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Brazilian Grand Prix
Race Ended
Interlagos - 10th Nov. - 12th Nov. 2017
Fastest Lap - M.Verstappen 1:11.044
Driver Team Time FLs
2 1
Ferrari1:31:26.262 3 1 25
1 2
Mercedes+2.762 1 1 18
3 3
Ferrari+4.600 1 1 15
20 4
Mercedes+5.468 8 1 12
4 5
Red Bull+32.940 3 2 10
14 6
Red Bull+48.691 0 2 8
9 7
Williams+68.882 0 1 6
6 8
McLaren+69.363 0 1 4
5 9
Force India+69.500 0 1 2
7 10
Renault+1 Lap 0 1 1
8 11
  C.Sainz Jr
Renault+1 Lap 0 1 0
19 12
Toro Rosso+1 Lap 0 1 0
17 13
Sauber+1 Lap 0 1 0
15 14
Sauber+1 Lap 0 1 0
11 15
Haas+2 Laps 0 1 0
16 16
Williams+2 Laps 0 2 0
18 -
Toro RossoEngine 0 1 0
12 -
McLarenCollision 0 0 0
13 -
HaasCollision 0 0 0
10 -
Force IndiaCollision 0 0 0
Live Commentary
Summary: Vettel scored Ferrari's first victory at the Brazilian Grand Prix since Massa's win here back in 2008. The German started from second on the grid but made a great start to get the jump on pole-sitter Bottas and never looked back. Bottas finished second while fellow Finn Raikkonen held off Hamilton for the final podium spot.

Verstappen finished fifth, despite a late pit-stop, ahead of Red Bull teammate Ricciardo. Massa finished seventh in his final race here, holding off a feisty Alonso and Perez while Hulkenberg rounded out the top-10 finishers.

Vettel's win further boosts his chances for second in the title race against Bottas.

That concludes our coverage for the weekend. Join us here again in two weeks' time for the season finale at Abu Dhabi!
Lap 71: Vettel starts out on the final lap with a handy 2.4 second cushion over Bottas. Hamilton mounts a charge on Raikkonen in the DRS zone but he cannot get alongside the Finn. VETTEL WINS Bottas fails to capitalize on his pole position and finishes second while Raikkonen fends off Hamilton successfully to round out the podium. Alonso all over the back of Massa in the middle sector but fails to make the move before the line.
Lap 70: Stroll's left-front tyre is down to the cords, following a big lock-up earlier. He is forced to pit. Hamilton has now actually dropped back from Raikkonen, putting paid to any hope of a podium finish, likely.
Lap 69: As they say, catching is one thing and passing quite another. Having caught Raikkonen, Hamilton is starting to slide around behind him and a move for P3 might not be on the cards.
Lap 68: Just a second covers Massa, Alonso and Perez as we have a fantastic three-way battle for P7.
Lap 67: With DRS engaged, Hamilton flies into Turn 1 a bit too hard and locks up his brakes under braking!
Lap 66: Hamilton is within DRS range of Raikkonen. The Ferrari driver will probably be having the Jaws theme playing in his head now!
Lap 65: As the P7 chase rages on, Alonso closes within DRS range of Massa. Knowing the Spaniard, we should definitely see a move soon. Hamilton sets a new lap record of 1'11.044!
Lap 64: Bottas radio: "Vettel has been told to look after his tyres, if there is anything left, go get him!"
Lap 63: After a lengthy debate with his team, Verstappen pits for another set of supersoft tyres. He rejoins in P6.
Lap 62: 4.2 seconds up the road, Raikkonen is Hamilton's next target. Can he pull it off? A new fastest lap says yes, probably.
Lap 61: "Nothing you could do about that, Max," says Verstappen's engineer, following the loss of P4 to Hamilton.
Lap 60: "Nothing you could do about that, Max," says Verstappen's engineer, following the loss of P4 to Hamilton.
Lap 59: After holding off one DRS move, Verstappen is powerless during the second and surrenders P4 to Hamilton.
Lap 58: Hamilton closes in on Verstappen with a lap nearly a second faster than the Red Bull. He could take P4 here.
Lap 57: Raikkonen puts in a flyer and close to within two seconds of Bottas, who could have to shift priorities from Vettel to the other Ferrari soon enough.
Lap 56: Alonso continue to hound Massa for P7 but the Brazilian is no spring chicken, and is soaking it all in rather well at his final home race.
Lap 55: Verstappen radio: "Do you think you can cope with plus one on your brake balance offset?" "No. The tyres feel like rocks. So stiff. Unbelievable."
Lap 54: Romain Grosjean pits to serve his 10 second penalty and he is now back out in last place. Gasly is starting to hunt down Wehrlein for P12.
Lap 53: Grosjean radio: "Box now Romain, we have a 10-second penalty, box now." "For what? "For the Ocon incident." "You must be kidding me."
Lap 52: After a good look at the tyres that came off Hamilton's car, Mercedes has no concerns about Bottas' current set of softs.
Lap 51: After taking the time penalty, Grosjean switches back to the supersofts to run to the end.
Lap 50: "I've lost another two seconds there," laments Hamilton, as he gets held up by Stroll. Ricciardo picks off Massa for P6.
Lap 49: At the current pace, Hamilton should catch Verstappen and Raikkonen by approximately lap 60.
Lap 48: Verstappen complains of the gusty winds, his car visibly veering over the track.
Lap 47: Ricciardo is up to P6 with a great move on the inside of Massa at Turn 1.
Lap 46: Stroll is finally able to get by Grosjean for P13, as the Williams crew cheer from the pits. Hamilton radio: "Currently P5 at the moment. We are chasing a podium."
Lap 45: Following his pitstop, Hamilton is 18 seconds behind leader Vettel. How much higher can he go? Verstappen radio: "OK so this will be blue flags for Stroll and Grosjean. They're racing." "They just keep racing!"
Lap 44: Hamilton pits from the lead. New supersofts go on and he returns to the track in P5. Ricciardo also pits for supersofts.
Lap 43: Hamilton to pit at the end of the lap. It will be interesting to see where he rejoins.
Lap 42: Disappointment for Hartley, "Box, we are to retire the car."
Lap 41: Alonso radio: "Gap to Massa every lap." "Last lap 2.8. Perez 6.7." "Perez I don't care. He will come, there is nothing we can do."
Lap 40: Fastest lap from Verstappen. Grosjean staves off an over-ambitious attempt from Stroll.
Lap 39: Alonso would like to race Massa but he has to manage his tyres. Yet to pit, Gasly tries to defend from Hulkenberg but his old tyres are too much of a disadvantage and he loses P10 to the German.
Lap 38: "What this comes down to is the sort of pace that Hamilton will have on the supersoft. Key to winning the race or not," says Pirelli.
Lap 37: Massa has managed to hold Alonso at bay for P7. After a long stint, Perez finally pits and switches to soft tyres. He rejoins in P9.
Lap 36: Impressively, Hamilton is maintaining a 3.5 second gap to Vettel despite being on the 36-lap old soft tyres opposed to Vettel's fresh ones.
Lap 35: We expected Bottas to be strong on the soft tyres but he seems to be struggling the most among the top-5 drivers.
Lap 34: Sainz zooms past Ericsson on the pit straight to take over P13. Fastest lap from Raikkonen.
Lap 33: "The frontrunners who started on supersofts have pretty much pitted on schedule; now it’s all down to what Hamilton does," opines Pirelli.
Lap 32: Ricciardo radio: "OK Daniel so Max is the next car behind you, around three seconds behind, he is on fresh soft tyres, don't hold him up please." Ricciardo: "Understood."
Lap 31: Yet to stop, Hamilton now leads the race. He will be in "Hammer time" mode now, hammering in as many quick laps as possible before his stop. With his fresh tyres however, Vettel cuts the gap to Hamilton to under four seconds.
Lap 30: Ricciardo is the last of the late-brakers again as he dives inside Perez for P6! Raikkonen pits for soft tyres.
Lap 29: Hamilton is 16 seconds behind Vettel and shaving a few tenths off him at the moment. Vettel pits from the lead. Soft tyres for him too to take him through to the end of the race. He rejoins just barely in front of Bottas!
Lap 28: Verstappen's times have dropped off drastically and he is over a second slower than Raikkonen now. Bottas pits and goes to the soft tyres. He rejoins in P5.
Lap 27: "The supersoft's looking quite good, huh?" remarks Hamilton, who sets another faster lap on the soft tyres. He is 17 seconds behind Vettel. Ricciardo is starting to gnaw at Perez for P8 no.
Lap 26: Crucial laps between the leaders now as Vettel takes a few tenths back to pull 1.9 seconds clear of Bottas.
Lap 25: We are now approaching the crossover point where soft tyres on Hamilton's car will be faster than supersofts on the leaders.
Lap 24: "The track temperature has dropped, but only very slightly: 52 degrees centigrade," says Pirelli. We see Brazilian F1 legend Rubens Barrichello enjoying the race from the Mercedes pits.
Lap 23: Massa now has Alonso filling up his mirrors again, as he tries to hold on to P6. New fastest lap from Hamilton.
Lap 22: Grosjean has been given a ten-second time penalty for causing the collision with Ocon on the opening lap.
Lap 21: Vettel now has a 16-second gap to Massa. A few more laps yet before he can stop, as Bottas picks up the pace. Hamilton lunges inside Massa in the slippery Turn 3 and cracks the top-5!
Lap 20: Hamilton makes short work of Alonso into Turn 1 and sets his sights on Massa's P5. Ricciardo sets a personal best and is told he's lapping the same as Hamilton and a couple of tenths slower than Verstappen.
Lap 19: Ricciardo makes up another position as he is through on Hulkenberg for P9.
Lap 18: Raikkonen radio: "The tyres don't feel great, they're moving around a lot." Hamilton starting to close in on Massa and Alonso's battle for P5.
Lap 17: Vettel drops his pace to mid-1'14 and Bottas closes in within two seconds of him. Bottas should be faster than Vettel on soft tyres later, which will be the longer stint of the race.
Lap 16: Hamilton radio: "I see Vettel's pulling away." "Gap to Vettel at the moment 15 seconds. He needs to start managing some more."
Lap 15: Ricciardo is in the points now with a pass for P10 on Sainz. How far can he go the rest of the way? Verstappen is closing in on Raikkonen but, "we're faster, but I'm stuck," he comments over the radio.
Lap 14: Hamilton with a daring pass around the outside of Perez into Turn 1 for P7. With a pass on Gasly, Ricciardo finds himself on the cusp of points in P11.
Lap 13: Out front, Vettel has distance himself by close to three seconds from Bottas, who is now starting to struggle on the supersoft tyres.
Lap 12: Ricciardo gets by Ericsson for P12. The lap 1 incident between Ricciardo, Vandoorne and Magnussen will be investigated after the race.
Lap 11: Hamilton is on maximum attack! With less than ten laps gone, he is only around 12 seconds off the lead in P10! He passes Sainz and then Hulkenberg for P8.
Lap 10: Worries for Hulkenberg already, "OK right-hand-side tyres are starting to get into the danger zone."
Lap 9: "Just as a reminder, we expect this to be a one-stopper. Supersoft to soft from laps 26 to 32, although safety car may have stretched stint," says Pirelli. Hamilton is up into the points already as he overtakes Gasly for P10.
Lap 8: Hamilton runs very wide again. He seems to suffering from terminal understeer in the slow bends. We do know that the Mercedes is a car designed for driving in clean air.
Lap 7: Ricciardo is through on Wehrlein for P15, as he recovers from that opening lap spin. Hamilton runs very wide.
Lap 6: The Safety Car is off and racing resumes! Vettel safely leads into Turn 1 but behind him, opportunistic moves are everywhere, in particular from Hamilton, as he has already worked his way up to P13.
Lap 5: Safety Car in this lap. Vettel bunches the pack up on the run up the hill to the final corner.
Lap 4: The two major incidents of the opening lap have been 'noted' by the stewards.
Lap 3: Ocon, whose last retirement goes back to 2014, finally has had his streak broken. The Safety Car continues to lead the pack through the pit-lane. Debris reported in Turns 7 and 8.
Lap 2: The Safety Car leads the pack through the pit-lane as a few drivers including Ricciardo, Grosjean and Wehrlein decide to pit. Ocon is out of his car. Also out are Magnussen and Vandoorne, who were caught up in the Ricciardo squeeze.
Lap 1: The red lights go out and the Brazilian GP is GO!! Vettel gets the better start and he leads Bottas into Turn 1. Ricciardo spins out and finds himself in the grass. Grosjean dives inside Ocon but loses the rear and collides with the Force India driver, who comes off worse! SAFETY CAR DEPLOYED
Preview: Hello and welcome to Interlagos we get ready for the Brazilian Grand Prix! Hamilton sealed his fourth world title at the previous round but the runner-up position is still up for grabs, with Bottas trailing Vettel by 15 points. At the end of yesterday's qualifying session tinged with the suspense of impending rain, Bottas stole pole position from Vettel in the dying moments of the session! Vettel had to settle for the outside front row starting position. One of the few anti-clockwise layouts on the calendar, the circuit is bumpy and characterized by rapid transitions between fast, sweeping turns and slow, technical sections amid a slew of elevation and camber changes. This will be Massa's final race at his home venue and as the last Brazilian to win it back in 2008, will surely be hoping to swing a final win in his favour here today. With a fresh engine, Hamilton will be starting from the pits.
Temp: 29°C
Forecast: Overcast
Track: Dry

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