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Canadian Grand Prix
Race Ended
Circuit Gilles Villeneuve - 9th Jun. - 11th Jun. 2017
Fastest Lap - L.Hamilton 1:14.551
Driver Team Time FLs
1 1
Mercedes1:33:05.154 8 1 25
3 2
Mercedes+19.783 0 1 18
6 3
Red Bull+35.297 0 1 15
2 4
Ferrari+35.907 4 2 12
8 5
Force India+40.476 0 1 10
9 6
Force India+40.716 0 1 8
4 7
Ferrari+58.632 2 2 6
10 8
Renault+60.374 0 1 4
17 9
Williams+1 Lap 0 1 2
14 10
Haas+1 Lap 0 1 1
15 11
Renault+1 Lap 0 1 0
18 12
Haas+1 Lap 0 1 0
19 13
Sauber+1 Lap 0 1 0
16 14
McLaren+1 Lap 0 1 0
20 15
Sauber+2 Laps 0 2 0
11 16
McLaren+4 Laps 0 1 0
13 -
Toro RossoWheel 0 2 0
5 -
Red BullBattery 0 0 0
12 -
  C.Sainz Jr
Toro RossoCollision 0 0 0
7 -
WilliamsCollision 0 0 0
Live Commentary
Summary: A walk in the park for Hamilton as Mercedes takes its first 1-2 of the season. Ricciardo takes his 3rd straight 3rd place and Force India probably rob themselves of a chance of a podium. Vettel limits the damage and continues to lead the championship but Mercedes now are ahead in the constructors'. Stroll will be delighted to open his account, almost as much as Hamilton.

We move to Azerbaijan next in two weeks. Join us then as the see-saw between the Ferrari and Mercedes continues.
Lap 70: The only battle of interest on the final lap will be between the Force Indias. HAMILTON TAKES HIS SIXTH CANADIAN GP WIN. A Mercedes 1-2 ahead of Ricciardo. Perez holds off Ocon's challenge at the final chicane. Local boy Stroll bags his first career points.
Lap 69: Replays. Alonso makes it clear it's the engine.
Lap 68: Yellow flags in sector 2. Alonso is out of the race. Vettel takes Perez at the final chicane. Alonso walks into the stands and throws his gloves into the crowd. He is a king, this fella.
Lap 67: Vettel cut the first chicane in an attempt to catch Perez.
Lap 66: Ocon on the outside of Perez at the final chicane. But fails to make a move. That allows Vettel to catch up. He passes Ocon at Turn 1, the Frenchman taking the grassy patch, as the two are crowded behind Perez.
Lap 65: Catching up is one thing but passing is another. Vettel has work to do. Hamilton with the fastest lap. Probably bored of coasting around. Ocon now attacking Perez as Vettel closes in.
Lap 64: Ferrari on the radio trying to get the problem fixed. Settings change and the like.
Lap 63: Vettel right behind Ocon now.
Lap 62: Energy recovery issues for Kimi, sounds like.
Lap 61: Vettel with the fastest lap and ahead of Raikkonen as well. Replays show Kimi went through the run off in the final chicane. He seems to have a problem.
Lap 60: Alonso has Stroll in his sights. Kimi urged to push on for the podium.
Lap 59: Of course, if Perez lets Ocon by and should the Frenchman pass Ricciardo, it'll make the Mexican look bad.
Lap 58: Kvyat's Toro Rosso is wheeled back in the garage. Alonso in the points.
Lap 57: Hamilton gives a thumbs up to Stroll as the Canadian lets him go by. Perez refuses to abide by Force India's request. He quotes an eventual opportunity.
Lap 56: Force India tell Perez that they will switch positions back should Ocon fail to get past Ricciardo.
Lap 55: Perez refuses to let Ocon through. Reasons he could have a chance to attack Ricciardo. This could allow Ferrari to catch up.
Lap 54: Force India should let Ocon through to attack Ricciardo. Kvyat pits. Serves his 10-sec penalty. Issue with the right-rear tyre. Long wait. Very long. New tyres being brought in. Now he is told to stop the engine.
Lap 53: Vettel with the fastest lap. He has Kimi to contend with first. "How are we doing?" asks Seb. He is told about his quick lap.
Lap 52: Stroll is in the points in tenth. Will he hold on?
Lap 51: "You think we'll get them in the end?" asks Vettel. Affirmative is the reply. Ferrari battling Force India for now.
Lap 50: Vettel pits. The supersofts not holding up, He heads back out on the ultrasofts.
Lap 49: "We're clenching everything that can be clenched," Force India reveals... awkwardly.
Lap 48: Meanwhile, Hamilton coasting at the front. Leads by 10 secs from his teammate, the gap shaved by 2 secs over the last few laps. Red Bull tell Ricciardo that Perez will start to struggle soon, encourage him to hang in there. Remember, the Aussie is on softs and the Mexican on the supersofts.
Lap 47: Stroll now right behind Alonso. The Williams steps ahead on that back straight.
Lap 46: Both Perez and Ocon have made up four places each. New power units for Force India making it work.
Lap 45: Stroll now ahead of Vandoorne at the back straight.
Lap 44: Perez chasing Ricciardo and Ocon staying clear of Vettel. What a day for Force India... so far. Stroll with a lock up. But he closes in on Vandoorne and hassles him at Turn 1.
Lap 43: Stroll passes Grosjean on the back straight. Only in 13th now. Alonso finally pits. Supersofts.
Lap 42: Wehrlein pits. Stroll keeping up with Grosjean. Kimi pits. Ultrasofts on.
Lap 41: Raikkonen can only hope Vettel closes in on Ocon quickly so that the Force India can go defensive.
Lap 40: "Another 0.2 gained by Esteban as he reduces his gap to Kimi to 0.3s," Force India points out. Hamilton is told Vettel is in P7.
Lap 39: Ocon now hounding Kimi. "Kimi's car too has got balance problems after the excursion on the grass at the beginning of the race," tweets Ferrari.
Lap 38: Replay of Raikkonen locking up at the hairpin.
Lap 37: Ferrari reports that Vettel has a damaged floor. Sad emoticon in that Tweet.
Lap 36: Alonso still holding on to a points paying position in P8. He is yet to pit.
Lap 35: "Variation in strategy between the two Mercedes drivers. Both in total control at halfway point," Pirelli states the obvious.
Lap 34: Vettel now chasing Ocon. Alonso reports his car is losing power in the mode he is running.
Lap 33: Enter Ocon. Also supersofts.
Lap 32: Bottas takes a look at Turn 1. Just a look. No lunges. Hamilton pits. Supersofts.
Lap 31: Ocon probably doesn't know he is ahead of a Mercedes. He keeps comfortably ahead.
Lap 30: Vettel now ahead of Alonso for 7th. Main straight is where it happened. Ocon not giving in to Bottas. Magnussen on Kyvat in the last chicane but the Toro Rosso hits back at Turn 1. Fab scrapping!
Lap 29: Bottas closing in on Ocon for P2. Hulkenberg past Magnussen on the back straight and into P9.
Lap 28: "Bottas is pretty much spot on with the optimal fastest strategy we suggested," notes Pirelli. Yeah, but does he have the pace to make it work? Alonso complaining that he isn't been given relevant information over the radio.
Lap 27: Magnussen gets a 5-second penalty for overtaking under the VSC. Replays show he went pass Vandoorne on the main straight.
Lap 26: Hulkenberg hassles Stroll, who holds his own. The Renault gets a better run on the back straight after the two go side by side at the hairpin. Stroll decides to pit. Good show by the rookie teen so far.
Lap 25: Hamilton sets the fastest lap. He is about to pit soon. He should rejoin with no traffic if he pits in the next few laps.
Lap 24: Bottas pits. Slick stop for soft tyres. Hamilton is told that he might be switched on to the soft tyres.
Lap 23: Vettel powers past Magnussen for P8. "Avoid short shift up to 4th (gear)," Alonso is told. "Where? Where am I doing that?" the ever-frustrated Spaniard retorts.
Lap 22: Ocon up to third. He's yet to pit, of course. Raikkonen now ahead of Fernando.
Lap 21: Vettel passes Stroll at the final chicane. Quite comfortably. Perez demotes Alonso to P6.
Lap 20: Vettel up to 10th. He makes a point. Perez pits and rejoins behind Ricciardo.
Lap 19: Ricciardo pits. Soft tyres. That's new! Alonso in the giddy heights of P5. Force India running 3rd and 4th. Stranger things have happened.
Lap 18: Magnussen may have overtaken under the VSC. He is under investigation. Stratgey alert from Pirelli: "Theoretical fastest strategy is a 22 laps on ultrasoft followed by a final stint on soft to the flag. Will be affected by safety cars though."
Lap 17: 3 drivers dicing on the main straight. Stroll gets all heavy on Magnussen and Hulkenberg joins the party. No change of positions though, but very exciting.
Lap 16: Meanwhile, it's a comfortable 1-2 for Mercedes. Bottas trailing by 6 seconds.
Lap 15: Drive through penalty for Kvyat for failing to regain position before safety car line 1 on the formation lap.
Lap 14: VSC ends. Vandoorne and Magussen get side by side. But the Haas stays ahead.
Lap 13: "There's a Ferrari cap under the bridge at Turn 8," reports Magnussen. How did he see that? How? Taking awfully long to take the stricken Red Bull off the track. Currently being pushed back by the marshals.
Lap 12: Hulkenberg pits. A slow stop. Palmer and Ericsson follow suit. Perhaps Vettel should pit and get his Ferrari fixed, what with falling components and all. Replays show the Red Bull just cut out on him.
Lap 11: DISASTER. Verstappen is parking it at Turn 2. VIRTUAL SAFETY CAR is activated.
Lap 10: Make that lead 4 seconds now.
Lap 9: Vettel reports that he has lost a component of the front wing. Meanwhile, Hamilton is a good 3 seconds ahead of Verstappen. That'll be his sixth victory then.
Lap 8: So, Sainz squeezed Grosjean very close on to the grass with the Haas' front left tripping the Toro Rosso and spinning into Massa. That's the evidence from the replays.
Lap 7: Vettel rejoins in 18th. Replays show that Vettel damaged his front wing at Turn 1 by the charging Max. A nice little clip from the Red Bull as he cut the Ferrari off.
Lap 6: Hamilton pulls away. DRS Enabled. Vettel pits for a new front wing and a set of supersofts. That'll probably be his only stop. "Debris between Turns 7 and 8," Hamilton is warned.
Lap 5: Replays show Kimi just ran wide on his own at that corner. "We’re expecting one stop to be the quickest strategy; this safety car period will of course limit tyre wear and degradation," says Pirelli.
Lap 4: Verstappen hounds Hamilton at the restart but the power of the Silver Arrows pulls the pole-sitter away. Bottas then catches up with the teenager but the Red Bull keeps the corner. Raikkonen on the grass as a Force India passes by. This ain't a good race for Ferrari so far.
Lap 3: The Massa and Sainz collision is under investigation. Safety Car is in this lap. Sir Patrick Stewart watches intently from the paddock.
Lap 2: Only Magnussen and Wehrein started on the supersoft tyres. The top 10 on used ultrasofts, the one they used in Q2 to set their fastest time in the leg, and the rest on new ultrasofts. Grosjean and Wehrlein pit. "Lots of debris but both drivers out of their cars," reports Mercedes.
Lap 1: The lights go out and Verstappen gets a screamer of a start and moves up to second! Safety Car: Sainz and Massa have collided at the first chicane, the Toro Rosso spearing into the Williams. Seems the crowded start got Vettel as his Ferrari has suffered front wing damage. Wehrein's qualifying crash led to a new gearbox and rear wing on the German's Sauber. That explains his pit lane start.
Preview: Qualifying was a no-contest as Hamilton blew away the opposition. A splendid effort from Vettel but Lewis remained untouchable. It could be different on Sunday. With Mercedes marginally ahead of Ferrari in long runs, according to practice pace, it looks like a weekend in the bag. But degradation will be key that could bring Vettel back into the fight. All to play for. Join us at 1800 GMT to find out who takes the chequered flag.
Temp: 41°C
Forecast: Sunny
Track: Dry

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