about traffic. Important to try and spot gaps in it", says Pirelli.
Lap 28: We see defending champion Nico Rosberg studying the race with some intensity from the paddock. Verstappen comes out of the Swimming Pool section too hot and misses the following chicane.
Lap 27: After dropping off earlier in the going, Bottas now finds himself almost within grabbing distance of Vettel. The lapped traffic has certainly helped in that situation too.
Lap 26: Raikkonen is upset about the backmarkers already, as he comes up on the tail of Button's McLaren.
Lap 25: "Grip is poor, handling all over the place..", complains Hamilton. Button has been advised to look for an opportunity to let the leaders by once the blue flags wave.
Lap 24: Ericsson has a wild tankslapper through the Swimming Pool chicane. A lot of drivers are taking the entry to the chicane flat out this year, aided by the higher downforce levels and Ericsson was certainly trying.
Lap 23: "I have inconsistent engine braking somehow", says Kvyat. At this point, barring a Safety Car intervention, Ferrari's rivals' best bet is to short-pit and try to undercut the Scuderia.
Lap 22: Button, who started from the pits, is still in last place and now in danger of being lapped by Raikkonen. Perez will be ruing the decision to pit early, as he still languishes behind Stroll.
Lap 21: We see a disgusted Hulkenberg trudge back to the pits. To add insult to his situation, his Renault conked out at the furthest point on the track from the pits.
Lap 20: Perez, who short-pitted a few laps ago, finds himself stuck behind Stroll in P16. Raikkonen locks up the brakes ever so slightly in Rascasse.
Lap 19: Hulkenberg's retirement and Perez's pitstop moves Hamilton up into the top-10 for the first time in this race. Now he will have to engage 'Hammertime' and bang out some quick ones.
Lap 18: "It’s pretty warm outside by the way. Circuit info tells us 53 degrees track temperature, 27 degrees ambient, 0% chance of rain", Pirelli sums up the weather and track conditions.
Lap 17: Local yellows in sector 2 as Hulkenberg comes to a stop just before the tunnel. Perez pits for a new nose and swaps his ultrasoft for supersoft tyres.
Lap 16: "The car in front is losing some oil", says Kvyat. That would be Hulkenberg. The report is not untrue, as smoke starts to emanate out of the #27 Renault. "Major gearbox problem..", the team tell him.
Lap 15: Wehrlein's penalty will certainly benefit Button. That's one way to overtake in Monaco, we suppose. Vettel sets a new fastest lap.
Lap 14: "Expect to see the first pit stops (leaving aside Wehrlein and Button) somewhere in the region of lap 28", says Pirelli.
Lap 13: Since 1950, only 10 times has the race been won by a driver starting lower than third. That is looking the case here today as well.
Lap 12: The laps click off quickly here in Monaco, more so this year with the faster cars. Wehrlein has been assessed a 5 second time penalty for an unsafe release.
Lap 11: If there is hidden life in the Mercedes, so far Bottas has not shown it, dropping over 6 seconds to the red cars already.
Lap 10: So far in the early going, things have been rather orderly but the last five races have all seen the safety car deployed.
Lap 9: There was a buzz of team orders possibly enforced by Ferrari today. So far, Raikkonen has done his best to avoid that possibility, gapping Vettel by over 2 seconds.
Lap 8: Hamilton is stuck to the back of Kvyat's Toro Rosso but it is very, very tough to overtake here. Patience will be key for the Brit here today.
Lap 7: Fastest lap belongs to Raikkonen again. Replays show Raikkonen leaving absolutely nothing on the table, as he skims the barriers in the Swimming Pool chicane.
Lap 6: Vettel now takes a turn at setting the fastest lap. Sainz is starting to distance himself from Perez.
Lap 5: The incident involving Wehrlein and Button regarding unsafe pit release has been noted by the stewards. Hamilton is told, "our race comes later".
Lap 4: "I had to lift in the pit lane, unsafe release," says Button, referring to Wehrlein, who also stopped. "Wehrlein has done the opposite and taken the ultrasoft after starting on supersoft. He too will run all the way to the end," says Pirelli.
Lap 3: DRS ENABLED Raikkonen with the fastest lap of the race.
Lap 2: A clean first lap in the books and the Ferraris have already started to gap Bottas. Hamilton has made up one position since starting P13. Button pits for supersoft tyres that he will very likely go to the end of the race with.
Lap 1: The drivers have set off on their formation laps! With the exception of Wehrlein and Ericsson on the supersofts, everyone is starting the race on the ultrasofts. Button will be starting from the pits. As he pulls over at the end of the pitlane, he is surprised with a call from Alonso, who is running the Indy 500 later today! Alonso: "I'm sure you wanted to hear my voice. Best of luck, take care of my car!" �� Button: "I'm going to wee in your seat! Stay safe" The five red lights go out and the Monaco Grand Prix is GO!! No worries for Ferrari as Raikkonen and Vettel lead a 1-2 into Turn 1, ahead of Bottas. No major incident behind them, as the field snakes its way around the principality for the first time.
Preview: Hello and welcome to the picturesque, almost fairy tale setting of Monte Carlo for the Monaco Grand Prix! The Monaco Grand Prix has been a presence in Grand Prix racing since 1929 and continues to be the jewel in the crown of Formula One to this day. Its narrow confines leave virtually no margin of error for the drivers. So at a track where it is notoriously difficult to overtake, Ferrari made sure they held all the cards for today's race by putting both cars on the front row at the end of a tense qualifying session yesterday. Raikkonen bagged his first pole in 9 years. Vettel was just 0.043 seconds off the pace with the German just 0.002 seconds ahead of Bottas. It was tight at the top end and it spells for a fantastic race, particularly with Hamilton charging from the back in P13. The Red Bulls weren't awfully slow either, adding another element for the weekend. The tyre compounds allocated to the teams this weekend include the ultrasoft, supersoft and soft compounds.
Temp: 26°C
Forecast: Sunny
Track: Dry

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