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Italian Grand Prix
Race Ended
Monza - 1st Sep. - 3rd Sep. 2017
Fastest Lap - D.Ricciardo 1:23.361
Driver Team Time FLs
1 1
Mercedes1:15:32.312 15 1 25
4 2
Mercedes+4.471 4 1 18
6 3
Ferrari+36.317 0 1 15
16 4
Red Bull+40.335 4 1 12
5 5
Ferrari+60.082 0 1 10
3 6
Force India+71.528 0 1 8
2 7
Williams+74.156 0 1 6
7 8
Williams+74.834 0 1 4
10 9
Force India+75.276 0 1 2
13 10
Red Bull+1 Lap 3 2 1
9 11
Haas+1 Lap 0 1 0
8 12
Toro Rosso+1 Lap 0 1 0
14 13
Renault+1 Lap 0 1 0
15 14
  C.Sainz Jr
Toro Rosso+1 Lap 0 1 0
20 15
Haas+1 Lap 0 2 0
12 16
Sauber+2 Laps 0 1 0
19 17
McLaren+3 Laps 0 1 0
11 18
Sauber+4 Laps 0 1 0
18 -
McLarenRetired 0 0 0
17 -
RenaultRetired 0 1 0
Live Commentary
Summary: Lewis Hamilton takes the lead of the championship with a comfortable drive from pole, a Mercedes 1-2 probably wiping the smile off Ferrari, let alone Sebastian Vettel, on the Scuderia's home turf. A superb drive from Daniel Ricciardo sees him climb 12 places and challenge for the podium. Cookies for Ocon and Stroll too, young blood delivering a show.

Next up is Singapore in two weeks time, where Ferrari has a chance to fight back. Do join us then.
Lap 53: Ocon keeps the Williams' behind him. HAMILTON BECOMES THE FIRST DRIVER TO WIN CONSECUTIVE RACES THIS SEASON. Massa challenging young Stroll from the outside at the della Roggia. This has allowed Perez to close in. Stroll keeps position. And so do the others.
Lap 52: Vettel now maintaining gap. The Ferrari responding. Alonso told to retire the car.
Lap 51: Another fastest lap from Daniel. 4.2 seconds behind Seb now. Ericsson is told that his car will be retired.
Lap 50: Magnussen not happy with Max's move. He tells so to his team, who respond that they will tell Charlie.
Lap 49: 5.5 secs between Daniel and Seb. Another fastest lap for the Aussie. Liam Cunningham and Kit Harrington watching the 'Game' from a team hospitality. Looking at Kit's expression, it seems he knows nothing about what's going on.
Lap 48: Magnussen has dropped back a bit after raising questions about the incident. He has now Kvyat to worry about.
Lap 47: Max takes Kevin, a late switch to the outside at Turn 1. Kevin responds at the della Roggia, nearly colliding with the Red Bull as the Dane almost gets side by side on the outside. The Haas forced to take the run off...
Lap 46: Bottas starting to chip a tenth off Hamilton in these closing stages. Max up to P11, passing Kvyat now.
Lap 45: Verstappen making up places, passing Sainz and Hulk in successive laps. Hamilton reports some loss of power. But his pace looks good. Ricciardo with another fastest lap, the Honey Badger sniffing some red ahead.
Lap 44: Vettel has responded, doing a personal best. Ricciardo does a fastest lap.
Lap 43: Ricciardo urged to catch Vettel. Red Bull a second quicker than the Ferrari...
Lap 42: Vettel not particularly fast ahead of Ricciardo. 10 secs between them. Not sure if Ferrari saving up.
Lap 41: Danny Ric pushes Kimi aside at Turn 1 and takes P4 with a clean late-braking move on the inside. Daniel had started 16th...
Lap 40: Ocon gets past backmarker Wehrlein cleanly at Turn 1, but Stroll in pursuit locks up heavily. Makes the corner though.
Lap 39: Hamilton is about a free pit stop ahead of Vettel. That's on Ferrari's home turf.
Lap 38: Ricciardo finally pits. Supersofts on in just 2.2 secs. He rejoins in fifth. "Where is Palmer?" asks Alonso. He is told of his DNF. "Karma," the Spaniard replies.
Lap 37: The Hulk not making it any easier though as he goes on an attack in the next chicane. But no cigar...
Lap 36: Kvyat streams past Hulkenberg on the main straight. Easy move for the Toro Rosso.
Lap 35: Max brakes late on the outside of Turn 1, with his right-rear clipping the Haas as he took the corner. Some debris a result. "What was that? He turned into me!" complains Romain.
Lap 34: Bottas takes the soft tyres. Slick stop. 2.2 secs! Max easily takes a de-rating McLaren of Alonso before the second chicane. Meanwhile, Vandoorne reports "no power" and heads to the pits.
Lap 33: Hamilton stops. Quick one. 2.5 secs. Soft tyres. Slow stop for Perez, to take the softs.
Lap 32: More complains from Alonso. He pits moments later. Supersoft tyres. Vettel pits. Gets the soft tyres.
Lap 31: Palmer is told to box the car and retire because of a problem. Palmer sighs "Ok."
Lap 30: Stroll sniffs at Ocon by stepping on the outside just before Turn 1. It remains a sniff..
Lap 29: Max stops. Supersofts again. Stroll still behind Ocon.
Lap 28: Ricciardo has gained 12 places so far. Pace looking fine too. Yet to stop though.
Lap 27: Raikkonen outbrakes Ocon on the outside at Turn 1. The Force India is not giving up, chasing the Ferrari at the second chicane. Vettel is "struggling with the rear now." Palmer pits, and serves his penalty.
Lap 26: Raikkonen continues to hunt Ocon. "Top five is yet to stop...but expect them in soon for softs," reckons Pirelli.
Lap 25: Alonso is still fuming about that penalty. He probably wants the place given back to him. Alonso also probably wants a faster car. Hamilton about to lap Max.
Lap 24: Red Bulls fastest in the speed traps, Hamilton only 16th. Mercedes ain't even pushing.
Lap 23: Raikkonen now hunting Ocon.
Lap 22: Stroll sniffs at Vandoorne ahead of the Parabolica. But he eventually takes the McLaren ahead of Turn 1. "No problem (with the tyres). All stable," reports Bottas. All is good at Mercedes.
Lap 21: Alonso is told about Palmer's penalty. "Five seconds is a joke," he retorts dryly.
Lap 20: Hamilton scrapes the edge of the gravel trap at della Roggia. That hasn't slowed him down though.
Lap 19: Left rear problems on Stroll's stop. That was a bit over a second lost there. "Massa's ahead of you, he's alone now" Ricciardo is told. "I like 'em vulnerable!" comes the reply.
Lap 18: Ericsson squeezes in teammate Wehrlein at Turn 1. The Sauber drivers are making their own battles. Palmer gets a 5-sec penalty for cutting the chicane and getting an advantage during his dice with Alonso earlier.
Lap 17: Verstappen takes Grosjean at Turn 1 to make sure he isn't the last running car. 2.7 sec stop for Ocon for softs. Ricciardo takes Perez at the second chicane.
Lap 16: Raikkonen pits. Bit slow a stop. 3.7 sec stationary. Out on softs now. Alonso pleads, "We really need to do something."
Lap 15: Alonso reports gearbox issues. McLaren looking into it.
Lap 14: A French, a Canadian and a Finn train into Turn 1... That's Ocon, Stroll and Raikkonen. Not a joke. Palmer and Alonso brushing against each other at della Roggia. Palmer takes a short cut across the run off.
Lap 13: This race is essentially powered by Mercedes. The works team, Force India and Williams, all running in the top ten, with only the works Ferrari providing any real interjection.
Lap 12: Stroll now chasing Ocon. The soft-shod Ricciardo is in P9.
Lap 11: Hulkenberg is told that he left his radio on.
Lap 10: Max and Felipe cleared of any wrong doing in their incident.
Lap 9: Unless tyre issues come into play, the race at the front is over. Should be Lewis, VB and Seb to step on the podium. Hamilton will lead the championship if this happens.
Lap 8: Vettel takes Ocon by slipstreaming past by the Force India under braking before Turn 1. Kimi thinks he has rear-damage. Ferrari doesn't think so, the Finn's wailing going unheard.
Lap 7: Raikkonen misses Turn 1, snaking through the boarded-run off area.
Lap 6: Massa and Verstappen incident under investigation. Haas confirms Grosjean's front wing end plate was indeed broken, justifying his stop.
Lap 5: Replays show Lewis cutting across and right ahead of Stroll at the start, the Williams just getting off throttle a tiny bit, allowing Ocon to take P2. That's history now, of course.
Lap 4: Bottas makes it a Mercedes 1-2, after demoting Ocon at Turn 1. Max in the pits. He takes the supersofts. Vettel has taken Kimi with a better drive out of Variente della Roggia.
Lap 3: Bottas takes Stroll at Turn 1, no real fight from the Williams. Massa makes contact with Max at Turn 1, a bit too feisty from the Williams. Right-front puncture for the teenager.
Lap 2: Bottas keeps ahead of his fellow Finn. Perez and Massa banged about a bit at the start, but both running cleanly. Grosjean moans about a damaged front wing.
Lap 1: Palmer, Alonso and the Red Bull pair of Verstappen and Ricciardo are on the soft tyres, the rest of supersofts. The red lights go out and the Italian Grand Prix at Monza is GO! A clean start with Lewis squeezing Stroll and keeping it neat at Turn 1. Bottas and Raikkonen side by side at the Curve Grande and later at Parabolica
Preview: Hamilton's record pole puts him in the prime spot to potentially take the lead of the championship in front of Ferrari's home fans and 'wiping the smile off Vettel's face.' Ferrari has a mountain to climb to keep itself in the hunt. With a multitude of penalties across the field, it should be a classic Italian GP. Join us at 1200 GMT to find out how it unfolds.
Temp: 25°C
Forecast: Sunny
Track: Dry

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