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Azerbaijan Grand Prix
Race Ended
Baku City Circuit - 23rd Jun. - 25th Jun. 2017
Fastest Lap - S.Vettel 1:43.441
Driver Team Time FLs
10 1
Red Bull2:03:55.573 0 4 25
2 2
Mercedes+3.904 4 4 18
8 3
Williams+4.009 0 3 15
4 4
Ferrari+5.976 6 4 12
1 5
Mercedes+6.188 9 4 10
7 6
Force India+30.298 0 4 8
12 7
Haas+41.753 0 3 6
15 8
  C.Sainz Jr
Toro Rosso+49.400 0 3 4
19 9
McLaren+59.551 0 3 2
14 10
Sauber+89.093 0 5 1
17 11
Sauber+91.794 0 3 0
18 12
McLaren+92.160 0 4 0
16 13
Haas+1 Lap 0 5 0
3 14
Ferrari+5 Laps 0 4 0
6 -
Force IndiaRetired 0 4 0
9 -
WilliamsSuspension 0 3 0
13 -
RenaultCrashed Out 0 3 0
5 -
Red BullEngine 1 0 0
11 -
Toro RossoElectronic 0 0 0
20 -
RenaultRetired 0 0 0
Live Commentary
Summary: A crazy, action-packed race at Baku saw Ricciardo score the season's first and unexpected win for Red Bull after Hamilton and Vettel fell behind due to a headrest issue and a penalty respectively. Bottas recovered masterfully to second after falling a lap down earlier while Stroll netted his first podium finish!

Vettel salvaged fourth place ahead of Hamilton. Ocon finished sixth, ahead of Magnussen, Sainz, Alonso and Wehrlein.

Vettel leaves Baku with a 14-point advantage over Hamilton in the driver standings.

That concludes our coverage for the day. Join us again in two weeks' time for the Austrian Grand Prix!
Lap 51: Onto the final lap we go! Can Ricciardo score his first win of the year? Will the much-maligned Stroll show up his detractors with 2nd place? Can Bottas finish on the podium after being a lap down at one stage? We will soon know! RICCIARDO WINS Bottas steals 2nd from Stroll at the line! Vettel holds off Hamilton for 4th.
Lap 50: Hamilton uses DRS to suck himself closer to Vettel's slipstream. Now less than half a second between the two. Grosjean wisely stays clear out of the way at a much reduced pace as the leaders come by.
Lap 49: Bottas closes in a bit on Stroll but at this stage, that is not enough. Bottas on the other hand is being reeled in by Vettel.
Lap 48: Fastest lap again from Vettel but he gets wiggly in Turn 1. Williams try to keep Stroll focused these last 4 laps, "This is very good.. nice and relaxed." Ferrari decide to retire Raikkonen.
Lap 47: Fastest lap from Hamilton. He asks the team if they can get Bottas to slow down a bit so as to put Vettel in his dirty air. How delightfully evil!
Lap 46: Vandoorne team radio: "Points on offer if you can get both Saubers." Vettel sets the fastest lap.
Lap 45: "OK mate, this is brilliant stuff," Ricciardo is encouraged by the team. Stroll team radio: "Okay Lance, we need green sectors every lap now."
Lap 44: "Great drive from Ricciardo and Stroll, the young man doing everything he can. Keep it calm and drive as fast as you can," says 1992 F1 Champion Nigel Mansell. We hear Ericsson was told to let Wehrlein by into 10th as Vandoorne is closing in.
Lap 43: Hamilton goes around the outside of Ocon, who doesn't make it easy, holding ground on the inside but the power advantage of that Mercedes is just too great down the straight.
Lap 42: Vettel leaves it very late on the brakes into Turn 1 but it pays off and sees him through on Ocon for 4th place. Hamilton now looking for a way past the Frenchman.
Lap 41: It was a valiant effort by the team but Perez is ultimately forced to pull in and retire his Force India.
Lap 40: Bottas makes short work of Ocon to recover to 3rd place after being down a lap at one stage in the race. Vettel has closed up on Ocon for 4th place.
Lap 39: Teammates in the news again as the Sauber boys rub tyres. A bit of debris flies up but no major damage to either. No DRS for Hamilton this time as there is a yellow flag in Sector 1.
Lap 38: The new gentler Turn 8 is still a bumpy ride as the cars rise while skipping over it. Magnussen loses 2 positions in the spot where he made up 2 earlier, as Ocon and Bottas storm past in the DRS zone.
Lap 37: Grosjean thinks his brakes are gone. He is currently out of the points in 12th. Meanwhile, the Vettel-Hamilton battle is truly on, with Vettel running a defensive line while Hamilton looks this way and that.
Lap 36: Perez and Raikkonen serve their penalties, ending up in 14th and 15th respectively after it. Vettel attempts to pass Alonso but the latter does not make it easy, which allows Hamilton to take a chance before Vettel is safely through on Alonso.
Lap 35: "10 second penalty is not enough for driving behaviour like that," quips Hamilton, referring to Vettel's penalty. Ricciardo now leads, which is the primary outcome from all of this.
Lap 34: Vettel pits and serves his 10-sec penalty. He rejoins in front of Hamilton however, and Perez too. Drive-through penalty for Raikkonen and Perez for working on the car outside of the fast lane.
Lap 33: Vettel and Hamilton's respective troubles will have Ricciardo beaming his famous smile under that helmet. Currently in 2nd, he is in best position to cash in a victory.
Lap 32: As Hamilton comes in, Vettel receives a 10-sec penalty for his retaliation on Hamilton during the Safety Car period. Hamilton rejoins in 9th positon following his stop to fix the headrest.
Lap 31: Hamilton team radio: "If this thing comes off, what's happening?" "We're just having a look at the moment." The solution comes as a command from the team for him to box this lap.
Lap 30: Sainz loses 7th to Ocon. "Just see if you can pull it back into position on the straight," Mercedes tell Hamilton. The team have a headrest ready and waiting in the pits if it does fly off.
Lap 29: After getting back on the lead lap following the first Safety Car, Bottas has managed to claw his way up to 9th so far but a lot of the drivers surprised to be finding themselves in the top-4 could be next on his list..
Lap 28: Despite Massa's retirement, Williams is looking strong here with Stroll running in 4th place. Hamilton's headrest is starting to shake itself loose. Could that pose a problem before this race is over?
Lap 27: DRS ENABLED Wehrlein team radio: "Can I pass Marcus?" "If you're quicker, yes of course."
Lap 26: Massa's podium hopes go up in smoke as the team decide to retire the car. The officials will look into the work done on Perez and Raikkonen's car during the red flag, whether it was done outside the fast lane.
Lap 25: Magnussen goes three-wide on the inside and passes Hulkenberg and Massa in one go to move up into 5th. Hulkenberg has walloped the wall and that's all she wrote for his suspension. Rear damper issue for Massa, who is visibly struggling now, his Williams bouncing as if held up by pogo stick.
Lap 24: Safety Car pulls off and racing resumes! "Everyone on supersoft for the final sprint. Let's see what happens. All bets are off," says Pirelli.
Lap 23: Following the red flag, the cars come into the pits and line up. "I would like to be a F1 carbon fibre supplier this week. Expensive week for the teams," says ex-Force India driver Paul di Resta. The Turn 16 investigation between Vettel and Hamilton will be investigated by the stewards. Force India has managed to repair and get Perez's car back out on track. Red flag lifted. The fans in stands cheer as Ferrari manage to get Raikkonen's car fixed and back out on track.
Lap 22: The incident between Vettel and Hamilton has been noted by the stewards. RED FLAG due to the sheer amount of debris.
Lap 21: "The car is just pointing to the left massively," says Perez. Raikkonen with a flopping right-rear tyre, caused by the debris, he says. Raikkonen is wheeled back into the garage, as is Perez while Ocon has gone back out.
Lap 20: Hamilton leads into Turn 1 but Vettel has his hands full with Massa, who gets alongside for a couple of corners before Vettel moves ahead again. Behind them, the two Force Indias tangle! SAFETY CAR DEPLOYED.. again. Replays show Ocon just squeezed Perez into the barrier.
Lap 19: Hamilton ponders why the Virtual Safety Car couldn't be used this time around instead of the actual Safety Car. Safety Car IN this lap. Hamilton brakes so hard that Vettel runs into him! That enrages Vettel and he drives into the side of Hamilton while gesticulating at the Brit!
Lap 18: The Safety Car leads the field through the pitlane to avoid the strewn debris. Hamilton is warned he was close to passing the Safety Car before the last restart.
Lap 17: Hamilton guns the throttle and is clear by far while Vettel fends off a feisty Perez for 2nd place. "Front and rear tyre temps are critical," Perez is told. SAFETY CAR DEPLOYED for debris popping out of Raikkonen's car.
Lap 16: The top-9 drivers on track are on the soft tyres. Safety Car IN this lap. Bottas ran over some debris during his wavearound.
Lap 15: Stroll and Hulkenberg, the only two who stayed out during this Safety Car period, have also made their stops. Astoundingly, Kvyat's stricken Toro Rosso has still not been removed from the track.
Lap 14: Verstappen's issues are terminal and he is forced to retire for the 4th time in 6 races. Bottas is currently a lap down but this Safety Car period will put Bottas at the tail end of the lead lap, allowing him to claw his way back toward the front.
Lap 13: Taking advantage of this Safety Car period, Hamilton, Vettel, Raikkonen and Perez pit for soft tyres. Almost everyone came in to pit with the exception of Stroll and Hulkenberg.
Lap 12: "Yea, here we go again," Verstappen says, sounding very deflated. It must be a tough pill to swallow after engine issues put him out of the previous race at Montreal too. SAFETY CAR DEPLOYED Kvyat's stranded Toro Rosso is proving too difficult for the marshals to remove.
Lap 11: Kvyat's Toro Rosso has come to a stop, smoking. Verstappen looks this way and that as he tries to find a way past Perez. A great scrap between these two! But it comes to an end! "Issue with the engine," Verstappen says, as he slows down.
Lap 10: Grosjean team radio: "I just ask for one thing Gary. If the car gets dangerous because of the brakes, please stop me." Vettel finally matches Hamilton's pace with a fastest lap of his own. "We may have a blocked front-right brake duct," Hulkenberg gets the message.
Lap 9: Palmer crawls into the pits with smoke emanating from his Renault. Possible brake issues for the Brit. Alonso moves up into 12th after passing Ericsson on the outside.
Lap 8: "The debris is clear, you are free to race," Ricciardo was told after his stop. No further investigation into the Bottas-Raikkonen incident, say the stewards.
Lap 7: The incident between Bottas and Raikkonen, which was earlier noted by the stewards, is now under investigation. "Ricciardo rolls the dice. He was in ninth with poor race pace, hopes that a switch to soft to go to the finish will shake things up," says Pirelli.
Lap 6: Ricciardo pits early for soft tyres and a bit of repair. He could possibly run to the end without another stop. No further action will be taken about the incident between Sainz and Kvyat.
Lap 5: Grosjean makes an early stop to ditch the softs for supersofts. "I have no battery!" yells Ericsson. "It cannot be the same ****ing guy," was what Raikkonen said after his contact with Bottas.
Lap 4: Vandoorne dives inside Wehrlein for 14th and he gets it but when Alonso tries to follow his teammate through, things get awfully tight between the barriers!
Lap 3: The incident between Raikkonen and Bottas at the start has been noted by the stewards. "I think I may have damage from debris," says Verstappen.
Lap 2: Hamilton pulling away. Only degradation and grip issues can now stop him. Bottas gets into the pit lane for a new nose and tyres. Points now the aim?
Lap 1: The five red lights go out and the Azerbaijan Grand Prix is GO! A clean start but Raikkonen and Bottas collide some corners later. Right after a Toro Rosso spun at Turn 1. A puncture for Bottas. Replays show it was Sainz who just lost the rear, on his own.
Preview: Hello and welcome to the Baku City Circuit for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix! It is the third street race in a row after Monaco and Montreal and only the second running of the event, won by Nico Rosberg last year. Long straights coupled with some very twisty, precarious corners characterize this circuit. A good engine could definitely go a long way here, as Hamilton showed yesterday in qualifying as we saw Driver No. 44 score Pole No. 66. With Vettel P4, it's a great opportunity for Hamilton to turn the tables in the title battle. Long run pace could spell a different story though, offering hope for the Scuderia stable. With a tricky track and the walls closing in, it promises to be an exciting race. The tyre compounds on offer to the teams this weekend are Medium, Soft and Supersoft.
Temp: 28°C
Forecast: Sunny
Track: Dry

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