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Mexican Grand Prix
Race Ended
Hermanos Rodriguez - 27th Oct. - 29th Oct. 2017
Fastest Lap - S.Vettel 1:18.785
Driver Team Time FLs
2 1
Red Bull1:36:26.552 14 1 25
4 2
Mercedes+19.678 3 1 18
5 3
Ferrari+54.007 1 1 15
1 4
Ferrari+70.078 5 2 12
6 5
Force India+1 Lap 0 1 10
11 6
Williams+1 Lap 0 1 8
9 7
Force India+1 Lap 0 2 6
14 8
Haas+1 Lap 0 1 4
3 9
Mercedes+1 Lap 0 2 2
18 10
McLaren+1 Lap 0 1 1
10 11
Williams+1 Lap 0 1 0
19 12
McLaren+1 Lap 0 1 0
20 13
Toro Rosso+1 Lap 0 1 0
13 14
Sauber+2 Laps 0 1 0
15 15
Haas+2 Laps 0 1 0
8 -
  C.Sainz Jr
RenaultRetired 0 2 0
12 -
SauberPower Unit 0 1 0
17 -
Toro RossoPower Unit 0 0 0
7 -
RenaultRetired 0 1 0
16 -
Red BullRetired 0 0 0
Live Commentary
Summary: Max Verstappen may have won the race but Lewis Hamilton has won the season. A dramatic start led to some great racing, especially towards the end.

It was an exciting Mexican Grand Prix with champions Sebastian Vettel and Hamilton making up ground with Fernando Alonso also getting into the action.

The celebrations will continue in Mexico City no doubt before the circus moves to Brazil in two weeks time.
Lap 71: It's the final lap of the Grand Prix. MAX VERSTAPPEN WINS IN MEXICO. He dominates to take the victory by about 20 seconds. It's his second win in four races. Bottas, Raikkonen and Vettel follow suit. HAMILTON fails to get Magnussen but he becomes a FOUR-TIME WORLD CHAMPION.
Lap 70: Alonso asks if Hamilton's move was fair or if he went beyond track limits. He is told it was a fair move.
Lap 69: Hamilton brakes late on the outside of Turn 1 but Alonso doesn't make it easy and keeps position. "THEY’RE ALMOST TOUCHING!!! This is too much!!!" interjects Mercedes. The two go side-by-side at Turn 4 with Hamilton eventually edging away. Brilliant battle!
Lap 68: Alonso vs Hamilton coming up again.
Lap 67: Looks like Alonso's ultrasoft tyres are shot from attacking Kevin. Replays show Nando's defence from Lewis was a bit cheeky, as the McLaren pushed the Mercedes a bit wide.
Lap 66: Hamilton gets up close to Alonso. "Three-way battle coming up!" hopes Mercedes.
Lap 65: Alonso has started to hassle Magnussen a bit.
Lap 64: Lewis hasn't been able to get close enough behind Alonso yet.
Lap 63: Looks like Raikkonen and Vettel won't swap. Kimi hasn't drastically reduced his pace.
Lap 62: Another Renault powered car goes down. It's Sainz's Renault this time that gives up. The race ain't over for Max.
Lap 61: Hamilton gets DRS on Alonso, who gets DRS on Magnussen. Positions remain the same though.
Lap 60: "Mamma Mia," exclaims Vettel when he is told that Raikkonen is up next on the road in P4... 23 secs ahead.
Lap 59: Hamilton is told P8 is still on the cards. He has Alonso to deal with next. "We've got a feeling Fernando and McLaren aren't gonna make this one easy," reckon Mercedes. "If Lewis gets P9 then Vettel MUST win!" they add. That's for the title-race to continue.
Lap 58: Ericsson's Sauber on the pits, the rear in flames. No real fight from Ocon as Vettel overtakes at Turn 1.
Lap 57: Lewis is told that Seb will not delay his title party. Hamilton, spurred on, forces past Massa at Turn 1.
Lap 56: Hamilton now sniffing a point as he gets a whiff of Massa's Williams.
Lap 55: Another DRS pass. Vettel on Stroll for P5.
Lap 54: Massa with a 2.6 sec buffer over Hamilton, for what is a points-paying position.
Lap 53: A DRS pass at Turn 1 allows Hamilton to get ahead of Vandoorne. Oversteer moment for Vettel as he exits Turn 3.
Lap 52: Vandoorne has a Silver speck in his mirrors becoming ever larger. It's Hamilton creeping.
Lap 51: Vettel lunges on the inside of Perez at Turn 4, brakes late and get the position. Perez pits. Ultrasofts.
Lap 50: Gasly vs Ericsson for P13 building up.
Lap 49: Verstappen pulling away from Bottas. 14.5 secs is a massive gap!
Lap 48: Vettel can now see Perez 2.4 secs ahead of him.
Lap 47: Hamilton six seconds behind Stoffel. He is told that he is expected to finish P8.
Lap 46: "Very good pace. Keep pushing like this. Hang in there," Vettel is told. Hamilton on the inside at Turn 1 and ahead of Marcus.
Lap 45: Hamilton now hounding Ericsson.
Lap 44: Lewis is now past Gasly. Alonso continues to swim in a point-paying position.
Lap 43: "P4 will not be enough for Vettel," Hamilton is told. “Understood!” comes the reply.
Lap 42: Verstappen has been told to keep his pace in check as he has a sizeable lead. But Max does a quick lap again, with the pit wall reminding him to slow down a bit.
Lap 41: Hamilton takes a look on the inside at Turn 1 but decides against diving.
Lap 40: Hamilton has Gasly in his sights. Just over a sec apart.
Lap 39: Vettel now has Perez ahead of him. 14 secs away.
Lap 38: Vettel locks up a bit as he passes Magnussen at Turn 1. And Hamilton gets by Wehrlein at the same place moments later.
Lap 37: Alonso now the biggest gainer with 9 places at this stage.
Lap 36: Hamilton and a DRS pass. Grosjean demoted.
Lap 35: All three retirements so far have been Renault-powered cars. One Red Bull, one Toro Rosso and a Renault.
Lap 34: VSC ends. We are racing again.
Lap 33: Max pits for supersofts. Hamilton is told to box as well. Lewis too gets the supersofts. More drivers pit. Vettel gets the ultras on.
Lap 32: Hartley's engine spews smoke. He parks it as the VSC gets on.
Lap 31: Vettel with a DRS pass on Alonso at Turn 1. Seb with the fastest lap as he unleashes a bit.
Lap 30: Clear air for Alonso, who keeps Seb frustrated. Lewis with a clean move on Pascal for 16th. Perez on the inside of Turn 1 to get by Magnunssen.
Lap 29: Ericsson keeping Alonso behind him, who keeps Vettel in his mirrors. Hamilton targets Wehrlein. Marcus pits.
Lap 28: Hamilton is now ahead of Sainz with a pass at Turn 1 and in the giddy position of 17th.
Lap 27: Vettel now sniffing the rear of the supersoft-shod Alonso.
Lap 26: Hulkenberg parks it. He positions his car out of harms way on the side of the start-finish straight. Those Renault power units haven't had a good weekend at all. Hulk was told to stop the car as the "car is not safe" and to jump out of the Renault when he does. ERS issues, likely.
Lap 25: "I can't get close to the car," Hamilton reports. Still stuck in last place. Pirelli adds: "Unfortunately for Hamilton and Vettel it’s a clear one-stopper here so not much extra can be done on strategy to boost their prospects." Bottas laps Hamilton.
Lap 24: Vettel now passes Vandoorne for 11th place. Hulkenberg reporting some engine de-rating.
Lap 23: Vettel is now ahead of Hartley and in 12th.
Lap 22: Blue flags wave at Hamilton, to let Verstappen past. Lewis obliges immediately.
Lap 21: "Just to get past these guys is difficult," complains Hamilton. He is stuck behind Sainz, who is stuck behind Wehrlein.
Lap 20: Ricciardo's retirement was due to the failure of the MGU-H. The flying Dutchman, meanwhile, continues to lead the pack, sitting a sweet 6.2s ahead of Bottas.
Lap 19: Vettel makes a DRS pass on Romain at Turn 1. It's lap 19, so the fans in the stand are up on their feet holding their fists out in memory of the victims of the earthquake that hit the country on 19 September.
Lap 18: Vettel, meanwhile, is trying to get by Grosjean. The Frenchman won't make it easy.
Lap 17: Hamilton now closing up on Sainz for 18th, the Renault driver in turn about to knock on Wehrlein's rear.
Lap 16: Hamilton continues to trundle around in last place. His pace isn't bad and he is unlikely to make another stop. Or at least, that's what he will be aiming for. Vettel takes Gasly. Seb now P14.
Lap 15: Five second penalty for Grosjean, for leaving the track and gaining a position.
Lap 14: So, the stewards will not investigate the first lap incident.
Lap 13: Vettel passes Massa at Turn 4, even as Williams pushes the Ferrari wide off the track. Seb hits back and churns his car out on track ahead of the Brazilian.
Lap 12: Drivers at the front inching away from those behind them. Vettel, at the back, hangs on to Massa's tail.
Lap 11: The top 6 are running on used ultrasofts. Stroll the highest placed driver running new ultras.
Lap 10: Hamilton asks if there's any damage on the rear of the car. That Turn 1 incident has been noted by the stewards. So that's Max, Seb and Lewis under the microscope?
Lap 9: Hamilton now 19th, helped by Ricciardo's exit.
Lap 8: Vettel now chasing Massa. He should be hassling the Williams for P15 soon.
Lap 7: "What’s also quite interesting is that teams haven’t run a lot on the soft tyre. So slightly unknown territory for soft tyre runners," Pirelli educates. Hamilton wonders over the radio if he was deliberately bunted into. "Not sure, Lewis," comes the reply.
Lap 6: Ricciardo limps into the pits. Looks terminal as he parks his car in the pit box. Vandoorne has made up 9 places, running P10 for now.
Lap 5: Replays show that Vettel lost a part of his front wing after Max cut ahead of him at Turn 1. Then Seb ran into Lewis, further damaging his car.
Lap 4: Massa in the pits to address a puncture. He rejoins just ahead of Vettel.
Lap 3: Verstappen leads from Bottas by over 2 secs. Sainz pits, for softs. Hamilton is dead last. Vettel P18. Fun times.
Lap 2: Vettel pits for a new nose. He picked up damage in that collision. Soft tyres on. Hamilton pits for the softs too. Slightly slower stop as the crew checks his car.
Lap 1: The five red lights go out and the Mexican Grand Prix is GO! Clean start for all but mayhem at the first corner. Verstappen and Vettel go side by side with Max taking the lead, allowing Hamilton to attack the Ferrari. Seb and Lewis touch at Turn 3 giving the Mercedes a puncture.
Preview: Sebastian Vettel's 50th career pole position, only the fourth driver to reach the milestone after Michael Schumacher, Ayrton Senna and Lewis Hamilton, puts him in a prime position to win the Mexican Grand Prix. But it will only be a consolation for Ferrari fans who could see Lewis Hamilton sealing the title on Sunday with a P5. The Mexico GP at this circuit has had a heralded history dating back to the 1960s up until the 90s before the grand comeback in 2015. During that time, many changes have been seen including the elimination of the daunting banked Peraldata corner which is now entirely flat with a much reduced approach speed. The track has a considerable main straight but otherwise very flat and twisty. Expect most teams to run high downforce setups here. Also, due to the high altitude, engines struggle to make power so that's another curve ball to bat against for the teams. The start of the race should be a cracker. Red Bull looks strong too and that could lead to a three-way battle for victory along with the Mercedes. Join us on Sunday at 1800 GMT to find out who takes the chequered flag.
Temp: 23°C
Forecast: Sunny
Track: Dry

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