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Hungarian Grand Prix
Race Ended
Hungaroring - 28th Jul. - 30th Jul. 2017
Fastest Lap - F.Alonso 1:20.182
Driver Team Time FLs
1 1
Ferrari1:39:46.713 5 1 25
2 2
Ferrari+0.908 0 1 18
3 3
Mercedes+12.462 2 1 15
4 4
Mercedes+12.885 0 1 12
5 5
Red Bull+13.276 1 1 10
7 6
McLaren+71.223 1 1 8
9 7
  C.Sainz Jr
Toro Rosso+1 Lap 0 1 6
13 8
Force India+1 Lap 0 1 4
11 9
Force India+1 Lap 0 1 2
8 10
McLaren+1 Lap 0 1 1
16 11
Toro Rosso+1 Lap 0 1 0
10 12
Renault+1 Lap 0 1 0
15 13
Haas+1 Lap 0 1 0
17 14
Williams+1 Lap 0 1 0
18 15
Sauber+2 Laps 0 2 0
20 16
Sauber+2 Laps 0 2 0
12 17
Renault+3 Laps 0 2 0
19 -
  P.di Resta
WilliamsRetired 0 1
14 -
HaasRetired 0 1 0
6 -
Red BullCollision 0 0 0
Live Commentary
Summary: Sebastian Vettel takes his 46th career win and extends his championship lead to 14 points from the honourable Lewis Hamilton. It's clear that the Mercedes doesn't quite cut it on the slower circuits. But with Spa and Monza next on the calendar, the Silver Arrows could look forward to comfortably bounce back.

A mid-season break follows before the paddock convenes again in Belgium on August 27. Enjoy the break!
Lap 70: Magnussen gets a 5-second penalty for pushing Hulkenberg out of the track a few laps earlier. Hamilton slowing down, presumably to give Bottas his position back. VETTEL TAKES THE WIN. RAIKKONEN MAKES ITS A 1-2. Hamilton gives Bottas the position back to drop back to P4 as the two exit the final corner. Jittery stuff. ALONSO GETS THE FASTEST LAP!
Lap 69: Hulkenberg goes to the pits to retire. Wonder if his floor is damaged from that off at Turn 2.
Lap 68: Status quo in positions. Looks like there won't be a banzai moment in the final laps. Except perhaps by Verstappen, if he can get a wee bit closer.
Lap 67: Tricky place for Mercedes. Hamilton is 7.7 secs ahead of Bottas, who has Verstappen on his tail. Exchanging positions will be very risky.
Lap 66: No overtakings still. "Oh dear," exclaims Martin Brundle. "The very worst of the 2018 F1 aero regulations showing up right now. The fix is, unload the upper surfaces, load up the underfloor."
Lap 65: Vettel takes another backmarker at Turn 1.
Lap 64: Verstappen about half a second quicker on the last lap. The Finn is in danger of losing P3, even if Hamilton fails to make up another position. Remember, the Mercedes drivers were to swap position should Lewis fail to pass Kimi.
Lap 63: Paul's comeback ends. Meanwhile, Vettel is past Ocon, another backmarker. So making ground the leading Ferrari.
Lap 62: Di Resta is told that there's a problem with the car. He is told to pit and retire.
Lap 61: Vandoorne will be the next backmarker to come into the picture. Hulkenberg tries to take Kevin on the outside at Turn 2 but the Haas pushes the Renault wide into the grass. The Hulk will be mad.
Lap 60: Hamilton is quick around the track, but not enough on the final corner and the main straight.
Lap 59: No DRS moves on the main-straight. Hamilton makes a small mistake at Turn 5, a bit of a slap and he loses a few tenths.
Lap 58: The Ferrari duo are ahead of Magnussen now. So that's the immediate traffic taken care of. But Hamilton has closed up to Kimi.
Lap 57: Vettel catching Hulkenberg, who steps out of the way at Turn 2. Verstappen goes wide on to the kerbs at Turn 11. "Front calipers reaching the limit," Hamilton is told but with a bonus message of letting him attack for 5 more laps.
Lap 56: Magnussen is trying to keep Hulkenberg behind him, with the two being caught up be the leading trio.
Lap 55: Vettel and Raikkonen clear Kvyat, the first of the set of three backmarkers. Hamilton past the Toro Rosso as well.
Lap 54: Hamilton has seemingly backed off a bit. Vettel now catching backmarkers.
Lap 53: Raikkonen has caught up with Vettel, now within DRS range.
Lap 52: "Getting really hard get close," reports Hamilton. The dirty air Lewis is running behind is helping Kimi. "OK, Lewis. You've got five laps to make something out of this," Mercedes affirms. "No pressure, man," replies Hamilton. Hulkenberg tries to take Magnussen at Turn 1... but the Renault can't make it stick.
Lap 51: Valtteri told to push as well.
Lap 50: "Lewis will let you go by if he can't get past Raikkonen," Bottas is told.
Lap 49: Kimi is told to push as Lewis closes in. Raikkonen isn't sure if he can hold the Mercedes back.
Lap 48: Hamilton eating into the Ferrari gap. Hulkenberg's pit stop goes all pear shaped. The front-right gun failed. Replaced but too much time.
Lap 47: Hamilton a second faster than the Ferrari duo on the last lap.
Lap 46: Hamilton through. He is released as Bottas lifts off and goes wide at Turn 1 to let his teammate through. The chase is on.
Lap 45: "We've never been so pleased to hear (Lewis)," tweets Mercedes.
Lap 44: Top five in the same position as they started. Hamilton's radio is back up. Requests for Bottas give him way. "I've got a lot of pace, let me use it," he says. "I don't know why the Ferraris are slow. This radio stuff sucks, my last tyres were perfect, I could have kept going."
Lap 43: And he does. Max in the pits. He stops, and serves his penalty as well. Hamilton the fastest driver in the top four. Slow stop for Vandoorne. The front tyre refusing to come off, as Stof slightly overshoots the mark.
Lap 42: Verstappen likely to pit any time soon.
Lap 41: Verstappen exploiting his run in clean air, his lead worth 10.4 seconds. But he is yet to pit. Remember, he is also to serve a 10-sec penalty.
Lap 40: Hamilton clearly the quicker Mercedes driver, but can't find the door through Bottas.
Lap 39: The Ferrari drivers are matching pace. Wonder if Seb still has that steering problem. Or if Kimi has just found his pace, for once.
Lap 38: Alonso lunges at Turn 1 and gets ahead... only for Sainz to take it back as they turn in. Alonso goes wide at Turn 2 and around Sainz to take the position. Clean racing.
Lap 37: Alonso now hounding Sainz. The McLaren goes over the chicane at Turn 6. Trying to hard to get ahead. Hamilton now hassling Bottas.
Lap 36: The Spaniards pit. Sainz manages to stay ahead after a tight stop.
Lap 35: "I had the speed to stay out," complains Kimi. Not happy with the timing of his stop. Alonso has closed in on Sainz. Battle impending. The Toro Rosso struggling on its rubber.
Lap 34: Kimi pits. He rejoins behind Seb. Only just. Backup radio for Mercedes. But no cigar there. "OK Lewis, no joy on the back-up radio," as the work continues.
Lap 33: Vettel pits. It's an okay stop. 3 seconds stationary. The No. 5 car has a bit of a lock up at Turn 1 after exiting the pit lane. Cold tyres. Raikkonen loses his cool behind a backmarker. It's di Resta. An expletive follows. "If he can't see me behind him than he should stay in the reporting," fumes Kimi over the radio.
Lap 32: "Fronts are not in a healthy state," reports Vettel. Hamilton pits. Crunch time. He rejoins a few seconds behind Bottas, who is currently stuck behind Wehrlein. The Sauber moves out of the way a few corners later. Ferrari prepare for a stop.
Lap 31: "Not to fret about radio problems guys," tweets Mercedes. "Just setting a precaution in case we do have anymore interruptions." Bottas pits for softs. Bit slow as the front jack refused to come off cleanly.
Lap 30: "I'm stuck now behind Seb," reports Kimi, who has been the faster Ferrari driver over the last few laps.
Lap 29: Vettel's last lap wasn't so good. Hamilton about six-tenths quicker there. Raikkonen has closed the gap, keeping the Finn in contention for a win.
Lap 28: Hulkenberg now on the back of Ocon. The Renault the faster car between the two.
Lap 27: Meanwhile, Mercedes' IT issues continue as another radio check is done.
Lap 26: Seb's onboard shows that he kept the steering askew to the left on the main straight. So that's definitely a problem.
Lap 25: Vettel radios to "check the steering," suggesting he could pit soon. Unless it's something that can be fixed from the pit wall. "It's hanging to the left when I'm on the straight," the German reports. "I think it's getting worse."
Lap 24: No one within DRS range, a procession ensues.
Lap 23: Vettel has pulled a good enough gap to drop to only P5 should he pit anytime soon, rejoining behind Hamilton.
Lap 22: Romain has been told to stop the car. Crossed wheelnut the reason. That could be a penalty or a fine for the team. The Haas parks it in the run off, pushed back to safety by the marshalls as the yellow flag waves briefly.
Lap 21: Grosjean heading into the pits. He moves to the soft tyres. Slow puncture the cause of the early stop.
Lap 20: Ricciardo reiterates in his TV interview that Verstappen is a "[expletive] sore loser." But admits his comment was laced with emotion.
Lap 19: Hulkenberg gets past teammate Palmer at Turn 1, moving through on the inside. Looks like a team order.
Lap 18: Race control gets back with this: No further action on the Alonso and Sainz incident.
Lap 17: Ferrari is ruling Hungaroring today. We were expecting though, going by Vettel's Qualifying mastery.
Lap 16: The Alonso and Sainz incident is now under investigation Race control is certainly busy today.
Lap 15: Hamilton is in 5th place. He was worrying about tyre wear at the starting grid. Let's see how that pans out over the course of the race.
Lap 14: Vettel sitting pretty at the top and busy extending his lead on Kimi.
Lap 13: No action will be taken in the incident between Grosjean and Hulkenberg says Race Control. DRS Enabled.
Lap 12: Kimi seems to be catching up on Vettel. Vettel has won nine of the last 10 races he's started from pole. So, don't celebrate Kimi's pace just as yet.
Lap 11: Team asks Hamilton do a radio check because of some IT problems in the garage.
Lap 10: Race control has taken note of the collision between Sainz and Alonso. Alonso says he was left with no space and was pushed on to the gravel!
Lap 9: Vettel is now 2.8s ahead of Kimi. Too soon to talk about a win. But it is possible on this track!
Lap 8: Vettel clocks in the fastest lap. Still comfortable in the lead. The Grosjean-Hulkenberg collision is under investigation. The Williams continue to struggle as they have throughout this weekend and are way at the bottom.
Lap 7: Alonso is in 7th place. Surprise, surprise. He had a bit of a battle with Perez but managed to stay ahead of Force India. 10-second penalty for Verstappen for causing a collision.
Lap 6: The race is a go! And Hamilton attacks immediately moving up to 4th but Verstappen strikes back to take back his spot. Vettel and Kimi are still safe at 1-2.
Lap 5: The Safety Car has put a bit of a damper on the first few laps. But better safe than sorry!
Lap 4: The Safety Car is still out as are the brooms. The cars weave to avoid the oily patch. Replays show Hulkenberg and Grosjean also made contact at Turn 1. The Frenchman is not happy.
Lap 3: Replay: Verstappen went into the corner too hot, locked up at Turn 2 and made contact with Ricciardo. No scrape this. Hamilton had what felt like a tardy start and got pushed back by the Red Bulls, but thanks to that contact, is back up to 5th.
Lap 2: Ricciardo scrambles out of the car even as it leaks fluid all over track on the straight after Turn 3.
Lap 1: The lights go off and the race is a go! It's boiling out on the track and the first lap is crucial. Vettel manages to get in front and Hamilton has been pushed back to 5th. Verstappen and Ricciardo make contact and Ricciardo is sitting pretty on track. SAFETY CAR! Already!!!
Preview: Welcome to Hungaroring and strap in for what is sure to be a fantastic race. Sebastian Vettel shrugged off the blues during Qualifying and is on pole, followed by Kimi Raikkonen and Valtteri Bottas. Rival and title contender Lewis Hamilton starts from fourth. Expect one to two pit stops depending on tyre degradation, predicts Pirelli. Check back in for the race at 12pm GMT on Sunday.
Temp: 31°C
Forecast: Sunny
Track: Dry

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