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British Grand Prix
Race Ended
Silverstone Circuit - 14th Jul. - 16th Jul. 2017
Fastest Lap - L.Hamilton 1:30.621
Driver Team Time FLs
1 1
Mercedes1:21:27.430 8 1 25
9 2
Mercedes+14.063 5 1 18
2 3
Ferrari+36.570 1 2 15
4 4
Red Bull+52.125 0 2 12
18 5
Red Bull+65.955 0 1 10
5 6
Renault+68.109 0 1 8
3 7
Ferrari+93.989 1 2 6
7 8
Force India+1 Lap 0 1 4
6 9
Force India+1 Lap 0 1 2
13 10
Williams+1 Lap 0 1 1
8 11
McLaren+1 Lap 0 1 0
15 12
Haas+1 Lap 0 1 0
10 13
Haas+1 Lap 0 2 0
17 14
Sauber+1 Lap 0 1 0
11 15
Toro Rosso+1 Lap 0 3 0
14 16
Williams+1 Lap 0 2 0
16 17
Sauber+1 Lap 0 3 0
19 -
McLarenRetired 0 1 0
12 -
  C.Sainz Jr
Toro RossoCollision 0 0 0
11 -
RenaultDid Not Start 0 0 0
Live Commentary
Summary: Lewis Hamilton puts on a dominating show to lead from lights to flag. Fastest lap too. It's his 5th Grand Slam, and his 4th straight British GP win. The momentum has now shifted from Ferrari and Vettel to Mercedes and Hamilton. This should set the tone in the second half of the championship.

Join us again in two weeks' time for the Hungarian GP, where Hamilton could take the championship lead.
Lap 51: "This is really unbelievable," tweets Ferrari. Vettel heads to the pits after limping around the track. HAMILTON CRUISES TO WIN HIS 5th BRITISH GRAND PRIX. Bottas makes it a Mercedes 1-2. Ricciardo is past Hulkenberg and Vettel crosses the line in P7 to keep championship lead.
Lap 50: Verstappen pits too. Not sure why. Vettel's left-front gets a puncture! "Never over till it's over," tweets Mansell "Strange both Ferraris had problems."
Lap 49: "A lot of de-rates," reports Hulkenberg. Team confirms there's a problem. Riccairdo sniffs it. Raikkonen's left-front tyre has a shred. He lets Bottas through and pits moments later.
Lap 48: Ricciardo is urged on in his pursuit of Hulkenberg. Team confident the Aussie will take the Renault.
Lap 47: Raikkonen complains about some settings while Bottas pounds on the fastest lap behind him. 5.3 secs between the two. It'll be a fight to the... Finnish.
Lap 46: Grosjean tries to pass Ericsson but his left-rear and the Sauber's right-front touch throwing the Haas off track and into the grass. "Unbelievable," moans Romain.
Lap 45: Vettel reports he has "no more front" and some blistering. He has dropped 3.5 secs behind Bottas in just one lap! "It's fun I guess but not a fan of DRS ,good driving from both drivers," says 1992 champion Nigel Mansell, referring to Bottas' pass on Vettel.
Lap 44: Bottas powers past Vettel down the Hangar Straight. "Minimal talking!" the Finn replies when the pit wall eggs him on.
Lap 43: Bottas tries on the outside at Stowe, but Vettel pushes him wide. Vettel locks up heavily in the subsequent corner.
Lap 42: Verstappen reports his left-front tyre is "giving up." Vettel locks up at Club. Bottas closes in...
Lap 41: Bottas now the fastest man on track.
Lap 40: Vettel obviously has to fend off Bottas first.
Lap 39: Will Ferrari ask Raikkonen to let Vettel through? That's a potential win should Hamilton were to retire.
Lap 38: Hamilton reports that his tyres are blistered. Pace on next few laps will tell us the extent of his struggles.
Lap 37: Magnussen continues to lead the Force India duo, like a loving duck-mum leads her obedient ducklings.
Lap 36: Ricciardo past Magnussen on the start-finish straight.
Lap 35: Ricciardo takes Perez on the outside. This was at Brooklands.
Lap 34: Alonso told to box and retire. Nothing new.
Lap 33: Daniel and Valtteri pit.
Lap 32: Ricciardo and Bottas are yet to stop. So they are likely to fall back.
Lap 31: As it stands, it's a Mercedes 1-2, Ferrari 3-4 and a Red Bull 5-6.
Lap 30: Hamilton currently the fastest man out there.
Lap 29: Kvyat is sent out again. No issue then? Vijay Mallya on the pit wall, his only race attendance of the season.
Lap 28: Something loose in the cockpit, reports Kimi. Someone kept a spanner in there? Some dark clouds around the edges of the track. Kvyat suspects a broken suspension. He is told to box.
Lap 27: Magnussen pulling the Force India pair behind him.
Lap 26: 2.3-sec stop for Lewis. He is out on softs. Hamilton rejoins just ahead of Bottas. "And that was closer on exit than we might have liked!!" Mercedes says. The No. 44 car pulls away before the lap is done. No team orders needed at Mercedes.
Lap 25: Raikkonen heads to the pits. Softs. 2.5-sec stop. "Box, box. Box, box," Lewis is told.
Lap 24: Bottas goes fastest. Despite a lock up.
Lap 23: Raikkonen the slowest in the top 5. Not sure why he is still out there and not pitting.
Lap 22: Not so bad. Seb passes the Hulk, at Stowe. Bottas ups his pace, knowing he has to up the current 16-sec gap for his pit buffer.
Lap 21: "What happened there at the stop?" asks Verstappen. Wheel nut issue, he is told. Vettel has caught Hulkenberg now. This can't be good for the Ferrari driver.
Lap 20: Verstappen told to pit. He is informed he will be battling Vettel when he is out. Slow stop for Max. Left rear. Fractions. 3.4sec stop. Vettel streaks ahead out on track as the Red Bull, on softs, rejoins.
Lap 19: Vettel radios that Max has been moving under braking. Seb pits. Switches from supersoft to softs. Ricciardo takes Massa... yep, under braking at Stowe.
Lap 18: Another attempt at Stowe and beyond. Status quo between Max and Seb. "Apparently risk of rain has gone now in the race," reports Pirelli. "So should be a slick tyre duel to the finish."
Lap 17: Mercedes busy Tweeting about Verstappen v Vettel battle. All seems fine up front. Kvyat reports a light drizzle.
Lap 16: Vettel with a mistake at Village. No wonder he has dropped further back and in to Bottas's target. Trying too hard...
Lap 15: Replays show that Vettel pushed Max wide after Stowe and Max just returned the favour. Another attempt at Stowe. Too far away from the Ferrari. Bottas now catching up with Vettel.
Lap 14: Seb takes Max at Stowe... but the Red Bull fights back at Club. The Ferrari pushed out wide. We can assume some explicit words have been uttered.
Lap 13: Vettel now 10 secs behind Hamilton. Ricciardo past Stroll. Clean move.
Lap 12: Ricciardo takes Alonso under braking at Stowe. That Honda huffing out of breath at the end of the Hangar Straight. Vettel has a look at Verstappen at the end of the Hangar Straight. Not enough. Just a look.
Lap 11: Considerable gaps across the field. Just a few making inroads. Riccairdo for one. The Aussie is currently following Alonso.
Lap 10: Kvyat serves his penalty. Bottas the highest runner on the soft tyres. Currently in P5.
Lap 9: Verstappen clearly holding up a quicker Vettel now. Raikkonen nearly a second faster than his teammate on the last lap. Kvyat gets a drive through for rejoining the track unsafely.
Lap 8: "Ahem. Alonso up 7 places," 1996 champion Damon Hill notes. Kvyat told he may have a broken floor. Ricciardo making up places, he takes Magnussen for 14th.
Lap 7: DRS Enabled. Hamilton some 1.8 secs ahead of Kimi. Ericsson and Wehrlein make slight contact with their front wings as they jostle for position. Bottas takes Hulkenberg under braking at Stowe.
Lap 6: Ricciardo goes wide as he exits Luffield and into the gravel at Woodcote. He loses 5 positions with that.
Lap 5: Hamilton pulls away from Kimi, despite reminders to watch out for the home boy's wily restart tactics.
Lap 4: Marshalls sweeping debris off. Pit stops done for Kvyat and Wehrein so far, the Sauber coming in twice. "Soft tyre runners will aim to go longer than supersoft starters to gain track position. But it will all depend on degradation of supersoft," highlights Pirelli. Safety car in this lap.
Lap 3: The collision will be investigated by the stewards.
Lap 2: Yellow flags. Kvyat and Sainz come together at Becketts swirling the Spaniard out of the race. SAFETY CAR deployed. Kvyat still on track.
Lap 1: Palmer has dropped out on the formation lap with a braking issue. Start aborted. One more formation lap as the stricken Renault is recovered. "Loss of hydraulic pressure on Jolyon's car," report Renault. The five red lights go out... and the British Grand Prix is GO! Vettel's right rear brake drum was "on fire" ahead of the start. But it's a clean getaway for all! Hamilton leads from Raikkonen at Turn 1. Verstappen hassles Vettel and gets into P3.
Preview: Hello and welcome to the British Grand Prix. Lewis Hamilton starts from pole position from the Ferrari duo setting us up for what should be a cracker of a race. Find out who leads at Turn 1 and who takes the chequered flag right here. Race starts at 1200 GMT on Sunday.
Temp: 21°C
Forecast: Overcast
Track: Dry

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