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Austrian Grand Prix
Race Ended
Red Bull Ring - 7th Jul. - 9th Jul. 2017
Fastest Lap - L.Hamilton 1:07.411
Driver Team Time FLs
1 1
Mercedes1:21:48.523 12 1 25
2 2
Ferrari+0.658 2 1 18
4 3
Red Bull+6.012 0 1 15
8 4
Mercedes+7.430 6 1 12
3 5
Ferrari+20.370 1 1 10
6 6
Haas+73.160 0 1 8
7 7
Force India+1 Lap 0 1 6
9 8
Force India+1 Lap 0 1 4
17 9
Williams+1 Lap 0 1 2
18 10
Williams+1 Lap 0 1 1
16 11
Renault+1 Lap 0 1 0
13 12
McLaren+1 Lap 0 2 0
11 13
Renault+1 Lap 0 1 0
20 14
Sauber+1 Lap 0 1 0
19 15
Sauber+2 Laps 0 1 0
14 16
Toro Rosso+3 Laps 0 3 0
10 -
  C.Sainz Jr
Toro RossoRetired 0 1 0
5 -
Red BullCollision 0 0 0
15 -
HaasRetired 0 0 0
12 -
McLarenCollision 0 0 0
Live Commentary
Summary: Last-minute battles brought excitement to the Austrian Grand Prix, which was otherwise defined by tyre strategy and the might of Valtteri Bottas. The Finn, who was undefeatable during Qualifying, took home his second win of the season and was also declared the driver of the day.

Mercedes leads the Constructors' Championship and Vettel solidified his lead in the Drivers' to 20 points, with 171. Daniel Ricciardo managed to hold off a determined and charging Hamilton right to the very end to take third place.

The madness will continue next weekend at Silverstone. See you there!
Lap 71: The first four drivers have traffic to deal with. Perez seems to be in everyone's way! Ricciardo is trying hold off Hamilton and Seb has Bottas in his sights. BOTTAS WINS! He managed to outsmart Seb there who has to settle for 2nd. Ricciardo manages to stay ahead of Hamilton, just about. That was some last-minute madness.
Lap 70: Bottas has to deal with Vettel, and Ricciardo has Hamilton. Lew tries to go outside, but Ricciardo holds his line.
Lap 69: Seb has lost time behind Perez. But he is getting ready to attack. Ricciardo has to deal with Hamilton who is on a charge. Perez has sort of apologized for holding Seb up. Don't think that will help though.
Lap 68: Vettel now right behind Bottas. They have dispensed with the traffic and are now battling for 1st place.
Lap 67: Looks like Kimi will have to make peace with a 4th place. Lewis' pace is just too formidable towards the closing stages of the race. Mercedes has the edge, there is no doubt.
Lap 66: Hamilton is 1.5s behind Ricciardo and clocks in the fastest lap. He wants that podium.
Lap 65: 10 seconds between the top four cars. The gap between Seb and Bottas is down to 1.9s. Checo talking about a drop of rain.
Lap 64: Hamilton, Kimi, Ricciardo, Vettel and Bottas have all beaten Michael Schumacher's lap record.
Lap 63: The gaps are decreasing. Bottas' lead is down to 2.5s. Meanwhile, Hamilton is just 1.3s behind Ricciardo.
Lap 62: Another fastest lap with 1:07.511s for Hamilton who is also complaining of blistering.
Lap 61: The gap between Kimi and Hamilton has increased now to 12.3s.
Lap 60: Hamilton goes fastest with 1:07.571 now. He has smashed the lap record. Massa pressurizing Ocon.
Lap 59: Hamilton is catching Ricciardo who has been running a quiet race in 3rd place. Gap down to 2.4s
Lap 58: Bottas being told to be careful. Meanwhile, Kimi goes in too deep at T1 while passing Palmer, losing a few seconds doing that.
Lap 57: Vettel has shaved a little more time off Bottas' lead but the Finn manages to increase the gap by a bit. The chase continues.
Lap 56: Kimi sets the new lap record at the Austrian GP with 1.07.680s
Lap 55: Massa is hunting Ocon. Kimi clocks in the fastest lap on his supersofts. We weren't expecting that.
Lap 54: Ferrari tells Seb that it could rain towards the end of the race. That should spice things up a bit. A quick look at the skies and the clouds do look a little ominous.
Lap 53: The road is clear ahead of Vettel. Bottas is still 3.8s ahead. But Seb is catching up. Slowly does it. This is a long race.
Lap 52: Hamilton admits he is struggling. Not very good news. His tyres are giving him problems. Another stop?
Lap 51: The Force Indias have a speedy Massa to deal with.
Lap 50: Vettel takes two-tenths out of Bottas. Also fastest lap.
Lap 49: A drive through for Stoff. He rejoins in 12th
Lap 48: Massa switches to ultrasofts and gets ready to chase the Force Indias.
Lap 47: Vettel is 4.5s behind Bottas. Massa is quite speedy and pits. Sainz on the radio: "What a glorious race." Dripping sarcasm as he retires.
Lap 46: Looks like Sainz is in trouble. Box, box, he is told.
Lap 45: Kimi goes into the pits. Vettel takes his 2nd place, and Kimi rejoins behind Hamilton in the 5th place. Vandoorne gets a drive-through penalty for ignoring blue flags.
Lap 44: Here comes Bottas now, passing Kimi. That was a clean pass on the outside. The Mercedes pulls away almost immediately.
Lap 43: Bottas is all over Kimi. A mere 0.5s between the two.
Lap 42: The race leader pits and heads out just behind Kimi but in front of Vettel.
Lap 41: That little moment with Checo cost Bottas. Vettel could catch up. Bottas tells his team there's not much left in the tyres. Getting ready to pit. Curious conversation between Hamilton and his team: For some reason, he thought he was being investigated. No, it's Stoff Vandoorne, he is told.
Lap 40: Kimi is now 20s behind Bottas.
Lap 39: Hamilton says the back end of the car doesn't feel too great. Vandoorne under investigation for ignoring blue flags, it seems.
Lap 38: Bottas is obviously on a different strategy. He hasn't pitted as yet. Those ultrasofts are doing their job well.
Lap 37: Perez pits and rejoins right in front of Bottas. A little confusion though. Instead of giving way, he very nearly blocks him. But manages to give way a little ahead. Perhaps he didn't see the Finn?
Lap 36: Bottas has not pitted yet. Still keeping pace and staying ahead.
Lap 35: Vettel pits as well and rejoins on supersofts, behind Kimi at 3rd.
Lap 34: Ricciardo comes in to the pits and goes in for supersofts. He rejoins ahead of Hamilton. Hamilton breaks Michael Schumacher's lap record from 2003. Clocks in 1.07.867.
Lap 33: Bottas has increased the gap to 8s now. Vettel is talking about vibrations in his tyres.
Lap 32: Hamilton pits and rejoins the race. He is now on ultra-soft tyres.
Lap 31: K-Mag pits and retires. Pity, he certainly had the pace. Hydraulics it seems like.
Lap 30: Looks like Kevin Mag's race is coming to an end. Smoke from the back of the car!
Lap 29: The battle between Hamilton and Kimi is still on.
Lap 28: It's obvious that today's race has Bottas as the king. Vettel has just not managed to catch up to the Mercedes.
Lap 27: Ricciardo it seems is running a quiet race. Not a peep from him so far.
Lap 26: Hamilton still on the chase. Bottas has managed to increase the gap to 7.8s
Lap 25: Back to that Bottas start mystery: Apparently he moved 0.2s as the lights went out. He's auditioning for the role of Flash, it seems. And he will not be penalized.
Lap 24: Kimi has managed to hold off Hamilton so far, but not for long, we think. Bottas is busy being all speedy.
Lap 23: Bottas' ultrasoft tyres are obviously working really, really well. Another fastest lap for him. Over 7s ahead of Vettel. Hamilton asked to manage his left-front brake temperature.
Lap 22: Hamilton is still on the chase. DRS open, and he is nearly there. Bottas clocks fastest lap. Hamilton tries to make a pass, but not yet. Kimi manages to stay ahead, just about.
Lap 21: Hamilton has blistering pace. He is waiting to catch Kimi. And here he comes right on the Finn's tail.
Lap 20: A battle for 10th has begun between Stroll and Magnussen. Let's see who wins it.
Lap 19: Good news for Hamilton who is catching up. Raikkonen's rear views will be full of silver soon.
Lap 18: Kimi is saying there is a blister on his front tyre.
Lap 17: Hamilton is slowly catching up to Kimi. Bottas has meanwhile extended his gap by over 5 secs.
Lap 16: Kimi seems to be struggling. No news of any penalty for Bottas. Looks like he just had a great start. Hulkenberg pitted and changed to softs. Seems like it's going to be a one stop race for him.
Lap 15: Hamilton is a bit concerned about the grip on the back
Lap 14: Pirelli: "We're expecting one stop to be the optimal strategy; supersoft to soft being the theoretical quickest choice."
Lap 13: Kimi to his team complaining about a problem, it seems.
Lap 12: Max is back in the pits talking about the contact. What a pity for the sea fans all in red waiting to see him race.
Lap 11: Kvyat makes his drive through now even as Bottas clocks in his fastest lap. The big mystery: Was that a jumpstart for Bottas?
Lap 10: Drive-through penalty for Kvyat for causing a collision that took out Alonso and Max.
Lap 9: Hamilton wins the battle against Grosjean and is hunting Kimi down.
Lap 8: Ricciardo's tyres are at their peak temperature now.
Lap 7: Hamilton is now busy chasing Grosjean. Grosjean's t-wing is acting a tad unusual. More flexi than usual.
Lap 6: Kvyat under investigation for causing the first-lap incident.
Lap 5: Was that a jumpstart from Bottas? Vettel has been talking about it over the radio. It has been noted by stewards. The Finn is trying to get away though, clocks in the fastest lap.
Lap 4: Replay of the start: Kvyat carried too much speed into Turn 1, braked hard but slid in to Alonso, who was thrown at Max. Torpedo strikes again!
Lap 3: Vettel clocks in the fastest lap.
Lap 2: Raikkonen and Grosjean battle it out. Alonso pits. The first corner collision will become clearer with replay. Meanwhile, Max has been asked to retire. Alonso walks off as well.
Lap 1: The lights go off and the race is a go. Bottas makes a clean getaway. But Hamilton gets upped by Force India. Verstappen had a problem at the start and his car is groaning its way across the track. There seems to have been a collision of sorts.
Preview: Welcome to race-day Sunday at the legendary Red Bull Ring in Spielberg, Austria. Valtteri Bottas will be starting from pole—his second so far, followed by championship leader Sebastian Vettel. Bad luck dogs arch-rival Lewis Hamilton who may have taken third place during qualifying, but also collected a five-place gearbox penalty that will see him start from 8th on the grid. It's not ideal, as the Brit is fighting for championship points on a track that is difficult for overtaking. He will also have formidable racers to get past, from Kimi Raikkonen to Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen. Let the battle commence! The race starts at 12 pm GMT.
Temp: 48°C
Forecast: Overcast
Track: Dry

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