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Singapore Grand Prix
Race Ended
Marina Bay Street Circuit - 15th Sep. - 17th Sep. 2017
Fastest Lap - L.Hamilton 1:45.008
Driver Team Time FLs
5 1
Mercedes2:03:23.544 26 1 25
3 2
Red Bull+4.507 6 2 18
6 3
Mercedes+8.800 5 1 15
10 4
  C.Sainz Jr
Toro Rosso+22.822 0 1 12
12 5
Force India+25.359 0 2 10
11 6
Renault+27.259 0 2 8
9 7
McLaren+30.388 1 2 6
18 8
Williams+41.696 1 1 4
15 9
Haas+43.282 1 1 2
14 10
Force India+44.795 0 3 1
17 11
Williams+46.536 3 3 0
19 12
Sauber+2 Laps 0 4 0
16 -
HaasRetired 2 3 0
7 -
RenaultRetired 2 3 0
20 -
SauberSpun Off 0 4 0
13 -
Toro RossoCrashed Out 0 0 0
8 -
McLarenCollision 0 0 0
1 -
FerrariCrashed Out 0 0 0
4 -
FerrariCollision 0 0 0
2 -
Red BullCollision 0 0 0
Live Commentary
Summary: This is the beginning of the end for Ferrari and Vettel's championship chances and it took only the start of the race for them to allow Hamilton to run away. Vettel is now trailing by 28 points and has a mountain to climb, his only hope now rests on the misfortune of his title rival.

Join us again in two weeks time to see if luck favours Vettel at the Malaysian GP.
Lap 58: This will be the final lap. HAMILTON WINS THE SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX. Win no. 7 of the season for Lewis and his third straight victory since the summer break.
Lap 57: Hamilton crosses the line with under 10 secs remaining on the clock.
Lap 56: Ricciardo holding his own. 2.4 seconds now the gap to Bottas.
Lap 55: Bottas ups the ante with a fastest lap.
Lap 54: 2 secs now the difference in the battle for P2. "Ricciardo might have a car issue..." Bottas is told.
Lap 53: Bottas closing in on Ricciardo now.
Lap 52: Just under 8 mins remaining for this race to end.
Lap 51: Kevin told to slow down. "Oh, for (expletive) sake," sighs Kevin. Another DNF.
Lap 50: Hulkenberg is dropping off, a DNF on the cards. He now sets the unenviable record for the most number of races without a podium result.
Lap 49: Meanwhile, Ferrari has blamed Verstappen for its exit. Investigations are on...
Lap 48: Best ever results are on standby for both Sainz and Palmer, should they maintain positions.
Lap 47: Ricciardo is managing to maintain a 2.5 second gap ahead. Not sure if Hamilton is still being conservative.
Lap 46: It is revealed that Mercedes told Lewis to slow down so as not to give anyone a free stop, should there be another safety car. Hamilton retorts that he isn't comfortable driving slowly. He is allowed to up his pace.
Lap 45: Lewis lost 2.5 secs on the last lap. Problems or a mistake?
Lap 44: DRS enabled. A train of cars speed around the Marina Bay, but none making inroads.
Lap 43: Kevin goes wide and rejoins at the back of the pack. His race was promising, now all pear shaped.
Lap 42: And we are racing. Hamilton shoots away as usual, his complains holding no water.
Lap 41: "Why another safety car? Surely a VSC would work" questions Hamilton. Sauber now being removed from the track. It's unlikely that all 61 laps will be raced as the race would exceed the two-hour limit. Safety car in this lap.
Lap 40: A tractor awaits to retrieve the stricken Sauber.
Lap 39: "Why another safety car?" moans Hamilton. Hulkenberg takes the opportunity to pit. A long stop as he takes in some air in his car's systems.
Lap 38: Sainz is the only one on the supersoft tyres. Ericsson spins at the Anderson Bridge. His talent couldn't do anything about it. The section of the track is very narrow. Safety car deployed.
Lap 37: Bottas with a lock up as he exits the Anderson Bridge. Fun.
Lap 36: Sainz tells his engineer to "shut up" as he was told something about the battery.
Lap 35: Bottas has responded to the Hulk's pace. Nearly 5 secs up on the Renault now.
Lap 34: Meanwhile, Hamilton has sealed this race with a series of strong laps. Gap nearly 10 secs to Ricciardo. Degradation and wear the only things to watch out for. Ocon past Kevin, who was the first driver to switch to slicks.
Lap 33: Sainz brakes late to keep a DRS-charging inside line-seeking Perez behind.
Lap 32: Ericsson is the only one on softs. Rest are on ultras. Perez takes a whiff but Sainz holds on to position.
Lap 31: Vandoorne and Palmer squabbling for positions, the Belgian diving on the inside but couldn't make it stick. Jolyon stays ahead.
Lap 30: Hamilton gets a 2.5 sec stop for the ultras.
Lap 29: Lost opportunity for Alonso. "Today was the day. The first podium for the team was a clear target. The car launch like a rocket and We could be running P2 in the first lap but we found ourselves in the wrong place at the wrong moment after RAI and VES had their contact." Ricciardo on the ultras. HAM told to pit now.
Lap 28: More folk getting on slicks now.
Lap 27: Can any of the early slick runners make any inroads?
Lap 26: Meanwhile, Lewis now 6.7 secs ahead of Dan. Stroll now on the ultrasofts. Twitchy exit for the teenager.
Lap 25: Hulkenberg asked that if the safety car is deployed, would he prefer the slicks. The Hulk explains that he'll lose a lot of temperature behind the SC and that there are just too many damp patches out. Kevin pits for the ultrasofts. Massa follows suit. Neither are setting the track alight.
Lap 24: Ocon now on Kevin's tail. The Haas shall be hassled soon.
Lap 23: "No more rain expected," Vandoorne is told.
Lap 22: "Race now settled down. Lewis just doing enough to stay away from Ric," observes 1992 world champion Nigel Mansell. "Just important to leave a small margin as track conditions are changing."
Lap 21: For some reason, Wehrlein is still running on his wet tyres.
Lap 20: Vandoorne past Stroll. The McLaren pulls away quite quickly once past. Replays show Stroll locking up at Turn 7, which allowed Stof to catch up and get by.
Lap 19: "Some parts dry but wet parts still too wet," reports Ricciardo.
Lap 18: DRS enabled Massa pits for inters.
Lap 17: "Beginnings of a dry line is starting to emerge but it’s going to be a brave man who is going to be first to try the slicks," observes Pirelli. Magnussen now past Massa, but not before he nearly gets squeezed into the wall.
Lap 16: Even though Hamilton is opening the gap on Dan, he reports over the radio that it's now "harder to drop him" on older tyres. Magnussen squeezes Ocon and gets by pretty aggressively, but a very fair move.
Lap 15: Racing resumes. Hamilton adept at these restarts, opening up a one-sec lead in no time.
Lap 14: Massa and the Sauber duo still on wets, rest on inters now. Safety car in this lap. Ricciardo is on a fresher set of inters, while Hamilton is still on the ones he had started the race on. Lewis bunching up the field now.
Lap 13: "Safety car makes things very tricky in these conditions as tyre temperatures, then grip drops," Pirelli educates. Bottas is now P3 after all the pit stops behind the safety car.
Lap 12: Ricciardo pits for another set of inters. Hamilton stays on. A tractor is out to heave the Toro Rosso away.
Lap 11: Sainz and Kvyat urged on by their engineenrs. Both ask to be left alone, in a very Kimi-esque style. Kvyat spears into the barriers in sector 2. "I'm sorry, guys," radios the Russian. A mistake obviously. He seemed to understeer into the corner, and the brakes didn't offer much either. Safety car deployed.
Lap 10: Alonso back in the garage and out of the car.
Lap 9: Bottas hunting Palmer and Sainz on the back of birthday boy Ocon, the only battles currently on. Gaps across the rest of the field is over one second. "Ok Fernando, we see too many problems. Retire the car," Alonso is told. Sainz takes Ocon on the inside of a corner. Looked a straightforward move.
Lap 8: The best bet, albeit very risky for the wet runners is to switch to the slicks at the slightest opportunity.
Lap 7: Alonso lets both the trailing Williams through on the main straight. McLaren tells the Spaniard that they have lost all the data on the car, probably due to that first-lap damage.
Lap 6: Hamilton and Ricciardo are on the inters. Hulkenberg on the wets in P3. And looks like inters is the way to go. "Inters are the right tyre," confirms Ricciardo over the radio.
Lap 5: Hamilton pulls away from Ricciardo at the restart. Bottas is taken by Palmer.
Lap 4: "This race is all about getting the car home in one piece," Hamilton is told. "I realise that," Lewis responds. An angry emoticon on Ferrari's Twitter page sums up the emotion from the camp. Safety car in this lap.
Lap 3: "There’s a lot of debris on the first corner that needs to be cleaned up. And the rain is easing off," Pirelli points out. Vettel nearly took Hamilton out when he spun off from the lead on the opening lap. Alonso has some damage under the car. Should affect his performance.
Lap 2: SAFETY CAR deployed. Cars being led through the pit lane by the safety car as the track is littered with debris.
Lap 1: The rains, the first time ever during the race in Singapore, has divided the grid on intermediate and wet tyres. It's going to be a gamble for some. The top six are on inters. Hulkenberg is the first full wet-runner. Raikkonen reported a spray and Grosjean complained about visibility on the formation lap. The five red lights go out and the Singapore Grand Prix is GO! Raikkonen gets a great start, but Vettel squeezes Verstappen who then pushes Kimi into the wall, careening the Finn's car across into the path of the leading drivers. Hamilton has taken the lead in the melee. With a sidepod damaged, Vettel then spins into the wall further ahead on track.
Preview: Sebastian Vettel has a golden opportunity to capitalise on his pole position and retake the lead of the championship. But he needs to win the race first. He has a lot to worry about; Mercedes bouncing back on race pace and Red Bull hassling the Ferrari with the challenge of a split strategy. Lot to look forward to. Do tune in on at 1200 GMT to find out who takes the chequered flag at the Marina Bay Street Circuit.
Temp: 28°C
Forecast: Overcast
Track: Damp

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