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Belgian Grand Prix
Race Ended
Spa-Francorchamps - 25th Aug. - 27th Aug. 2017
Fastest Lap - S.Vettel 1:46.577
Driver Team Time FLs
1 1
Mercedes1:24:42.820 6 2 25
2 2
Ferrari+2.358 3 2 18
6 3
Red Bull+10.791 0 2 15
4 4
Ferrari+14.471 0 3 12
3 5
Mercedes+16.456 2 2 10
7 6
Renault+28.087 0 2 8
11 7
Haas+31.553 0 2 6
16 8
Williams+36.649 0 2 4
9 9
Force India+38.154 0 3 2
13 10
  C.Sainz Jr
Toro Rosso+39.447 0 2 1
15 11
Williams+48.999 0 2 0
19 12
Toro Rosso+49.940 0 2 0
14 13
Renault+53.239 0 2 0
20 14
McLaren+57.078 0 2 0
12 15
Haas+67.626 0 3 0
17 16
Sauber+69.711 0 3 0
8 17
Force India+2 Laps 1 3 0
10 -
McLarenRetired 0 1 0
18 -
SauberRetired 0 0 0
5 -
Red BullRetired 0 0 0
Live Commentary
Summary: Only 7 points now separate Vettel and Hamilton in the championship as Lewis keeps the Ferrari at bay at Spa. It was an impressive show by the Scuderia but it won't be enough if they have to challenge the Silver Arrows, even in the fight for the drivers' title.

The next race is a stage where Ferrari needs to show that it can get ahead convincingly. Join us again next week for the Maranello-based team's home race, the Italian GP.
Lap 44: Last lap. 1.8 secs. Just too much for Vettel. Lewis crosses the finish line to take the Belgian Grand Prix. Seb is second but Ricciardo is an impressive third!
Lap 43: "Box, box." Perez is told to retire the car. Hamilton opens up the gap even more. 1.8 secs.
Lap 42: Vettel with the fastest lap. A new lap record! But the German driver can't quite close in on the German car.
Lap 41: "Temperatures have stabilised," Hamilton is told. He is asked just to manage his tyres.
Lap 40: This race seems to have settled at the front. Hamilton now controlling the pace.
Lap 39: Hamilton has found his mojo again. Those tyres cooled enough perhaps.
Lap 38: "Rear temps are coming up," reports Hamilton. Vettel has closed the gap a bit, consequently.
Lap 37: Ricciardo has to worry about the two Finns behind him, both faster than Red Bull.
Lap 36: Hamilton in mighty mode as he pulls a 1.3 sec gap on the softs. Vettel's ultras failing to deliver. Replays show Magnussen nearly ran in the back of Grosjean at the Bus Stop at the restart, taking evasive action at the last moment and veering into the run off. All safe.
Lap 35: Bottas crowded by the Ricciardo and Kimi at the restart at the Kemmel straight, the Mercedes in the middle of the two. Bottas has to brake late but gets it too late and goes across the run off at Les Combes. P5 for Bottas as Ricciardo takes advantage.
Lap 34: Racing resumes. It's close between Lewis and Seb, the Ferrari closes in as they exit La Source. Vettel gets a better exit and gets side by side on the Kemmel straight, but he is on the outside and no match for the Mercedes power. Hamilton maintains lead.
Lap 33: "Why is this safety car driver so slow?" asks Hamilton, perhaps worried about his soft tyres and Vettel's ultras. SAFETY CAR IN THIS LAP. The Force India clash will be investigated.
Lap 32: Replays show the rear jack didn't function efficiently on Vettel's car, slowing the stop. "Why have they got the safety car out? This is ridiculous!" questions Hamilton. He is told about the debris from the Force India clash.
Lap 31: Front runners pit. Vettel takes the ultras, Hamilton a fresh set of softs.
Lap 30: Ocon tries on the outside at La Source, the two then get side by side as they exit the corner, Ocon losing a part of his front wing. The touch! As the exit Eau Rouge and into Radilliion. Right-rear puncture for Perez and he limps around the track on three wheels. Safety car deployed for debris on track. Pit stops galore.
Lap 29: Force India duo banging wheels at Les Combes and beyond. Both safe. Perez stays ahead. "Why did you pit him before?" asks Ocon. He is told about Perez's penalty.
Lap 28: Replays show Alonso and Palmer exchanging paint after exiting Les Combes. The Briton complaining that he was pushed off the track.
Lap 27: Vettel has responded to Bottas' pace, the duo maintaining gaps in the last four laps.
Lap 26: Perez pits, and serves his penalty. Alonso coasting, heading back to the pits. Pushed back to the garage. His misery is over.
Lap 25: A DRS pass by Raikkonen on Hulkenberg on Kemmel.
Lap 24: Bottas with the fastest lap, aiding him to close the gap by eight-tenths in the last four laps to Vettel.
Lap 23: It's been marginal between Hamilton and Vettel, the former with the micro-advantage.
Lap 22: Halfway mark. Hamilton pulling away a bit, by three tenths with that last lap.
Lap 21: Vettel continues to keep in touch with Hamilton at the front. Wonder if the Merc is controlling the pace or if the Ferrari is holding back.
Lap 20: Perez gets a 5-sec time penalty for cutting the track and gaining an advantage.
Lap 19: Hamilton has responded, opening up about a 1.5 sec gap to Vettel. Perhaps he was taking it easier that allowed Vettel to close in.
Lap 18: 10 seconds stop and go penalty for Kimi for ignoring yellow flags. The King of Spa is furious. Raikkonen serves it. Replays confirm that Kimi failed to lift while yellow flags were waved during Verstappen's stoppage.
Lap 17: "No more radio, the rest of the race," Alonso hits back, as the reality of his race dawns. "Strategically, it’s looking good now for Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes," says Pirelli. "But a long way to go and Ferrari has fresher tyres."
Lap 16: Raikkonen now pits. Soft tyres. Perez under investigation, for leaving the track and gaining an advantage on the previous lap.
Lap 15: Vettel pits. Meanwhile, Hamilton catches Raikkonen. Lewis gets a better exit at Radillion and passes the Ferrari without too much effort at the Kemmel straight.
Lap 14: It's a Ferrari 1-2 for now, but the pair is yet to stop. Perez takes Grosjean and Kvyat on the Kemmel straight, slicing between the two. But the Force India leaves it too late under braking, and goes across the run off at Les Combes.
Lap 13: Raikkonen under investigation for failing to slow for yellow flags.
Lap 12: "Hammer Time," Lewis gets a call. He heads to the pits. 2.3 sec stop. "Hamilton stops for soft tyre and will probably now try to go to the end of the race," reckons Pirelli.
Lap 11: Fastest lap for Vettel but the gap is 1.7 seconds to Hamilton, who is reporting blistering.
Lap 10: The first set of pit stops are around the corner.
Lap 9: Yellow flags wave briefly as the stricken Red Bull is removed.
Lap 8: Meanwhile, at the front Hamilton has opened a 1.6 gap over Vettel. Verstappen is limping... power unit issues suspected by the teenager. Lot of head shaking in the cockpit. "Unbelievable," he exclaims. "I can't believe this."
Lap 7: "I really don't care too much... all the gaps," sighs Alonso, when told what the gaps around him are. "This is just a test." He was passed by Grosjean in the preceding lap.
Lap 6: "A one-stopper is theoretically fastest: ultrasoft for 14 laps then soft to the finish," revealed Pirelli. "Depending on weather of course… "A two-stopper is also possible: one stint on ultrasoft of 10 laps, then two stints on supersoft of 17 laps each," Pirelli adds.
Lap 5: Replays show Ocon pushing teammate Perez into the wall before the pair entered Eau Rouge on the opening lap. Alonso is left behind by Perez this time around.
Lap 4: Ocon now past Alonso under braking at the end of the Kemmel straight. Grosjean does the same on teammate Magunssen, the Frenchman's exit better than the Dane's at Radillion.
Lap 3: Vettel reports: "We can go along with [Hamilton]" as Mercedes' lead extends to just over a second. Hulkenberg does the inevitable, passing Alonso under braking at the end of the Kemmel straight. Wehrlein back in the garage, end of the race for the German.
Lap 2: Hulkenberg dices with Alonso, taking the McLaren at the final corner but the Spaniard takes the position back at the Kemmel straight, a good exit from Eau Rouge for the former champion. In the midst, Ocon's challenge is subdued as well, the Frenchman pushed towards the edge of the track on that straight.
Lap 1: The five red lights go out and the Belgian Grand Prix is GO! Clean start from all at the first corner. Hamilton leads, Vettel in pursuit. Vettel sniffs at Hamilton at the Kemmel straight but no cigar under braking at Les Combes.
Preview: Hello and welcome to the legendary Spa-Francorchamps circuit for the Belgian Grand Prix! Located in the Ardennes mountains, the circuit is a favourite amongst the drivers. The layout features dramatic undulations and high speed bends that have become a rarity in many modern venues. Considered a power circuit, Mercedes and Ferrari have the advantage but never count out a spell of rain to give someone less endowed in the engine department a shot at victory. At the end of qualifying, Hamilton matched Michael Schumacher's record of 68 career pole positions and what a venue to do it at! Vettel has made things interesting as he gets on the front row, leaving a lot to look forward to on Sunday. Bottas and Raikkonen are on row two, which will add to the flavour of the Ferrari vs. Mercedes fight. Spa promises to offer a great race so don't miss any lap. Join us on Sunday at 1200 GMT.
Temp: 23°C
Forecast: Overcast
Track: Dry

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