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Malaysian Grand Prix
End of Session
Sepang International Circuit - 29th Sep. - 1st Oct. 2017
Driver Team Time
Mercedes 1:30.803 6
Ferrari 1:30.926 3
Red Bull 1:30.931 3
Mercedes 1:30.977 6
Red Bull 1:31.061 6
Force India 1:31.484 7
Force India 1:31.651 6
Renault 1:31.778 6
McLaren 1:31.848 6
McLaren 1:32.010 6
Williams 1:32.034 6
Renault 1:32.100 6
Williams 1:32.307 6
  C.Sainz Jr
Toro Rosso 1:32.402 6
Haas 1:33.308 -
Haas 1:33.434 -
Sauber 1:33.483 -
Sauber 1:33.970 -
Ferrari   -
Minute by Minute
Summary: Lewis Hamilton is in prime position to extend a massive lead over Sebastian Vettel at the final Malaysian Grand Prix. Seb's hopes will lay with the weather and Kimi Raikkonen, whose start at the preceding race was phenomenal.

The start will be the one to watch followed by what the weather has to offer. Don't forget to tune in on Sunday at 0700 GMT to find out what unfolds.
Minute 45: Raikkonen fails to keep it together in the final sector handing HAMILTON POLE POSITION. Kimi improves but is still 0.045 secs clear. Max ahead of Dan yet again. While Bottas disappoints with P5.
Minute 44: Bottas' first run was uninspiring, holding fifth behind Lewis, Kimi and the Red Bulls.
Minute 43: "Three different teams in the top three. But it will come down to the final runs," Pirelli points out.
Minute 42: Drivers stream out for their final attempts.
Minute 41: Hulkenberg behind the McLaren duo. He would be aiming to get ahead of them at least.
Minute 40: Quiet dawns around the track as drivers return to their garages to prepare for the final onslaught.
Minute 39: Red Bull half a second off the pace but just 0.039 secs between them.
Minute 38: Raikkonen 0.232 secs slower than Lewis, who takes provisional pole.
Minute 37: Fastest sectors, first and second, for Lewis. Bottas is way off his teammate's pace.
Minute 36: Hamilton begins his lap. He is looking sharp.
Minute 35: Dark clouds hover over the distance. Signs of rain approaching. Drivers head out to make hay while the sun shines.
Minute 34: Q3 is underway. A 12 minute-battle between 10 cars for pole position. The final F1 qualifying segment for Malaysia.
Minute 33: Final minute. The laps have started. Ocon reports that the traffic is "crazy" as he meanders around looking for time. Eliminated are Massa, Palmer, Stroll in the second Williams, and the Toro Rosso pair of Sainz and Gasly. Both the McLaren drivers proceed ahead. "Only 2 tenths cover the top 5 cars in Q2," notes Chandhok. "Sensational Q3 coming up! If only Seb was out there..."
Minute 32: Supersofts all around. Some words from Vettel: "It's part of motor racing. It's not ideal, especially on a day when you feel you have the right car. It's a shame for us"
Minute 31: Raikkonen remains in the garage, perhaps sure his time is enough to get him in the final 10. Remember, those who proceed to Q3 will start the race on tyres they set their fastest times in Q2 with the rest getting a free choice in terms of their starting tyres.
Minute 30: Out laps in progress. Hamilton heads out as well.
Minute 29: Difficult to make predictions for Q2 exit. The blokes in the midfield pack are bunched up a bit too much.
Minute 28: Cars back in the garage, preparing for their final runs for their shot at Q3.
Minute 27: Renault, McLaren, Toro Rosso and Force India fighting among themselves for the Q3 slot. Williams looking strong, well, at least Massa.
Minute 26: Kimi's time about 2 secs faster than last year's pole already.
Minute 25: Mercedes won't be happy to find Verstappen pipping the Silver Arrows. Max is just 0.005 secs off the pace and 0.078 secs ahead of Lewis.
Minute 24: Bottas is three-tenths behind Hamilton. He won't be happy.
Minute 23: Supersofts are the order of this leg. Raikkonen goes fastest, just 0.083 secs ahead of Hamilton.
Minute 22: Vettel's departure means that only the Finns, Kimi and Valtteri, have made it to every Q3 session this season.
Minute 21: "Is there any way it could be more dramatic than Q1?" asks Pirelli, in light of Vettel's exit. "20 percent chance of rain."
Minute 20: Mercedes heads out. Bottas leading Hamilton out of the pitlane.
Minute 19: Q2 is GO. This segment will last 15 minutes and will see 5 drivers eliminated again with the remaining ten to head to Q3.
Minute 18: VETTEL IS OUT OF THE CAR. He will start the race from start. "Don't worry guys," says Seb. "Fix it for tomorrow we have a quick car, we will come back." "Wow - huge disappointment for Ferrari and Vettel in Malaysia! Big effort from the team to get the car ready but to no avail," tweets former F1 driver Karun Chandhok. Gasly impresses! Manages P8. Eliminated are Grosjean and his new brakes, Haas mate Magnussen, the Sauber duo of Wehrlein and Ericsson, and of course Vettel.
Minute 17: The midfield is out there. Toro Rosso has a good chance to get both their cars in Q2, but by only just, considering their pace so far. Gasly can be excused if he gets knocked out, a rookie after all.
Minute 16: Excellent news! Vettel fires up. And then turns off!
Minute 15: Red Bull has split their strategy as Verstappen's soft run is complemented by Ricciardo's supersoft effort.
Minute 14: It's calm out on track as most are in their garages preparing for that one last run.
Minute 13: Sauber, Haas and Toro Rosso proving to be the three slowest teams on one-lap pace so far.
Minute 12: Hamilton sitting comfortably on top, seemingly found his mojo again. Or at least his Mercedes did...
Minute 11: Besides the MGU-K, Vettel is on the fourth component on each of his power unit components allocated for the season. On the verge of penalties then.
Minute 10: Vettel is facing an early exit. If Singapore didn't dent his title hopes, this will certainly open up a gaping hole in it.
Minute 9: Verstappen on the soft tyres as well. Max has broken the teen barrier today. It's his 20th birthday! But he won't be gifted anything, for sure.
Minute 8: "Looks like I have no turbo," reports Vettel as he limps back to the pits. Disaster for Ferrari already?
Minute 7: "Track temperatures are pushing 50 degrees centigrade but as ever there’s a risk of rain, so most drivers keen to get a time in the bag," says Pirelli.
Minute 6: Both the Ferrari and Mercedes drivers are on the soft tyres, the rest on the supersofts. The two teams are seemingly confident that they will get through with this harder set.
Minute 5: The wind aroud the track has picked up. Drivers are told where the tailwinds and headwinds are and adjust accordingly.
Minute 4: Vettel has headed out. He had a power unit change ahead of qualifying, the engine cover going on just minutes before qualifying began. Let's see if that makes a difference.
Minute 3: Grosjean is reminded that he is running a "new brake material" as heads out to the track. He has had issues with the brakes all season so far.
Minute 2: Remember, 5 drivers will be eliminated after this 18-minute leg with the remaining 15 to proceed to Q2.
Minute 1: It's ON! Qualifying is go as the lights at the end of the pit lane turn green. It's Q1, with all 20 drivers to participate.
Preview: Hello and welcome to the Sepang circuit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as we await qualifying for the Malaysian Grand Prix! The circuit consists of a good mix of fast sweepers and slow, technical bends with varying degrees of camber and only two straights of considerable length. Most teams will be leaning towards higher downforce levels with their setups. The prevalent hot and humid conditions make it an arduous task for the drivers. Ferrari continued in FP3 where they left off in FP2 and led a 1-2, headed by Raikkonen. Ricciardo was third while Bottas, running the new-spec W08 was Mercedes' best showing. Now, who will deliver the goods in qualifying? Tune in at 9 AM GMT to find out!
Temp: 31°C
Forecast: Overcast
Track: Dry
 Eliminated after Q 1  Eliminated after Q 2
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