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United States Grand Prix
Race Ended
Circuit of the Americas - 20th Oct. - 22nd Oct. 2017
Fastest Lap - S.Vettel 1:37.766
Driver Team Time FLs
1 1
Mercedes1:33:50.991 4 1 25
2 2
Ferrari+10.143 6 2 18
5 3
Ferrari+15.779 0 1 15
16 4
Red Bull+16.768 2 2 12
3 5
Mercedes+34.967 0 2 10
6 6
Force India+90.980 0 1 8
7 7
  C.Sainz Jr
Renault+92.944 0 1 6
9 8
Force India+1 Lap 0 1 4
10 9
Williams+1 Lap 0 1 2
11 10
Toro Rosso+1 Lap 0 1 1
15 11
Williams+1 Lap 0 2 0
20 12
McLaren+1 Lap 0 1 0
19 13
Toro Rosso+1 Lap 0 2 0
12 14
Haas+1 Lap 0 1 0
13 15
Sauber+1 Lap 0 1 0
17 16
Haas+1 Lap 0 2 0
8 -
McLarenEngine 0 1 0
4 -
Red BullEngine 1 1 0
14 -
SauberAccident 0 1 0
18 -
RenaultOil pressure 0 0 0
Live Commentary
Summary: Lewis Hamilton has to work a bit for it but he now his hands on the drivers' title. He can lift that trophy in Mexico, all he needs is a sixth place in the next race. But he still gets something to celebrate in Austin as Mercedes seal the constructors' championship.

Join us again next week for the Mexican Grand Prix.
Lap 56: "You got one shot at him, Max," the Red Bull pit wall comes on the radio. Verstappen does it. On the inside of the Turn 17-18 sequence. From 16th to P3. Hamilton crosses the line for win no. 9 of the season. MERCEDES CLINCH THE FOURTH STRAIGHT CONSTRUCTORS' CROWN. Verstappen is handed a five-second penalty for exceeding track limits when passing Kimi.
Lap 55: Verstappen now closing in on Kimi.
Lap 54: Vettel some 2 secs quicker than Hamilton on that last lap. Little too late.
Lap 53: Bottas pits for ultrasofts. It's a free stop as the gap to Ocon behind is huge.
Lap 52: Verstappen now ready to pass Bottas, who locks up at the final corner. Vettel, meanwhile, takes P2 from Kimi. No fight there. Max pushes Bottas wide at the exit of Turn 12, Valtteri hits back but the Red Bull has too much grip.
Lap 51: Vettel takes Bottas at Turn 1, squeezing between the Mercedes and the lapped Vandoorne on the exit.
Lap 50: Vettel now studying the rear of Bottas.
Lap 49: Sainz all over Ocon at Turn 12. A bit of side-by-side ensues in the following corners. No gains for Renault. Ericsson gets a 5-second penalty for Ericsson. A bit harsh that. Magnussen had left the door wide open for the Sauber.
Lap 48: Sainz now hassling Ocon. The Renault looks much faster.
Lap 47: Ericsson hits Magnussen as the Haas gives Vettel way at the exit of Turn 12. The Swede being all opportunistic, but not clean enough.
Lap 46: Vettel's pace now dropping. Under half a second to Hamilton. Not enough to worry the lead Mercedes.
Lap 45: Sainz vs Ocon is the only immediate battle brewing as of now.
Lap 44: Sainz now on the back of Ocon. Hamilton's gap to Vettel now is about 21 secs. That's not enough to stay in the lead, should the Mercedes pit.
Lap 43: Kimi pulls away from Bottas as they cross the main straight.
Lap 42: Meanwhile, Bottas keeps Kimi behind. Seb about seven-tenths quicker than Hamilton. Not the ideal pace but the risk is Mercedes' tyres falling off the cliff. Kimi brakes late on the inside at Turn 12, a bit too late, allowing Bottas to attack back. But Raikkonen makes it stick.
Lap 41: If Hamilton stays on a one-stopper, he could - potentially - come under threat from Vettel later in the race. Seb is currently 24 secs off the lead, and a second faster... so far.
Lap 40: Grosjean and Massa fight a bit with the Williams taking position.
Lap 39: Ferrari responds by bringing Vettel in. He rejoins, on used supersofts, just ahead of Max. "Keep me updated what you need me to do," Hamilton says. "Tyres are still good."
Lap 38: Verstappen heads to the pits. He takes on the supersoft tyres. Effectively a free pit stop, as he was more than 40 secs ahead of Ocon.
Lap 37: Kimi has made no inroads on his fellow Finn.
Lap 36: Raikkonen closes in on Bottas. Vettel is just ahead of the duo.
Lap 35: Perez attempts another try at Turn 1 but Sainz keeps it together.
Lap 34: Sainz tries on the outside of Turn 12, with the two going side-by-side in the next sequence of corners. That's a seven-turn battle! The Renault takes the Force India at the penultimate corner.
Lap 33: Sainz can now sniff Perez's rubber. Less than half a second between the two.
Lap 32: Sainz, impressive on his Renault debut, now catching up with the Force India duo. Perez pleads to his team to let him by Ocon so he can escape Sainz's impending attack. "We need more management," comes the reply. Tyre, brakes, fuel? The team adds that Ocon is doing the same, whatever it may be.
Lap 31: Ocon and Perez hold positions. Both behaving. Their parents, standing far apart, look on pensively at the TV screens in the garage.
Lap 30: Ocon goes on the outside of Massa at Turn 12. Massa brakes late and locks up but the Williams keeps position after they briefly go side-by-side. This allows Perez to look at Ocon. Massa then pits. Ultrasofts go on.
Lap 29: Perez has caught up with teammate Ocon. This should be fun. The Mexican suggests over the radio that he is faster. Ocon is stuck behind Massa.
Lap 28: At the halfway mark, only Massa is yet to pit. He started on the supersofts and he is still on them.
Lap 27: 1998 and 1999 world champion Mika Hakkinen gives a wave to the TV cameras.
Lap 26: 3.8 seconds. Vettel vs Hamilton. Looks like a no-contest really.
Lap 25: "Can't believe it," exclaims Alonso as another Honda power unit runs out of steam. "Another six, eight points [gone]."
Lap 24: Verstappen pits for a fresh set of softs.
Lap 23: Hamilton coming up behind Max now. This could help Vettel. Max forces the faster Lewis on the outside of Turn 12. But the Mercedes comes back at Turn 13, the Red Bull striking back but Hamilton seals it at Turn 15.
Lap 22: "So we’re now probably looking at a one-stopper for Seb and Hamilton," reckons Pirelli. It's all down to tyre wear now. Former US President Bill Clinton and actor Woody Harrelson exchange a few smiles in the F1 hospitality.
Lap 21: Raikkonen pits and takes on the soft tyres. Max is in the lead now. Remember he started P16.
Lap 20: Hamilton pits. Soft tyres go on. Kimi leads. Hamilton gets out right in front of Vettel. The Ferrari now hassling the Mercedes at Turn 1. Hamilton has now pulled away a bit now. Replays show Vettel went wide at the penultimate corner. What could have been... the lead at Turn 1!
Lap 19: Ocon takes Turn 12 to get past Vandoorne. Standard pass. Bottas pits for the softs.
Lap 18: Hamilton responds with another lap. "Tyres are good, I can extend," he says.
Lap 17: "More pit stops cycling through now; looks like most drivers are set for a two-stop strategy, as we forecast to be theoretically fastest," Pirelli tweets. Vettel pits for the soft tyres. "Could this be a one-stopper?" wonders Pirelli.
Lap 16: Yellow flags wave as Ricciardo slows down and pulls off to retire in sector 3. Turn 15 to be precise. "Engine's gone," the Aussie reports. He gets pillion on a scooter to head back to the pits.
Lap 15: Ricciardo after Alonso now. But the Spaniard pits.
Lap 14: Bottas has closed up to Vettel by just over 1.5 seconds in the last 3 laps. The gap between then now under 3 secs. Mercedes is in its own league here. Ricciardo past Sainz with DRS on the main straight.
Lap 13: Ricciardo pits for the supersofts. No action taken in the Ricciardo-Bottas episode.
Lap 12: Renault reports that Hulkenberg lost oil pressure. "Got blistering on the front left," Vettel says on the radio. Gap now 3 secs to Lewis. Raikkonen now hassling Ricciardo around the corners. No cigar for the Finn.
Lap 11: "Hamilton is told he’s on Plan A. Presumably that’s the optimal plan and presumably that’s a two-stopper? But that’s just supposition," wonder Pirelli. Verstappen passes Ocon on the inside at Turn 12. Max in P6 now.
Lap 10: We learn that Hulkenberg has retired from his fourth straight race at the Circuit of the Americas. Perez dives on the inside of Massa at Turn 1, but it just remains a lunge. Status quo on positions.
Lap 9: Hamilton is told "Plan A" as he pulls away from Seb. The gap now 2 seconds already. Ricciardo v Bottas on lap 2 is under investigation.
Lap 8: "As a reminder, we’re expecting two stops to be the theoretically quickest strategy. Expect to see the first stops round about lap 18," says Pirelli. So all Vettel needs to do is keep within range and keep his tyres neat.
Lap 7: Hamilton takes Vettel at the end of the back straight at Turn 12. DRS pass. The Mercedes pulls away after a few corners. Wehrlein pulls into the pits to retire. Some problem obviously. He follows Hulkenberg, who did the same.
Lap 6: "As a reminder, we’re expecting two stops to be the theoretically quickest strategy. Expect to see the first stops round about lap 18," says Pirelli.
Lap 5: Bottas keeps the line covered at Turn 1 this time. Ricciardo keeps the bravado to himself. Meanwhile, Hamilton keeps Vettel within striking distance.
Lap 4: Ricciardo with a carbon-copy dive into Turn 1. The result is the same. The Red Bull needs to kill a lot of speed at the exit of the corner, allowing Bottas to fight back. Replays show Ricciardo dived in from very far back, hence he was carrying a lot of speed into the corner, the uphill climb difficult to judge braking and entry/exit points.
Lap 3: Hamilton with the fastest lap, keeping within a second of Seb. Replays show Raikkonen taking the inside of Turn 15 to pass Ocon for fifth. After passing Kvyat with ease, Verstappen now forces through Perez for 10th.
Lap 2: Ricciardo dives on the inside of Bottas at Turn 1 and gets ahead as he runs the Mercedes wide on the exit. The Finn, though, fights back through the esses and manages to retake P3.
Lap 1: The five red lights go out and the United States Grand Prix kicks off! Vettel gets a slightly better start than Hamilton and gets ahead as the two approach Turn 1. Seb on the inside, he fends off the Mercedes to take the corner first. Vettel leads the US GP.
Preview: Lewis Hamilton got another pole position but Sebastian Vettel showed promising pace to close up the gap, setting up for an intriguing start. With Bottas and Ricciardo on the second row, all eyes will be on the opening laps of the race. Join us on Sunday at 1900 GMT to find if Ferrari can check Mercedes' charge at the United States Grand Prix.
Temp: 24°C
Forecast: Sunny
Track: Dry

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