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Malaysian Grand Prix
Race Ended
Sepang International Circuit - 29th Sep. - 1st Oct. 2017
Fastest Lap - S.Vettel 1:34.080
Driver Team Time FLs
2 1
Red Bull1:30:01.290 7 1 25
1 2
Mercedes+12.770 3 1 18
3 3
Red Bull+22.519 0 1 15
20 4
Ferrari+37.362 7 1 12
4 5
Mercedes+56.021 0 1 10
8 6
Force India+78.630 0 1 8
6 7
McLaren+1 Lap 0 1 6
12 8
Williams+1 Lap 0 1 4
10 9
Williams+1 Lap 0 1 2
5 10
Force India+1 Lap 0 1 1
9 11
McLaren+1 Lap 0 1 0
16 12
Haas+1 Lap 0 1 0
15 13
Haas+1 Lap 0 2 0
14 14
Toro Rosso+1 Lap 0 1 0
11 15
Renault+1 Lap 0 1 0
7 16
Renault+1 Lap 0 2 0
17 17
Sauber+1 Lap 0 1 0
18 18
Sauber+2 Laps 0 1 0
13 -
  C.Sainz Jr
Toro RossoPower Unit 0 0 0
19 -
FerrariDid Not Start 0 0 0
Live Commentary
Summary: Max Verstappen takes his second career win, making a great to start to his 20s. Lewis Hamilton would be content with P2, having extended his lead on Vettel to 34 points. Daniel Ricciardo put on a fine show to help Lewis.

Sebastain Vettel would leave concerned, despite an excellent show of damage limitation. The team will have to check the status of the gearbox going into the Japanese Grand Prix next weekend. Join us then.
Lap 56: Max's sister has tears as the final lap begins. Verstappen turned 20 on Saturday, and got his gift on Sunday. Lewis seals second while Dan completes the podium for Red Bull. Vandoorne gets P7 and Stroll gets ahead of Massa. Vettel and Stroll collide on the cool down lap. Tempers flare in the Ferrari cockpit. "Seriously. What a bunch of idiots. Unbelievable." "Vettel ran into the side of me," reports the teenager at Williams. Replays show the twain met as they were collecting rubber. Vettel takes a ride back on Wehrlein's Sauber.
Lap 55: Grosjean takes Gasly at Turn 1. The Haas on fresher tyres. Romain makes a mistake further down the road but keeps it together as Pierre attacks.
Lap 54: Verstappen now 10 secs clear of Lewis. What a drive this has been.
Lap 53: "You've broken Vettel's spirit. He's having to look after his tyres now. Good job, mate"" Red Bull tell Ricciardo. Good job indeed.
Lap 52: Ricciardo half a second faster than Vettel on the last lap. Game over for Seb. Well played, Red Bull. Remember, Dan has been running with a damaged floor.
Lap 51: Vettel has made up 16 places. But he would be desperate for another. Seb now losing time. Tyres are shot by the looks of things.
Lap 50: Dan's timed this well. Pulled up a breathing space from the Ferrari. This battle has helped Lewis open up a further couple of seconds from Ricciardo.
Lap 49: Vettel now sizing up Dan, who keeps an eye on his mirrors. Seb tries to take the inside line at Turn 1, but the Red Bull anticipates that and blocks the move. Legit.
Lap 48: Ricciardo catches the traffic on the main straight. He passes Alonso easily at Turn 1. Vettel, though, is held up by the McLaren. "Come on, Alonso!" exclaims Vettel. "I thought you were better that." Seb raises his hand as he passes the Spaniard.
Lap 47: Status quo on this lap. But Daniel is about to approach traffic.
Lap 46: Vettel v Ricciardo could begin on this lap. A lot to gain for the Ferrari driver, a podium to fight for the Aussie. Seb now some 9 secs behind Lewis. 10 laps to go.
Lap 45: "Vettel will be with you in about five laps..." Ricciardo is told.
Lap 44: Vettel has broken the circuit lap record. It had belonged to Juan Pablo Montoya since 2004.
Lap 43: Hamilton needs to be at least seven-tenths quicker per lap to challenge Max for the win. Just a tenth between them as of now, and mostly in Red Bull's favour.
Lap 42: Vettel is about 12 seconds behind Lewis. Hulk is told that stopping is not an option. Little wonder as he's in P11.
Lap 41: Vettel is very likely to catch up and pass Ricciardo.
Lap 40: Kevin complains about the performance of his car. Suspects damage, we think. The pit wall reports all is fine, as of now.
Lap 39: Palmer and Magnussen battle on the main straight as Verstappen looks to get through. Max gets by while Kevin and Jolyon collide at Turn 1. Palmer spins again. Replays show the Renault very nearly rear-ending Max under braking.
Lap 38: Palmer spins in sector 3. Yellow flags wave briefly.
Lap 37: The floor of Ricciardo's car is damaged, a piece jutting out and scraping the tarmac. That'll slow him down just a bit.
Lap 36: Vettel is running with new engine components, that gives him a reliability edge over Hamilton on the remaining races. The 20-place grid penalty didn't make a different for the German.
Lap 35: Vettel and Grosjean are the only ones on the supersofts. This is looking like a one-stop race for all.
Lap 34: Verstappen has extended his lead over Lewis back to 8 secs. The round of pit stops had got it down to 6.5 secs. Vettel now the fastest man on track.
Lap 33: Alonso sizes up Kevin on the main straight, goes on the inside of Turn 1, but carries too much momentum allowing the Haas to come back a bit. The McLaren keeps it tight, bangs wheels at the exit of Turn 2 and keeps ahead. "What an idiot! Hulkenberg was right," Alonso alludes to Nico's remarks about Kevin earlier in the season.
Lap 32: Sparks galore under the floor for Ricciardo. Looks unusual. Has it been dislodged?
Lap 31: Kevin fends off Alonso while Massa pushes Ocon wide off the track. Fights all around!
Lap 30: Ricciardo stops for softs. Engine problem reported by Sainz. He is limping back to the pits. Points lost for the Spaniard.
Lap 29: Bottas takes on the soft tyres. Vettel has gotten ahead.
Lap 28: Verstappen now in the pit lane. Soft tyres go on. Vettel pits for the supersofts. He will do 28 laps on them, the same as the frontrunners but with a lot less fuel.
Lap 27: Hamilton pits for softs. He rejoins a couple of seconds ahead of Bottas, who has Vettel hassling him.
Lap 26: Vettel now on the back of Bottas. Not sure why Ocon had to squeeze Sainz so much when he was so much faster down the straight. Should have been an easy move.
Lap 25: Ferrari going well on the soft tyres. Quicker than the four ahead of him. Hamilton locks up in the final corner. Not sinister enough though. Ocon spins at Turn 1, after clipping his right-rear wheel with Sainz's left-front as he tried to pass the Toro Rosso on the outside.
Lap 24: Hamilton can do no better than just above a tenth than Max. Gaps remain consistently well over 8.5 seconds. Although from a strong and stable 8.9, it's now down to 8.7 in these last few laps.
Lap 23: Max a bit quicker. But he complains about the car's balance a bit.
Lap 22: Tyres ok, says Lewis. He is told to attack a little.
Lap 21: Hamilton only slightly quicker than Verstappen, even on pace. Looks like Mercedes is getting back in the game, or Red Bull's advantage has started watering down. Vettel past Perez. Breezes down Turn 1.
Lap 20: Hamilton a tenth quicker than Max on the last lap. Perez reports tyres are good and that he doesn't need to pit.
Lap 19: Points unlikely today for Renault, Haas and, obviously, Sauber. They are all languishing in lap times.
Lap 18: Vettel lapping quicker than the Mercedes duo. This race isn't the death knell for Seb's title hopes then?
Lap 17: Red Bull about half a second quicker than the Mercedes around here. Shocking!
Lap 16: Despite all the tyre problems reported by Ricciardo, he still continues to eat into Lewis' gap.
Lap 15: Understeer reported by Ricciardo. He is still quicker than Hamilton though.
Lap 14: Stroll past Massa again as Vandoorne gets into the mix. The McLaren joining the Williams duo post his pit stop.
Lap 13: Massa and Stroll now fighting in the Turn 1 sequence. Massa defending hard, the teen settling down behind.
Lap 12: Vettel on Massa's neck for P8. The Brazilian then pits, allowing the Ferrari through. 5.5 between Max and Lewis now.
Lap 11: Hulk conversing on the radio a bit too much. Signs of an impending DNF? Red Bull in the zone here. Ricciardo has shaved a second off Lewis.
Lap 10: Vettel takes Alonso... and then takes Magnussen a little later. The German now in P9.
Lap 9: Ricciardo challenges Bottas for position, side by side in the opening corners of the lap. Turn 4 is where the Red Bull gets ahead.
Lap 8: 2.5 seconds the gap between Lewis and Max. Perez squabbles with Vandoorne and takes P5.
Lap 7: Vettel can't make inroads from P11. He's currently stuck behind... ALONSO! Vettel's soft tyres taking some of his pace away. Fernando now all over the back of Kevin.
Lap 6: "Official retirement for Kimi," confirms Ferrari. Replays show Ocon getting squeezed between Perez and Massa, then clipping the Williams as a result. That explains the Frenchman's early pit stop.
Lap 5: Lewis now taking a look at Max at Turn 1. Just a look this time.
Lap 4: MAX TAKES THE LEAD. Gets Lewis in the Turn 1 sequence. "That's how you do it!" says Verstappen. Lewis reporting derates.
Lap 3: "Mud on the line on the exit of Turn 15," blurs a radio message. Ocon pits for soft tyres. Max within one second of Lewis. Daniel the same on Bottas.
Lap 2: Vettel, who started on the soft tyres, is up to P13. The Sauber duo is the only other to start on the softs. Magnussen has made good gains as well. Up 7 places.
Lap 1: Raikkonen faced power unit trouble on the way to the grid, with his car pushed out in the pitlane to be addressed. Will he take the start? Unlikely. The five red lights go out and the final Malaysian GP is GO! Hamilton leads away unchallenged. But Verstappen and Bottas battle it out in the opening sequence of corners. All neat and clean.
Preview: Lewis Hamilton is in prime position to open up a massive lead over Sebastian Vettel at the final Malaysian Grand Prix. Seb's hopes will lay with the weather and Kimi Raikkonen, whose start at the preceding race was phenomenal. The start will be the one to watch followed by what the weather has to offer. Don't forget to tune in on Sunday at 0700 GMT to find out what unfolds.
Temp: 30°C
Forecast: Sunny
Track: Dry

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