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Japanese Grand Prix
Race Ended
Suzuka - 6th Oct. - 8th Oct. 2017
Fastest Lap - V.Bottas 1:33.144
Driver Team Time FLs
1 1
Mercedes1:27:31.194 2 1 25
4 2
Red Bull+1.211 1 1 18
3 3
Red Bull+9.679 0 1 15
6 4
Mercedes+10.580 3 1 12
10 5
Ferrari+32.622 0 1 10
5 6
Force India+67.788 0 1 8
7 7
Force India+71.424 0 1 6
12 8
Haas+88.953 0 1 4
13 9
Haas+89.883 0 1 2
8 10
Williams+1 Lap 0 1 1
20 11
McLaren+1 Lap 0 1 0
18 12
Renault+1 Lap 0 1 0
14 13
Toro Rosso+1 Lap 0 2 0
9 14
McLaren+1 Lap 0 2 0
17 15
Sauber+2 Laps 0 3 0
15 -
WilliamsRetired 0 2 0
16 -
SauberSpun Off 0 0 0
11 -
RenaultRetired 0 1 0
2 -
FerrariPower Unit 0 0 0
19 -
  C.Sainz Jr
Toro RossoSpun Off 0 0 0
Live Commentary
Summary: For the third time in his career, Hamilton was victorious at Suzuka. The Brit won the Japanese Grand Prix from a rapidly approaching Verstappen to secure a seemingly insurmountable 59 point lead in the title race over Vettel, who was dealt a cruel blow in the form of a faulty sparkplug that put him out on the first lap. Ricciardo rounded out another double podium for Red Bull while Bottas barely missed out in fourth.

Raikkonen was the lone Ferrari finisher in fifth, ahead of the Force Indias of Ocon and Perez and the Haas of Magnussen and Grosjean while Massa rounded out the points-scorers in tenth.

Have Vettel and Ferrari lost any shot at the 2017 title? One can never say for sure but barring a catastrophic meltdown at Mercedes, it's looking like a deal well sealed already.

Join us for the next round as we go stateside for the US Grand Prix in two weeks' time!
Lap 53: Sadly for Verstappen, he is held up a bit too long by Massa, buying just enough breathing space for Hamilton. HAMILTON WINS It's his 61st career win and his third at Suzuka. With it comes the gift of a 59 point lead in the title race over Vettel. Verstappen and Ricciardo brought home a double podium for Red Bull. Bottas could not find a way past Ricciardo in the end and had to settle for P4. The vibrations Hamilton was reporting from his power unit could however be something to worry about, heading into the next race.
Lap 52: It is well and truly on now! Verstappen is right on Hamilton's tail as they make their way through the lapped traffic! "Am I allowed to give it everything?", asks Verstappen. "As long as you are sensible," comes the reply,
Lap 51: Alonso, who has been the biggest gainer of this race, with 9 positions earned from his P20 start, is hoping to make up one last positon, the one for the final point, on Massa. "A lot of vibration," says Hamilton.
Lap 50: Virtual Safety Car ends and racing resumes! "What is Esteban doing??" Perez asks, sounding rather agitated. Will these two ever get along?
Lap 49: The marshals are able to crane Stroll's stricken Williams away and a full Safety Car period is averted but the Virtual Safety Car is still in effect, as the cars hum around at a reduced pace.
Lap 48: Watching a replay of Stroll's incident, we see his right-front tyre failed just as he turned in for the esses and that sent him careening through the gravel.
Lap 47: Stroll has come to a stop at a rather precarious position trackside. Will that bring out the Safety Car? It's Virtual Safety Car for now.
Lap 46: Meanwhile, out front, Hamilton seems to be managing his gap to Verstappen while Bottas keeps closing in on Ricciardo, hoping to challenge for the final podium spot before his tyres give up.
Lap 45: Palmer pits to swap his soft tyres for supersofts. It's the final race for the Brit with Renault, as Sainz awaits to take over his ride at the United States Grand Prix.
Lap 44: Alonso is just one position away from a point but can he make up the 3 second deficit to Massa? A brave marshal ventures out on to the pit straight to pick up a piece of debris.
Lap 43: Bottas is on a mission! A new fastest lap and he's now under 5 seconds of Ricciardo and closing rapidly on Ricciardo.
Lap 42: Sadly for Hulkenberg, he has to retire. The issue with his rear wing is terminal. Action man Magnussen hits Massa into Turn 2 and takes P8! "Good boy," yells his engineer!
Lap 41: Disaster for Hulkenberg! His DRS is stuck open and he will have to pit to fix it. What a heartbreaker for the German, who was working his way back into the top-10. He comes into the pits and his crew try to punch the wing down but it has broken off one of its mounts.
Lap 40: Gasly with a huge lock-up into the hairpin, which lets Hulkenberg, who just stopped for supersoft tyres, through for P11.
Lap 39: Hold position, comes the call from Force India to its drivers. Perez is obviously not happy to hear that and says, "He needs to pick up his pace, he's too slow!"
Lap 38: Perez is getting ever so close to his teammate Perez, much to the worry of Force India, no doubt, given their past run-ins. We see German football great Lukas Podolski in the paddock, more interested in his phone than the race at the moment!
Lap 37: We have a nice battle for P10 brewing between Massa, Magnussen, Grosjean and Gasly, all covered under 2 seconds.
Lap 36: Much to the relief of Alonso and Honda, Stroll pits. The Williams driver rejoins on a fresh set of supersofts but in front of Vandoorne, who will no doubt be frustrated at that!
Lap 35: Fed up of being held up behind Stroll and Alonso, Vandoorne pits out of P16 to switch from soft to supersoft tyres for a late go at salvaging Honda honours at their home race.
Lap 34: So, 20 laps to go and we have an interesting battle for the lead on our hands between Hamilton and Verstappen. Hamilton is struggling with his rear tyres while Verstappen's tyres seem fine. Who will win out in the end?
Lap 33: Raikkonen is back in the top-5 with an inside move on Hulkenberg into Turn 1. Alonso is having a frustrating race in P15. He gets a run on Stroll in the DRS zone but then the struggling Honda powerplant drags him back.
Lap 32: "Struggling with my rears," complains Hamilton. That will be music to Verstappen's ears as he starts to close back in on the Mercedes man.
Lap 31: Bottas finally pits and rejoins behind Ricciardo in P4. He replaced his soft tyres with supersofts. "Are the tyres looking good?" asks Verstappen. "All ok," comes the reply.
Lap 30: Bottas locks up into the hairpin and Verstappen almost gets a chance to slip by but the high line allows Bottas to maintain his momentum and keep holding up Verstappen.
Lap 29: Raikkonen, who started on soft tyres, pits for supersoft and rejoins in the nick of time, slotting in front of the Force India of Ocon. Unfortunately for Verstappen, he is now finding himself being held up by Bottas while Hamilton fades into the distance.
Lap 28: Hamilton keys up his radio to complain about Bottas holding him up. The response is swift, as Bottas lets Hamilton by in the final chicane.
Lap 27: Ricciardo pits and rejoins in P5. He too, went for the soft tyres. Bottas seems to be holding up Hamilton now, as Verstappen closes in further, now within DRS range. Surely, Mercedes will be thinking about bringing Bottas in any time now?
Lap 26: Now with both Hamilton and Verstappen on the soft tyres, the latter seems to have the edge on the harder compound, as he closes under 2 seconds.
Lap 25: Palmer experiences a feeling of deja vu as another pink car blows past him on the pit straight, that of Perez. "I have vibrations," says Vandoorne. Good vibrations? We don't think so, from the way he sounded!
Lap 24: Armed with his fresh tyres, Verstappen sets the fastest lap. Ocon looks to the outside of Palmer at the final chicane, which sets up a run down the pit straight and the Frenchman is through for P7. That cost him 0.9 seconds to Raikkonen though.
Lap 23: A calm, relaxed stop for Hamilton to take on soft tyres sees him rejoin in P2, comfortably ahead of Verstappen. Bottas now leads. Gasly makes his first stop of the day. He too swaps supersofts for softs, like almost everybody else.
Lap 22: Verstappen pits for the soft tyres and rejoins BARELY in front of Raikkonen! Hamilton gets the call to pit, in response to Verstappen.
Lap 21: Ocon pits out P5 to switches from supersoft to soft tyres. He rejoins in P12. That moves Raikkonen into the top-5. Ocon wastes no time, as he pulls off a brave maneuver outside Alonso into the hairpin.
Lap 20: Raikkonen dives to the outside of Perez in Turn 1 and takes over P6 with authority. Magnussen pits for soft tyres.
Lap 19: "We are still on Plan A," Hamilton is told. And why wouldn't they be, now that their main competition is out for the day. Ferrari confirm spark plug failure as the reason for Vettel's retirement.
Lap 18: Vandoorne, who had stopped quite early, now finds himself tripping over Stroll's Williams. "I feel I have more pace..," he says on the radio.
Lap 17: We see Vettel in t-shirt and jeans, gracious in defeat, as he shakes hands with his team and waving to the spectators in the main grandstands. Massa stops for swapping his supersoft tyres with softs and rejoins in P14.
Lap 16: Raikkonen is now right on Perez's gearbox and will surely be mounting a move soon. Behind him, Massa has the yellow Renault of Hulkenberg looming large in his mirrors!
Lap 15: So, the race has settled down a bit. Hamilton leads and Red Bull are in contention for the other two podium positions but Verstappen is nibbling away at Hamilton's lead.
Lap 14: Down the pit straight, Raikkonen easily blows past his old teammate Massa to move into P7 and continues his recovery drive after dropping to P14 on the opening lap.
Lap 13: Raikkonen, the sole Ferrari representative, now finds himself in Massa's slipstream, looking for a way past into P7. "I'm just sliding everywhere!" says Wehrlein.
Lap 12: Just like Ricciardo on the previous lap, Bottas too gets the run on Ocon down the pit straight and takes P4 from the Frenchman. Vandoorne pits to switch from the option to the prime tyres.
Lap 11: Racing resumes! Ricciardo is through on Ocon, who immediately after, has to deal with Bottas.
Lap 10: The virtual safety car will play a part in strategy. "All this has the effect of slightly reducing energy through the tyres, making a one-stopper easier," reckons Pirelli.
Lap 9: Kimi is now past the Hulk. VSC deployed as Marcus' stricken Sauber is hauled away. Replays show Ericsson going in too hot at the Degner and going straight on.
Lap 8: Yellow flags. Ericsson is in the wall.
Lap 7: Raikkonen up to P9. He passes Kevin for that place.
Lap 6: DRS enabled. Palmer and Alonso have gained 5 places each, the most across the field. The Spaniard running last.
Lap 5: Replays show Stroll losing a position as he went all awry and wide at Spoon.
Lap 4: "Box, Sebastian. Box. We retire the car," Vettel is told. That's the championship gone, for sure.
Lap 3: RACE RESUMES. Lewis pulls away from Max. Perez demotes Seb to P7.
Lap 2: Vettel is losing power. He is dropping back. Now P6. SAFETY CAR. The Toro Rosso is being craned away.
Lap 1: The red lights go out and the Japanese Grand Prix is GO! Hamilton makes a good start and leads Vettel into Turn 1! Verstappen gets the drop on his better-qualifying teammate Ricciardo to take P3 and then makes the move on Vettel for P2 in the hairpin! Amazing! Sainz crashed out of the second corner, ending his last race with Toro Rosso in disappointment. Hulkenberg forces Raikkonen wide in Spoon curve, sending the Finn down to P14. Vettel seems to have an issue, as he's dropping down the order.
Preview: Hello and welcome to the Suzuka circuit for the Japanese Grand Prix! Coming off the previous round in Malaysia, Vettel's championship effort took another hit as he now finds himself 34 points adrift of Hamilton. Hamilton will be looking to build on this lead even further as he won his 71st career pole and his first at Suzuka at the end of qualifying yesterday! Bottas qualified second to make it a Mercedes 1-2 but thanks to his 5-place grid penalty, Vettel will start alongside his title rival on the front row! Suzuka is a top favourite amongst the drivers and the ultimate test of an F1 machine. Most of the circuit is very taxing on the car's high-speed cornering ability and many of the turns have a very narrow tolerance for error. The drivers will also have to step up their racecraft due to the prevalence of a good number of overtaking opportunities. It is also the only figure-of-eight layout on the calendar. Once again, a spate of grid penalties means no one except Hamilton will be starting where they qualified. Alonso will be one to watch in particular, as the feisty Spaniard scythes his way up the pack from P20! We see Olympic legend Mo Farah on the grid, supporting his good friend Hamiton.
Temp: 25°C
Forecast: Sunny
Track: Dry

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